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MBA courses have opened doors to many career possibilities; Digital Marketing is one of them. Digital Marketing is a new but lucrative career choice for job seekers. Career in Digital marketing has endless possibilities. If you carve for some creative work and 9 to 6 job is not your type of work, then digital marketing is the best career choice for you. If you find that you have a creative approach in career counselling after graduation, then Digital marketing is for you. 

Digital marketing is already a well-established career choice for professionals, and in 2021 it will be a leading career choice. It pays well to the professionals and offers them a good salary and career scope to grow. The best thing about digital marketing is, it welcomes novices. You can be a part of this sector after online MBA also. Online MBA in India is becoming more popular nowadays. Many professionals want to enrol in online MBA but scare of its acceptance. In digital marketing, online MBA courses are widely accepted and you can also get good salary after completion of an online MBA course in marketing.

The availability of gadgets and the Internet has made the people extremely dependable on it. So digital marketing has become a beaming career option. We are depended on the Internet for almost everything, and it contributed to making digital marketing phenomenon. Online resources are indispensable for everyone, whether it’s a student, or working professional. Digital marketers are required to maintain these resources on the website. If you have done an online MBA course then it will be easy for you to work as a digital marketer.

The dominance of digital marketing has offered a plethora of opportunities to professionals. A career in Digital marketing offers stability, scope to learn new things and earn well. The more online platforms will grow the more opportunities will come in digital marketing. In the present, it has become a must for a business to have a website and webpages on social media platforms. Marketing the company online is a must now to expend the reach to more customers. 

In the past few years, the number of internet users has increased drastically, and it will increase in the future. So digital marketing will keep offering more career choices to the interested professionals. It’s a different and modern career choice which is in its growing age. Let us know how can one make his career in digital marketing and what can be the future of this career choice

Digital Marketing Overview 

Digital marketing is an advanced version of traditional advertising. The objective of advertisements is to tell the people about the product and its right side. Same is the aim of digital marketing, but the platform is different. Advertisements can be published or broadcast at other channels, but digital marketing is only for the Internet. 

Marketing on digital platforms offers various other advantages like to measure ROI. Digital marketing makes it easy for a company to examine the marketing budget and its expenditure closely. Many tools are available for digital marketing that help the company know what kind of people are interested in their product and its location. It will help the company to do further planning for marketing.

Digital marketing offers several options to the company to showcase its product at different online platforms. Social media, SEO, content optimisation, e-mail marketing are the various forms of digital marketing. Companies can choose any one of them according to the availability of their targeted audiences.

India is a potential market for beauty, health and many other products. The number of internet users is high in India, so companies have to opt for digital marketing to tell people about their product. They can go for blogs, vlogs, advertisements on social media platforms, or other available options. If you look at digital marketing from a job seeker’s perspective, you will find it full of possibilities.

Companies need to hire professionals to increase the visibility of their product or brand on social media platforms. For start-ups, digital marketing is the best way to tell people about them. So the demand for digital marketers is high to boost the brand value of a company. Another reason that companies are giving equal importance to digital marketing is its reach. The proliferation of the Internet is too remote regions, so companies are looking at digital marketing to extend their product and service reach.

The digital marketing sector is evolving very fast. The present tools are just two to four years old and it is expected that it will change again in the next two years. With every cycle, the requirement for digital marketers will increase. The traditional advertisements still exist, but in future, the companies will spend more on digital marketing. So the earning of digital marketers will increase in future. So it can be an ideal career option for the graduates though it is a must for them to take a career counselling session after graduation before picking a career. Career counselling will help them to choose a better and suitable career according to their choice and values.

Career Scope in Digital Marketing

Now you know what digital marketing is and what the growing chances this career has. Now we will elaborate the career scope in digital marketing. Working in digital marketing means something new is waiting for you at your work station. The profession of digital marketers is different than traditional jobs. Here you will learn a lot and earn according to your knowledge. Digital marketers can start their career individually, and they can be masters in many fields. Having a start-up to offer digital marketing services is always a great idea. Here are the career options available for professionals in digital marketing; 

· Digital Marketing Manager 

A digital marketing manager is one of the most prominent work profile for graduates. If you find digital marketing for you in career counselling after graduation, you must apply for this post. Digital marketing manager plays a vital role in digital marketing. 

A digital marketing manager is responsible for the complete life cycle of digital marketing, including developing, implementing, and managing digital marketing campaigns. A digital marketing manager has to involve in a project since its inception and remain in it as key person till it starts running. 

