Different Squadrons in NDA

Different squadrons in NDA

National Defence Academy (NDA) is a dream place for many of the aspirants who wish to serve the country. We all know about NDA Exam, but do we know about the NDA as an academy or its different squadrons. Here we will discusses different squadrons of NDA. When a candidate joins NDA, he becomes a cadet and for cadets, the premise of NDA is a place of friendship, teamwork, pride and lots of hard work.

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NDA Squadrons and Battalions

On reporting at NDA ever cadet allotted a Squadron. Squadrons in NDA is very similar to the houses in school. For the next three year, the allocated squadrons become the house and part of the identity of the cadet. In NDA Squadron, cadets get to know about each other, they also learn to work as a team.

NDA has total 18 Squadrons (A-R), their names are as follows; Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hunter, India, Juliet, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Panther, Quebec, and Romeo. Each Squadron has approximately 110 cadets from both senior as well as junior courses under training at the NDA.

Each squadron has a unique nickname, individual identity, a rich history, and mascot. Ever squadron has its unique flag kind of color combination. The flag of Squadron’s color combination has the base colour as per its battalion. The squadron has some different tradition that includes wearing socks without folding them. Sounds weird! But yes Squadrons has many different cultures and tradition which cadets follow without any question. The other important thing to know if that four NDA squadrons make a battalion.

NDA Squadrons from A- D makes 1st Battalion (Bn); E,F,G,H makes 2nd Battalion , I,J,K,L makes 3rd Battalion; M,N,O,P makes the 4th Battalion and Q,R together is the 5th Battalion . Each battalion has a different color that represents it.

Different Tradition of NDA Squadrons

As we mentioned above that every battalion has its own tradition. This tradition is set by the senior cadets and it becomes the responsibility of junior cadets to follow the tradition of their battalion and squadrons. A few NDA Squadron traditions may sound weird to new cadets but these traditions work like an icebreaker for the NDA Cadets.

If you are an NDA aspirant and joining NDA is your dream then let me tell you that life is really not easy in NDA. Ragada is a normal word in NDA that basically use for the struggle that a cadet has to do. Let’s have a quick look at the strength of different squadrons of NDA which later become a Squadron tradition for them.

  1. Alpha is best in cross-country
  2. Bravo is best in banner
  3. Charlie is best in drillcom
  4. Delta is best in boxing
  5. Echo is best in cross country
  6. Foxtrot is best in volleyball
  7. Golf is best in banner, and lights out
  8. Hunter is best in boxing and games
  9. India is best in banner, academics
  10. Juliet is best in basketball
  11. Kilo is best in announcements
  12. Lima is best in camps
  13. Mike is best in games
  14. November is best in banner and ptcom
  15. Oscar is best in games
  16. Panther is best in public speaking
  17. Quebec is best in games
  18. Romeo is best in academics

Apart from this aforementioned NDA Squadron traditions, there are a few different traditions that cadets need to follow. Yes, it’s true you may have to face things you find very unusual in normal life but that happens in NDA. But before raising your eyebrow, remember that everything happens in NDA happens for a reason. NDA cadets are trained in a way that they can easily face the hardest of situations with ease. They are trained to remain confident in every situation.

Punishments at NDA

NDA also has some different and difficult punishments for cadets. These NDA cadet punishments include bike up, cream rolling, etc. These punishment traditions in NDA are followed by all the cadets no matter from which squadrons they belong to. Rules sound tough, but they are made that tough for a purpose. Like we said noting is without a reason in NDA squadrons.

The Bottom Line

This page gives you a real picture of squadrons in NDA, the life of a cadet, NDA squadron traditions and punishments. It also mentions NDA Squadrons and Battalions. The life of NDA cadet may look tough, but it has a reason behind being so. Hope this article is successful in giving details on NDA squadrons and the challenges in the life of the cadet. And I hope after reading this article you might feel like experiencing the challenges of NDA.

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