India – Russia Relations Amid Standoff With China

India Russia Relationship

Russia has emerged as a key diplomatic partner in the last one month during the India and China standoff. During this period India and Russia have been holding ministerial level and Lieutenant General-level talks regularly and India was constantly informing Russia about the ongoing situation with China.

Here, we discuss

  • Diplomatic relationship of Russia and China
  • India-Russia Relationship
  • Factors that make Russia an important partner to India
  • Some important events in the history that carved the strong relationship
  • History of Relationship Between Russia and China

Recently the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has held a trilateral Russia-India-China ministerial meeting wherein The Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi Have had the opportunity to face time each other regarding the current ongoing face off. Tomorrow i.e., 24th June Russia will be hosting Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe will also be attending the Victoria Day Parade. Even during the Dokhlam crisis Russian diplomats were briefed on the situation by the Chinese governments. All this makes a Russia a crucial partner in times like these.

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Diplomatic Relationship of Russia and China

While India and China have been at loggerheads for quite some time now the emergence of Russia has been quite significant. This outreach Russia is also quite unusual because Russia and China have built a strong diplomatic relationship over the last few years. This can be attributed to the way in which the Western courtiers especially America was treating China. This has brought Russia and China even closer diplomatically.

India-Russia Relationship

As reported by Embassy of India, Moscow, Russia, the diplomatic relationship between India and Russia is historical and spans over a period of seven decades. The countries have traded and bonded over many issues and situations. However, the defence sector relationship the countries share is very significant.

Factors That Make Russia an Important Partner to India

  1. Though India has diversifies it defence purchases over the years, ions share of the trade is with Russia exclusively.  During the times like these when there is pertinent threat from a neighbouring country, having good relations with a diplomatic defence partner is very essential.
  2. India strongly believes that Russia has the required influence to convince China in issues regarding its strong stand on broader issues owing to the deep diplomatic relationship Russia and China share.
  3. India has now reached out to Russia out of necessity because India is in dire need of spare defence parts and other equipment.
  4. Apart from the spare parts India is likely to make some purchases like  S-400 defence missile system.
  5. India is also likely to stock up on some MIG fighter jets that are being imported from Russia for the past few decades.

Apart from all these factors that make India’s relationship with Russia crucial the very relationship the countries have been holding onto should be understood. The bilateral relationship has been time tested and also shares deep connection in various aspects like Defence, Science and Technology, Culture etc.

Some Important Events in the History That Carved the Strong Relationship

  1. The Treaty of Peace signed between both the countries in the year 1971 is a watershed moment in the history of relationship between India and Russia. This treaty was a blueprint of strengthening global peace and prosperity.
  2. The 90s have been quite troublesome for both the countries. India has also offered loan credit in the form of technical and food credit.
  3. Ever since both the countries have been working closely on issues like technology transfer.
  4. The visit of Russian President Putin in the 2000 has given a new colour to the existing diplomatic relationship of both the countries. A new strategic relationship was chalked out for better understanding off issues at the high level leaders.
  5. India has participated in the 70th anniversary of establishment of Diplomatic ties between both the countries at St. Petersburg.
  6. India has participated in many economic forums in Russia like the Eastern Economic Forum, IT Forum, and Arctic Forum etc.

History of Relationship Between Russia and China

Apart from being a crucial defence diplomatic partner for India, Russia is equally if not more a similar partner for China as well. In the light of this relationship between Russia and China the history of the events should also be understood, taking reference from a post of CNBC.

  1. Russia and China have been building stronger economic, political and diplomatic ties on the very foundation on poor relation with the western countries.
  2. As the relations between China and The U.S worsen owing to the trade tariffs on each other the relations between China and Russia are deepening.
  3. The Chinese President has gone to the extent of calling his Russian counterpart his “best friend” which uncharacteristic of a diplomatic relationship.
  4. Both China and Russia are planning to double their economic trade by 2021. This is a major move considering their foundation of relationship being mostly economical.
  5. Since Russia’s trade with the western countries is mostly restricted the country is viewing China as its prospective growth market.
  6. The relationship which is deeply economical and diplomatic that is being shared b these countries is extremely important for them to give the western countries like the U.S a jitter.

The Final Thought

Hence the diplomacy shown by India towards Russia during these tense situations is extremely noteworthy and also Russia appears to be a mediating equalizer.

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