Dairy Industry Careers

dairy industry careers

Indian economy is rising, so all the industries and sectors in the country are doing better and will keep growing in near future. The dairy industry is one of the industries in India that has the potential to produce better output in the coming time. For this Indian dairy industry needs professional and qualified staff that can work for the upliftment of the dairy industry. Indian is the world’s largest milk producer country. Dairy products play a significant role in Indian society and its culture. So the milk and dairy product consumption is high in the country. Indian dairy industry is fulfilling the demand of domestic customers, which is huge and increasing with every passing year.

Jobs in the dairy industry are available at various posts and in different departments. The industry is facing a manpower crunch. In India dairy industry is not an organized one. Approximately 75% of the dairies are unorganized and handled by local people at a small scale. In villages, dairy farms are a reliable source of income for farmers. If the industry gets proper investment, it will grow rapidly. The potential of the dairy industry can be measured by the fact that during COVID-19’s lockdown, this industry generated 1.5 lakh crore revenue. Here have a look at the career in the dairy industry and course related to it.

Dairy Industry Careers: An Overview

Students spend 15 to 17 years of their lives studying to get a job, but the lack of the availability of jobs has always been a concern for them. India is a country where unemployment is a never-ending problem. Here youngsters search for jobs, and on the other hand, unorganized industries face a human power crunch. Jobs in the dairy industry are available for aspirants from different educational backgrounds.

Dairy technology is the most suitable qualification that an aspirant can opt to get a job in the dairy industry.

Further in the article, we will discuss about dairy technology but first, let us have a look at the career options available for the youngsters in the dairy industry.

Career Scope in Dairy Industry

The dairy industry is an ideal industry for entrepreneurs and job seekers. As we have mentioned above that in India dairy industry is an unorganized one. India, being the world’s largest milk producer and its consumer India has a huge market for new dairy products and brands. At present, Amul, Mother Dairy, Verka are some of the well-known dairy brands in India. If you want to be an entrepreneur, then you can introduce a new dairy brand. Many government schemes help the Sahkari Samiti in the dairy business.

If you want to work with the government, the dairy industry also has various vacancies for you. National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) is the body involved in the planning of supporting agriculture based businesses, including dairy businesses. It invites applications from interested job seekers to work with the dairy industry. Dairy industry jobs include commercial staff, medical staff and technical posts. Apart from this, Amul cooperative has set an example of the dairy business. It has a strong presence in almost all the districts in every state. Amul also needs professionals to work with it. Interested candidates can apply for various jobs in the dairy industry like sales and marketing, QA or QC or as general staff. The dairy industry is growing by 4-5% annually, so employees’ careers will be stable and secure in this industry.

Multinational companies like Cadburys, Nestle, Kellogg’s, Britannia, Heritage Foods, HLL, KFC, and many more have a strong customer base in Indian metro cities. Now they are moving to small cities too. So they will recruit people with experience and knowledge in dairy technology. So the demand for professionals in this industry is high. Hence you can go for the related courses to get a job in the dairy industry.

Why Join Dairy Industry?

Before deciding to have a career in a particular field, the aspirants must ask why they should go for it. For a student after 10th and after UG, both are the most crucial times. These are the points where they need to decide on which career direction will be suitable for them. After 10th, students can go for the subjects based on their preference and interests, but after completing 12th or UG, they should think logically about the career options available for them. We recommend that every student should ask him that why he is picking a particular career. Here we have compiled a few points to educate you about why you should apply for the jobs in the dairy industry;

  • Career Options: The industry is witnessing rapid growth, so it needs more people. The demand of qualifies professionals will only increase in the near future. The industry needs professionals in all fields. Now more companies are hitting the dairy sector with new projects, so this industry offers various jobs to interested and qualified aspirants.
  • Stability and Job Safety: Job security matters a lot for every worker. Amul, Parag, Mother Dairy are some of the well-known job providers, and their workers appreciate job security and career stability.
  • A Different Experience: if you don’t like to work in corporate culture and big metro cities make you uncomfortable, then you will love the working culture of Amul and other dairy companies’ units, which are mostly near to villages.
  • Job Options: Dairy industry has jobs for people from different educational backgrounds. The required education qualification can vary from 8th standard to B. Tech and M.Tech in dairy technology.

Jobs in Dairy Industry

From the career perspective in the dairy industry, we can divide the jobs into two categories; Production and Processing. Let us know more about these departments and understand how they work;

  • Production: Production is the first and most important step for a dairy firm. At this step, the veterinary scientists examine the cattle and make sure that they are healthy. The doctors also conduct research on the milk to check its quality and breed of cattle. The dairy firms also appoint officers that visit the villages to talk to the cattle owner to sell the milk. These officers are appointed in the procurement department. A team was also appointed to check the management of the dairy cattle and their feed.
  • Processing: In processing the packaging of milk, its distribution and marketing are involved. This is the second step and is executed after the production of milk and dairy product. QA and QC departments are also involved in this step to check the quality of the product.

Courses to Join Dairy Industry

To get dairy industry jobs, you can get admission in a diploma or degree courses. Various courses are available for students in dairy technology and management, both departments. The maximum duration of dairy courses is 4 years, and six months of diploma courses are also available. Students can choose the course based on their interests and educational qualification. Here have a look at the list of specialization in dairy industry-related courses. In all the specializations, B.Sc, B.Tech and diploma courses are available. Students can also go for PG courses in given specializations.

  • Dairy chemistry
  • Dairy technology
  • Dairy engineering
  • Dairy microbiology
  • Food technology
  • Dairy extension education
  • Dairy quality control
  • Livestock production and management
  • Animal biotechnology
  • Dairy production
  • Genetics and breeding

Leading Colleges

Following are the colleges that offer courses in the dairy industry. The mentioned universities offer admission based on merit lists and entrance tests.

  • Gujarat Agricultural University, Gujarat
  • West Bengal University of Animal & Fishery Sciences, Kolkata
  • Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore

The Last Word

A career in the dairy industry has great potential in India. The industry is growing rapidly despite being an unorganized one. So, if you are not a fan of 9 to 6 corporate culture and looking to work in a different industry, this one can be an ideal option for you.

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