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Gemology is one of the most fascinating career options out there! Learn more in this article about what Gemology stands for, scope of jobs, and find out how you can become a gemologist in no time. Good going if you want to find out about a lucrative ‘learned-on-the-job’ career. Gemologists have a fascinating world home to them with endless variety and unity!

What is a Gemologist?

A gemologist is someone who studies gems and gemstones scientifically to determine not only their identity but also their origins. This includes examining how the gems were formed, their intended uses, durability, and so on. The professional’s work can vary in some respects by region of employment. Gems are valued for different reasons in different parts of the world due to their frequency, accessibility, size, rarity, color, etc.

Educational Requirements

The basic courses you have to go through are gemology, mineralogy, precious metals and jewelry manufacturing. These courses will take about two or three years to complete. About 10 students enter these courses per year, but not all of them graduate.

Salary and Responsibilities of a Gemologist

A gemologist will typically inspect jewelry and other gems. They also inspect rough gemstones and select those with potential to become a finished gem. It is important for a gemologist to study geology and sciences since they don’t know which gemstone will require special handling or what kind of geological fault may be present.
Wearable gems will undergo chemical treatments and complex cutting procedures, and the responsibility of the gemologist is to make sure that the stone doesn’t change color, cause an allergic reaction, or lose its substance. Gemologists must also be able to recognize natural stones from reprocessed products such as brass.


We want to thank you for taking the time to read this blog post on gemology. Please feel free to share your thoughts or ask any questions that might come to mind in the comments section! It’s pretty clear by this point, gemology is a fascinating career. Like any other occupation, this one has its occupational hazards. The hours are long, the commute can be time-consuming, and the work is sometimes tedious. However, these are minor inconveniences when you consider how rewarding it might be to help someone discover what kinds of gems they may purchase for their loved one’s engagement ring or pass the time by perfecting your cutting skills with every purchase.

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