Career Opportunities in BPO & KPO

career in bpo & KPO

Career in KPO and BPO is attractive among college students. In India, KPO and BPO are the booming industries that offer various career opportunities. KPO stands for Knowledge Process Outsourcing, and BPO is for Business Process Outsourcing.

Businesses have to be available to the customers at a competitive price. To control the expenditure on companies, its best to outsource their work to a cheaper location. In recent years India has emerged as a country with qualified professionals at an affordable price. The availability of well-qualified human resources at a very competitive price made India the favorite choice for companies across the globe to outsource their work. The BPO and KPO industry earn approx. $11 billion, which is 1% of the GDP of the country.

The KPO and BPO industry is like a huge sponge that has lacs of people working in it. It is one of the most preferred sectors for college pass-outs youngsters. The main hub of BPO and KPO in India used to be its metro cities like Delhi, Gurugram, and Bangalore. To make the businesses cost competitive to the clients and attract more people to invest in KPO and BPO, they have moved to smaller cities like Mohali, Chandigarh, Pune, and others. The BPO and KPO have become the best place for fresh talent from college. Here the youngsters get a job and start earning. In this article, we discuss the career in BPO and KPO.

Career in BPO and KPO

The top-notch companies from different sectors like IT, finance, knowledge management, legal services, and many others outsource their work to the less expensive countries with a qualified workforce.

 India has become the hub for this outsourced work from the countries like Japan, Korea, and many others. The shift of BPO and KPO has opened various opportunities for youngsters from rural areas. In India, life in small cities is comparatively less costly than in metro cities. So the young job seekers can earn well and have an established career. The European and Asian countries outsource their work to India, which will only increase in the future.

Career Opportunities in BPO and KPO

BPO and KPO is an easy option to start your career. In BPO and KPO, vacancies are always available, and to get a job here, no special skill I required. The college pass outs with good communication skills and good MS office skills can get a job in BPO and KPO. Job aspirants with knowledge of foreign language get preference in international BPOs.

Initially, the college pass-outs pick a job in BPO to start earning, but it can be a good option to have a long-term career. Like any other organization, a BPO has various departments, including HR, Finance, Admin, and IT. The main business of a BPO and KPO is to practicing the contacting work given by the work provider.

The career in BPO starts from the calling post. The callers or customer care executive is the first post that a new college pass out gets in a BPO. After gaining experience on this post and performing well as a CCE, the employees get promoted to the senior CCE role. The next promotion from this post is to be Team leader and then floor in charge. Generally, all three kinds of BPO and KPO follow this promotion strategy. BPO is the industry where the employees get frequent promotions based on their performance.  

How To Get Hired in BPO and KPO

BPO and KPO release various vacancies for job seekers. The vacancies are for experienced and fresh college pass outs and based on the required skills and experience the salary for different posts are decided. When you visit a job portal, you will find maximum vacancies for freshers from call centers. Though the number of available vacancies is high in this sector, getting a job is not easy.

Most of the call centers announce walk-ins to fulfill the vacancies available with them. The attrition rate is high in BPO and KPO, so the walk-ins are regular in most offices. We all know the rate of unemployment in our country. So most of the walk-ins have a good crowd of job seekers. Despite having a large number of opportunities for job seekers, the BPO and KPO don’t take just any college pass-out.

You must have good communication skills to get a job in a BPO or KPO. When you look for a career in Knowledge Process Outsourcing, then you must have the skills that KPO outsource. For example, many KPOs hire professionals with good knowledge of MS Office or MS Excel.

For Business process Outsourcings the companies require people with very good communication skills. In BPOs, the interviewers check the presentably, confidence, and communication skills of the aspirants. The BPOs work to offer services to customers in different countries. So the aspirants must have a confident voice as they are to convince the people from other countries, so they have a good grip on English. Many job seekers with good communication skills also get rejected in the interviews in BPO. The main reason for this is the MTI (Mother Tongue Influence). In India, we speak different languages, and when we speak other languages, our mother tongue’s influence comes into them. So to get hired in BPO, one must good English speaking skills.

To get a job in BPO, you will have to contact the company or recruitment agency. They will evaluate your communication skills and call you for an interview. You can also update your resume on various job portals with the heading that you are looking for a job in a call center. The recruiters will call you for the interview in BPO. Many recruitment agencies also publish the vacancies of CCE in newspapers. So when you start your search for a job on BPO or KPO, read the newspaper’s classified page.

Recruitment Process in BPO and KPO

The recruitment process in BPO and KPO has the following rounds; 

  • In walk-ins, the job seekers will have to participate in group discussions. In this round following skills of the job seekers get evaluated; Communication Skills, Body Language, Logical Thinking, Leadership quality, teamwork skills. 50% of job seekers get rejected at this point of recruitment. 
  • The second round is the Personal Introduction round. In this round, the candidate’s communication skills and confidence get evaluated. 
  • Many BPO takes the written test to check the grammar and aptitude of the aspirants. In KPO, it is a must round in which the job seekers’ skills get evaluated according to the KPO’s demand. 
  • The last round of interviews is the voice test. Here the vocal quality, speech rate, clarity of vocabulary, and pronunciation of the applicant are getting evaluated. 
  • The last interview round for the candidates is the HR round, where their salary is discussed. 

Scope in BPO and KPO

Most of the students pick a career in BPO to earn while studying. There is a myth about BPO and KPO career that they not for the long term. So the attrition rate is high in this sector. BPO and KPO are the best places to work for those who believe in enjoying while working. BPO and KPO are the sectors that offer good salaries, quick recognition, and early promotions. The BPOs and KPOs work on western work culture. So the career growth is good in these sectors.

Many professionals feel that BPO is a dead end to a career. Many believe that experience of working in a call center doesn’t count in any job. But its not true. A job seeker must understand that when you change your profession, then your experience in a different domain gets counted but doesn’t get the importance.

Working in a call center can be a dead-end for one’s career if one is not serious about it. Call centers and KPOs offer a very handsome salary to their employees. Most call centers also provide incentives to their employees to motivate them to work better and increase their bank balance. Many people think that no special skill is required to get a job in a BPO or a KPO, which is not true. In these organization, cutting edge work happen. The promotions happen in BPO and KPO, so the salary and the responsibilities of professionals increase.

Many people point out the high attrition rate in this industry, which indicates it as a temperature work option. The fact is, people, get uncomfortable with the odd working hours in BPO and KPO, or they get bored with the same work. It can be a reason behind the instability of people working in BPO and KPO. Myths behind the career in BPO and KPO are the main culprit that stop people from taking this career seriously. In India, BPO and KPO is not a bubble that will burst soon; in fact, more companies will outsource their work to India, and Indian youngsters will get more opportunities to earn.

Pay Package

Salaries in BPO depend on their types. International BPOs offer very good wages to their employees. Here a non-experienced CCE can get 15K to 18 K per month. In domestic call centers, the salary starts at 7K pm, and it can be 12 K PM for fresh candidates with no experience. In KPOs, the salary of non-experienced candidates begins with 12-15K.

The Last Word

BPO and KPO have a huge contribution to the Indian economy, so you cannot consider them short-term job providers. If you are fine with working at odd hours, you must pick a BPO or KPO. In this sector also you will get plenty of chances to grow.

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