To enhance the awareness of a brand or product on digital platforms, the digital marketing manager plans and executes it. To identify new technologies to expand the reach of the customer on a digital platform is also comes under the SOW of a digital marketing manager. It is expected from a digital marketing manager to use different web analytics tools to know the site traffic. 

If we talk about the skills to be a digital marketing manager, the person must be creative, out of box thinker, adoptive towards new technologies and ready to learn new things. The issue with a career in digital marketing is that it is different with every passing day. So to be a part of this sector, one must be eager to learn new things. Same applies to the post of a digital marketing manager. 

A digital marketing manager must analyse the data, have the management skills, leadership qualities and advanced knowledge of social media. To be a digital marketing manager, you must have a bachelor’s degree in the advertisement, marketing, or another relevant subject. Knowledge of coding, web designing will also help you in this job. Many certificate courses are also available for the aspirants to be a digital marketing manager like Professional Certified Marketer in Digital Marketing by the American Marketing Association. If you have done an online MBA in marketing then also you can get a job as a digital marketing manager.

The naïve digital marketing professionals start their careers as interns and then become trainees, executive and managers. New professionals’ roles in this field are based on their skills, education, and experience. A new digital marketing professional can start his career with 2 LPA. It can reach up to 10 LPA according to the experience and the digital marketing manager’s success rate. If you are interested in starting your career as a digital marketing professional, first get some technical knowledge and then start approaching the talent hiring companies. You can also begin to your work as a freelancer digital marketing manager. 

·  PPC Analyst 

A PPC analyst or pay per click analyst is the professional that has to administering and analysing the Pay Per Click Performance of the client. To complete this task, the PPC analyst has to use different tools and skills. A PPC Analyst understands the advertising metrics and performance. He has to optimise the output of varying PPC. Your regular or online MBA degree in IT will help you to get established as a PPC Analyst. 

If we talk about PPC Analyst’s roles and responsibilities, then daily PPV account management will be on the top. The analyst has to update the pay per click account on different search engines like Yahoo, Google and a few others. Evaluation of the search performance is another responsibility of a PPC. To expand the customer’s reach or its product, the PPA analyst has to look for other PPC campaigns.

A Pay Per Click Analyst must have strong analytical skills, problem-solving skills and logical thinking to perform better on this post. The PPC must know about the different tools to analysing data like AdWords Editors, AdWords Performance Grader, WordStream Advisor, Unbounce and others. If you chose this profile in Digital marketing, you must know SQL, Python, Excel Google Data Studio, and more.

Approx 75% of businesses believe that PPC draws massive traffic to their business. The growth in this sector can be understood with this fact that 65% of companies worldwide already have PPC, and many more are planning to invest in this. So if you are planning to be a PPC analyst, you have an excellent chance to have a stable career. In 2019 businesses spent $106 billion on pay per click ads, in 2020 the budget to spend on search ads slightly increased and in the current year, it will increase more. So the demand for qualified PPC Analyst will increase in the current year.

To be a PPC Analyst, you can contact a career counsellor to know the required qualifications in detail. Most of the companies hire graduates with technical knowledge for this post. You can enrol in online courses available for PPC Analyst through your expertise and experience matter a lot to get a job on this post.

· SEO Expert

If you are not getting good traffic on your website, you will have to contact an SEO expert. A Search Engine Optimisation expert knows how to improve the website’s ranking and show it on the first few pages of any search engine like Google. When users need to search something they type on search engines like yahoo or Google. An SEO expert makes sure on-page optimisation to grow the site traffic. He helps in product and brand awareness and offers positive user experience. An SEO expert’s main objective is to bring potential customers on the site with the help of the right keywords at the right place. SEO expert works to increase the sale and brand value of a company.

SEO is an integral part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). He has to work closely with the sales & marketing and creative team. In other responsibilities, an SEO expert has to manage the company’s social media account, maintain meta description and tags, and search for the right keyword to enhance the visibility of the site.

To complete all the responsibilities described above, the SEO expert must understand search engine marketing. A certificate or diploma course in SEO will help the aspirants to know how the search engines work. He must know how to find the keywords and use them to bring more views to the webpage.

An SEO expert must have a few skills, like good communication skill and, problem-solving skills. The skills will help him top understand the customers’ demand and offer them the desired result. You can start your career as a SEP expert with a basic understanding of SEO. Various articles are available online to guide you. A job at a marketing agency will also help you in the initial years of your career. When you plan to pick an SEO expert as your career, then you get ready to learn new things as the SEO algorithms change on time to time. Salary for a fresher SEO Expert in India Starts from 15KPM, and it increases with the expertise, knowledge and experience.

