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Since the inception of computers in office work, it has become essential to protect the data on the computer. As confidential information will be stored on the computer, it is important that each computer should be identified correctly. Usually, there are many computers connected in the office network and the IT engineer has a task at hand to isolate each one. They are identified by specific names which mostly relate to the organization name.

After the PC’s were replaced by the laptop, the security of data became more vulnerable to hacking. If all the monitors are connected to the server and identified properly, the activity on a particular monitor is automatically backed up in the server drive. To identify the activity on each computer for security purposes, an IT person marks each screen with the name of the series. These names are recorded in the server with activities on it.

Why knowing the Computer Name is Important?

This helps to recognize which computers are on your network and under which name what activities are carried out. Even one who wants to change their computer name can do it provided he knows what the name of his computer is and how to change it giving it a personal touch. Changing the computer name will give it the advantage to identify your computer easily in case of data or computer theft.

Is There a Risk in Changing Names?

If one changes the name of his or her computer, there is no risk or danger involved as changing the name is not connected to the software of the Windows. Changing the name of the computer means you are just giving a new identity to it which will help you in tracking the activities if the computer is connected to the network.

How to Find the Name of Your Computer?

If one wants to change the computer name, he must know to locate where the current name exists. With frequent updates in the Windows system, the setting changes often take place. With more improvised versions coming in the market, one must know which Windows system is set on the possessed computer. Since the first Windows version released in 1985, Microsoft windows has seen a total of nine versions till now.

Currently with Windows 10 used widely, one must know how to find a computer name. In fact, as per the available version, the settings may be different so we will see below how to find and how to change computer names for different versions of Windows. Before the arrival of the Windows 10, changing the name of the computer was a bit complicated though achievable. Control Panel has it all; just the person should know the computer functions.

At first, we will see the simpler Windows 10 version facility.

  • Open ‘Settings’ and go to ‘System’ > ‘About’
  • In the ‘About’ menu, the current computer name should appear next to the PC name.
  • This name is the current name of your computer.

Now that you can see the name of the computer, you can decide what next you want to do. If you wish to keep the same name, you can have the name noted. But if you wish to change the name let us know further steps.

  • There will be another button saying ‘Rename PC’.
  • Click this button and then you can type a new name in an empty bar. The name won’t allow any spaces.
  • Then click ‘Next’.
  • A window with the message ‘Do you want to restart now or later, will appear. If you want the name to be changed immediately, click ‘Restart now’ and if you can wait for the change click ‘Restart Later’. The computer name will then be updated when you restart the computer next time. 

If you are using the older version of Windows, then you need to change the name of the computer from ‘Control Panel’ settings. Following are the steps to change the name of the computer:-

  • Right-click on the ‘Start’ button and click ‘Control Panel’.
  • Go to the ‘System’.
  • Click ‘Advanced System Settings’ in the left-hand menu or click change settings below the Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings.
  • This will open the ‘Systems Properties’ window.
  • In the ‘System Properties’ window, click the ‘Computer Name’ tab.
  • Click ‘Change’.
  • Type a new name to your computer and click ‘Ok’.
  • A new window will pop up asking if you would like to restart your computer now or later.
  • If you want changes immediately click ‘Restart Now’. Your computer will restart and the name change will come into effect.
  • If you want later then name change will take place whenever you restart your computer later.

When placed in-network, it is easier to identify that computer. You can choose some unique name as by changing the name of the computer there is no harm to the software. Only the identification becomes much easier if some fault is to be repaired. In the same way, one can change the Administrator Name also.

Change of Administrator Name

  1. Press the Windows key and R simultaneously on your keyboard
  2. Type netplwiz in the Run command tool
  3. Choose the account you would like to rename.
  4. Then click ‘Properties’.
  5. Type a new user name of your choice in the box under the General tab.
  6. Click ‘Ok’.

Effect of the name change on SID

Changing your computer name or adding your computer to the network, will not affect the computer SID at all.

As the digital world is growing there is an increasing demand for the usage of computers, laptops. The best way is to work smart nowadays than to work hard. There is no need to write some important things on paper and preserve it somewhere. You can just make a simple file and feed data and keep it securely. Most of the people in offices and businesses feel handicapped now if they are not equipped with a laptop or desktop.

Smart ways to operate the computer

There surely are a lot of smart ways in which a computer can be operated and these smart ways are also very easily achievable. The convenience of usage of computers that these ways provide makes it easy for the people to accept them and cope up with them too.

Some of such smart ways can be listed in brief detail as follows-

  • Password manager to log in to your account:

To protect the data stored in your computer you must have a password to log in to your system. But in recent times there are a lot of social media services where you need a password. It becomes difficult to maintain a record of passwords used. Password Manager gives you the cushion to have data on your passwords.

  • Assign keyboard shortcuts to favorite apps:

You can assign keyboard shortcuts to open the apps you want to work in. This saves a lot of time and it is easy to operate.

  • Get social networking and email notifications without loading webpage:

Chrome browser puts your alert icons in the most appropriate place, next to its address bar. You can also get some plug-ins for Firefox and IE that provides some alert.

  • Use macros to enter frequently typed text:

 If your work includes some words or sentences to be typed frequently like some official statements etc, then you can do it with one stroke of key rather than typing them each time you need. You can choose a program like Quick Paste because it is very easy to use.

  • Avoid the scroll bar:

In web browsers hitting the spacebar key twice will take you 2 screens down in 1 second. Using a mouse it will take 2 seconds and with a scroll bar, you need 4 seconds. You save a lot of time you are wasting while you scroll down the page with pointer and scroll bar.

  • Find matter faster using the start menu search box:

 When you want to open some files or folders, there is no need for you to go through several folders. Just hit the Windows key or CTRL+Esc, the start menu will pop up. Then type the file or folder name you want in the search bar. This will help you to find and open the file or folder faster.

  • Learn how to touch type faster:

Have you ever thought of impressing your computer with blind typing? If no, then you should try it at least once to know how convenient it is and how quickly it improves your typing speed.

Once you get to know about blind typing, i.e. typing the words without looking at the keyboard and by using all your 10 fingers for the same purpose, you will surely experience relief and speed in your typing. This will make it easy for you to know and learn touch typing and eventually you will increase your speed in the same too.

  • Web searches should be done directly from the Browser Bar:

Your time is surely precious and not to be wasted on things that can be effectively done by a little smart work rather than hard work.  When you wish to search for anything from any website or the Internet, make sure that you directly use the browser bar instead of going on any search engines for the same.

This will take you directly to the page or website required by you and will reduce the time required for navigating on a search engine.

  • Start Menu is your best guide and shortcut:

For opening any application quickly, you should prefer the start menu present on the Status Bar because this bar has a proper and brief list of all the applications present on your computer.

So, always prefer to use the Status Bar instead of roaming around on the computer searching for your expected application.

The above-listed smart ways are the most effective ones and will provide you with a better computer operating experience for sure. So, these ways should be properly implemented in your work if you always want to enjoy working on your computer.

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