Career in Animation: Career Path and Opportunities

career in animation

Career in animation has endless opportunities for out-of-box thinkers. Creativity knows no limit, so the opportunities in animation career. The use of animation is not only in kid’s movies. Some of the cult movies like Bahubali, Narnia Series are some of the best examples of good animation work. People love to see animated work. 

In recent years the animation has emerged as a potential career option. It is an un-conventicle career option. Creative minds don’t get settled on anything average, and good quality work gets rewarded in the animation industry. Animated work in Kung-fu-Panda, Bold, Ice Age, Frozen are unforgettable for the kids and the grown-ups. The animated series are not only for kids, but grown-ups also love to watch them feel stress-free. When we talk about animated films, most of the names that strike in mind are from other Hollywood movies. The Indian animation industry has a huge demand for creative animators to develop world-class animation work. If you are creative and want to peruse in an un-conventicle career, the animation is the best career choice. 

The animation industry reached late in India. Despite the popularity of animated work in the country, the Indian animation industry doesn’t produce high-quality work. More professionals are joining the industry, so the expansion is visible in the animation industry. The recruitment rate gets high in the industry with every passing year. The experts believe that the Indian animation industry is on a progressive path, and in the next few years, it will start producing great work. The demand for expert 2D and 3D animators is rising every year in India. At present, the animation work is outsourced by the Indian movie makers, so its very expensive. As soon as the animators are available in the country, the cost of animated film production will get down. 

So, now we know that the demand for animators is high in the country. The animation is connected with the entrainment industry, so it will not see a lower popularity chart. The growth in the animation industry is recognizable even after the global economic crisis. So let’s find out the career opportunities in animation and understand how to get an entry into the animation industry;  

Career in Animation 

 If you want to do something creative and animation attracts you, you must plan your animation career. It is one of the most sought-after career options that satisfy your creativity and offer reasonable remuneration. 

Many people think that animation is similar to cartooning. You will have to draw the cartoons in cartooning, but animation allows you to give life to characters. When you develop an animated character, it looks alive on the screen. With the help of the latest animation technologies, it has become easier to bring the characters to life. 

The animation is the field where your creativity is the oxygen. The competition is high in the animation industry, but if you know how to produce better work, then you will not have a lack of opportunities. Let’s know the skills required to be an animator;

Skills to have Career in Animation

To get an entry in any course, the aspirants need to have the required skills and educational qualifications. You will not get any particular subject to study, but if you like sketching, you can have your interest in animation, and it can be your future career option after the 12th. You will have to pay extra attention to your hobbies and interests if you have a career in modern fields like animation. The educational qualifications can get from any institute, but it will not help until you have the required skills. So first, check the skills that you must possess for an animation career.

  • Creativity: One of the most fundamental skills to be a good animator is creativity. The animation is the field where you don’t need to keep any rules in mind while developing your characters. For example, before Kung-fu-Panda, no one has imagined a panda to fight like a pro, and the movie has become a blockbuster. So the creative you will be, the more fame you will get in the field.
  • Computer Skill: All the animation work is performed on the computers to be familiar and comfortable with working on a computer.
  • Artistic: In animation, the creators utilize many natural objects and make them more attractive by giving them a touch of your creativity. To develop animated characters, you must be having an artistic approach. Until you have that, you will not be able to use real-life objects in your work.
  • Knowledge of CAD:  You must know how to work on CAD To be an animator. It is the most popular, widely used, and perfect software for animators.
  • Detail Oriented: Creating animation without giving the required attention to the detail is a waste of energy. To make your characters look alive and the locations accurate, you must pay attention to the details.

Education Qualification for animation Career

There are various diploma, and degree courses are available which you can opt to be an animator. In both degree and diploma courses, you can get admission after the 12th. Here are details of the degree and diploma program in which you can enroll to have a career in animation;

  • BFA: It’s a three-year degree course. Most of the universities offer this course, and seats are readily available in BFA. Bachelor in Fine Arts is an ideal course to have your career in the animation arena. Here you develop the skills required to be a good animator, like cultural and detail orientation. BFA is not a must course to be an animator. It develops additional skills to be an animator so its recommended.
  • Diploma Course: the aspiring animators can also enroll in diploma courses in animation. Different institutes offer various diploma courses. In these courses, the students learn about different software used in animation. The duration of the diploma course can be 12 months to 18 months or more, depending on the course content. Diploma courses are the best courses to get knowledge of different software used in animation.
  • Certification Course: Many short duration certification courses are also available to start their careers in animation. The duration of certification courses can be 6 to 12 months. Certification courses are an excellent choice to new aspirants to understand animation.

Career Opportunities in Animation

We have already discussed the demands on animators is high in the Indian animation industry. The animation industry’s worth is in multi dollars, and it releases many career opportunities every year. As animation is a creative world, entry is slightly tricky in this sector, but once you get approval here, you become in-demand. Here are the typical career opportunities available in animation. Read about them and choose one according to your interest;

  • Art Director: An art director has to offer the most reputed and creative work to animation and other industries. An art director involves in a project from re-publication to marketing. In this post, the individual needs to have more experience. The salary on this post is as high as $ 80,000 or more. Though an art director holds a responsible and prestigious job, this position comes with loads of responsibility and immense pressure. 
  • Stop Motion Animator: It’s another reputed position for the animators in the animation industry. One needs to have more than five years of experience to be a stop motion animator. Patience is the must-have skill for this post. The salary for this post is $ 60,000 or more. 
  • In Between Animator: The position is perfect for beginners to start their career in the animation industry. Freshers can apply for this position and get the practical knowledge of working in animation.   
  • Modeller: To make the animated model, a modeller is required. For this post, the person needs to have good knowledge of anatomy and volume. It is also a must that the individual must have a good grip on the form. The salary for this position depends on the experience and skills of the animator. 
  • Background Artist: To paint the background characters, these artists are required. Most of the companies give a chance to fresh talent for this task. 
  • Story Broad Artists: The responsibility of a story broad artist is to visualize the story. To get this post, the person must have good drawing skills.  

Apart from mentioned profiles, many other positions are available in the animation industry like layout designer, image animator, 2D and 3D animation, and many others.

The Bottom Line

If animated characters attract you and you want to create a few, you must enroll in the animation course. The animation related professions offer an excellent chance to grow. In case of any further queries related to a career in animation, feel free to write to us. We shall revert you with detailed information.

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