·  Social Media Marketing Manager

Another job that digital marketing has for graduates is Social Media Marketing Managers. Like all other roles in Digital marketing, social media marketing can be done as a freelancer. The main reason that many professionals are picking Digital Marketing as a career is flexible working hours. Generally, companies prefer a graduate social media marketing manager when they do in-house recruitment. As a freelancer, you can choose this role at any stage of your education or career. The only requirement for this post is a good understanding of social media. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing will help you get a job as a social media marketing manager.

A social media manager’s work profile includes making a strategy to showcase your product and service on social media. Identify the target audience and reach to them on digital platforms. Developing a social media marketing plan and executing them successfully is another vital role of a manager on this post.

Most of the clients reach to the company through social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. So the social media manages has to available for the customers and sort out the issues they have related to the company or its product. Maintaining an online relationship with the customer on social media is also a part of the Social Media manager’s SOW.

As you are to handle the company’s name on social media platforms, the company expects you to forecast the company’s product’s upcoming trends. You also need to be in touch with the company’s marketing team to stay updated about all the products company has for customers. A social media manager plays a vital role in giving the customers’ output and reviews about the product.

A social media manager has to prepare an annual budget for marketing expenditure on the social media platform. Recruitment of a team for different works in Digital Marketing also come under the responsibility of a social media manager. To conclude the role of social media manager, we can say that he is the critical person show make a right image of the product on social media platforms. Social Media Manager’s work is not as easy as it has direct customer handling involved in it.

After graduation or online MBA program, you can learn about social media and its working procedure. Many online and offline certification courses are also available for the aspiring social media manager. You must have strong social media skills and good customer handling skills to start your career in this field. You can initiate your work as a full-time employee for a company in this domain and later on, move to freelance your services. Bachelor or master’s degree in marketing will help you to land on a good job.

· Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most hyped words in digital marketing, and it deserves that hype too. Everything you find on the Internet in just because of Content. Content marketing is a marketing technique that gives relevant information to the audience. The Internet has changed everything in the marketing world, and as they say ‘Content is the King’. Everything you see online on the webpages, videos, in infographic form is content marketing. The whole digital marketing depends on content marketing. Over the past few years, companies focusing more on content marketing and as more companies will hit the online platform will boost up the content marketing sector.

To be a content marketer, you must have good writing skills. Knowledge of SEO will help you to grab the right clients. If you have creative writing skills and are good at research, this can be a perfect career. You can be a content creator after graduation, and you must be an expert on any language. 

To start a career as a content marketer, you can join a company as a trainee and then move towards your goal. For fresher content marketer the salary begins with 15 to 18 KPM. Which gradually increase with experience and skills. 

Digital Marketing Salary in India 2021

Online space has become a practical and ideal place for marketing. So the need and demand for digital marketing ninjas have also increased. Many professionals want to have their career in this field, but still, the demand is huge. Hence, companies are ready to pay a reasonable salary to the eligible digital marketing professional. The compensation in digital marketing varies from one profession to another according to the complexity of work. MBA course online will be considered in the digital marketing sector and it will increase the worth of your resume.

 If we look at the professionals’ average salary in this field after gaining experience of to 6 years, then Digital marketers are among the highest-paid professionals. The average salary of a digital marketing manager in India is eight lakhs per annum. Though the aspirant’s experience, knowledge, skills, and success rate play essential roles in the salary discussion.

The location of the company also important when we look at the salary part of this sector. A company in a metro city offers a better salary than another company in a small town. The location rule applies to all the jobs in different sectors. Salary of a PPC Analyst ideally starts with 2.5 lakh per annum after one year’s experience, and it can reach up to 6 Lakh per annum.

Scope and Responsibility in Digital Marketing 

Career scope is high in digital marketing, and an eligible professional can earn both name and fame in this job. Daily new websites are entering in Internet’s worlds, and more companies are hitting the market. To attract more customers, they will need digital marketers to come up for creative professionals in this sector.

The digital marketing team’s responsibility is to increase awareness about the client’s service or product on different online platforms. The work is different for every individual in a digital marketing team, but the objective is marketing on digital platforms. The best part of digital marketing is that you don’t need to visit the office to do your work.

You can handle all the given responsibilities from your home as well. It is one of the factors that appeal to new graduates to have a career in this field. Digital marketing has endless opportunities for creative minds. If you have one, then you must try to get work in this sector. 

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