How to Grab More Marks in Essay Writing in UPSC Mains

Essay Writing in UPSC Mains

Essay writing is not easy; it requires your creative brain at work. A very common essay is definitely boring for any one. Then, how could you expect the panel to enjoy it. However, there is no fixed strategy for essay writing; it is all about how you use your imagination at that particular point of time, while staying relevant to the topic throughout the essay.

Here in this post we will discuss how to frame you essay for UPSC Main exam, tips for scoring more marks, and how to know what topics are important for the exam.

Tips for Essay Part of the UPSC Exam

  • The very first thing to consider is how to proceed with this section. I would say review the topics. Now think over them and if you think that you have something impressive to put on paper, that’s definitely your topic to start.
  • Now, when you have selected the topics. Take your time to think over the topics, write the points you want to cover in the rough space.
  • Don’t worry if you have invested a little extra time on thinking because once you know what to write, bringing it on paper is easy.
  • Make sure that both the essays do not share the same problem. Your two essays should highlight to different problems.
  • Make sure you maintain the flow of the essay. You should stick to the issue you started explaining. Don’t miss on that else you will end up losing the marks.

How To Start Your Essay

  • How you start your essay is most critical. It is because your start will make examiner decide whether to read that further or not.
  • Your essay should be very engaging right from the starting point.
  • You can start essay with a quote from famous people like Mahatma Gandhi or Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

How to Write Essay Body

  • Body is an important part of essay and is the place where you have to say the most.
  • The body of essay can contain various aspects of the subject that you already mentioned at the start.
  • You can discusses two sides of the topic; the positive and the negative.
  • Make your essay creative by creating scenarios that are relevant to the topic you selected.
  • You can make use of quotes by famous people to add power to your words.
  • Avoid using bullet points in the essay, stick to paragraph format.
  • The examiner will focus on the choice of words and the topic and your opinion, so choose everything wisely.

How to End Your Essay

  • End is another critical part of essay. It should be powerful like the starting paragraph.
  • In daily life also we normally end any discussion with a solution. Do the same for essay end it with discussing solutions.
  • The end of the essay should reflect that you have an imagination and opinion of your own.
  • The other important thing is to end your essay on an optimistic note.

Important Topics for Essay

How to know what are the topics that could be a part of the UPSC exam? The easiest way is to check the topics that were asked in previous exams. Once you do that, you will know that the topics of essay revolve around current happenings or issues that country is trying to deal with.  Now you would be able to guess what topics might come in exam. The other step is to know how to frame opinions. To learn this, read editorial/opinion section of newspaper. Habit of reading newspaper keeps you aware of the current affairs as well as helps develop your ability to have an opinion.

Winding It Up

As we said at the start of the post, there is no single strategy for essay writing. Everyone has their own thinking and so does the power of imagination. In short, be innovative and write engaging essay. We already have shared the ways and tips that will help you frame an essay that would be treat to the eyes of examiner. Hope you find it helpful.

All the Best!

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