3 Apples That Changed The World

3 apples

This world has given us some strange, funny, yet amazing incidents. Sometimes these are hard to believe, yet leaves you astonished about its reality. Have you ever thought about the three apples that changed the world? Nay? Didn’t the answer stroke you yet? Well just read the lines below, and you will be surprised to know about the “strange” yet meaningful discoveries.

Three Apples Changed The World

The Adam-Eve Apple:
Isn’t it? The one apple that brought the huge change on this Earth. The Biblical reference states that when God made this world everything grew on it’s on, the food, the fruits, and each lived happily with no problems. He made a garden where apple was known to be the “fruit of knowledge and evil”. He told Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, to not eat the apple that grew in the garden. However, after a trick by the devil, Eve persuaded Adam to take a bite of the apple. And soon as Adam was about to swallow the apple, it brought disaster. God then punished Adam and Eve to live in the world of sorrow and misery.

The Gravity fall “Apple”:
Isaac Newton was sitting under a tree when he saw an apple falling from the tree. This phenomenon led him to think as for why did the apple fall down and not go up? Strange, the apple, and other things fell even before, but what made him discover the gravitational force and state the law of gravity an apple falling from the tree!

The Technology Apple:
Ha! We bet you knew about it but ever thought it to be the answer when asked a question? Na? Well, the Apple by Steve Jobs led to a drastic change in the world of technology and gadgets. Today, the world is swayed by the company and its latest launches. Every year people wait curiously for the company to launch the latest gadget. Indeed an Apple loved by many and one that brought a huge change in its own way.

So, weren’t the answer known to you even before? It was just that you never thought it this way. The three apples that brought great changes in the world, one from the origin of the worldly affairs, issues, and conditions to the one telling us how are we able to walk on the road, to the one we are in awe with! Didn’t we say the world gives us strange surprises?

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