Use these 8 Free Apps To Stay Connected During The Coronavirus Outbreak


The pandemic has changed the lives of people across the globe in many ways. The unseen challenges of this COVID outbreak have taken a toll on people’s lives, work and also health. The new rules of isolation, social distancing, and staying at home have kept us away from our family and friends. The lockdown period of more than 2 months have made us feel lonely and anxious.

Apart from making huge changes in our personal lives, this pandemic has also demanded drastic changes in professional lives, transactions and communication. Many businesses have has loses and the scene looked very uncertain. In situation like this the technology has turned out to be a boon for maintain sanctity in the lives of people across the world. Many app developing companies have quickly responded to this crisis and have developed many mobile and computer applications to get things going in this lockdown.  

The applications that were developed helped people stay connected with families, friends and also get on with some basic business meetings. This has been proved to be extremely useful for people who stay alone away from their families, elderly who stay alone, and start up companies who just started out with their businesses.

8 Applications that help in staying connected are:

1. Zoom

  • This application was one of the most used video calling apps during these COVID times. It helps in staying connected with families and friends.
  • This app allows having a group video call with 200 people at a time. This was most used by educational institutions, colleges to conduct their academic cases.
  • Most conferences and business congregations happened thorough zoom app. Family group calls, friends video calls have also been held with the help of this app. Since the new rules have prohibited everyone from visiting family events many have restricted themselves to attending family events and functions via zoom call itself.
  • Music artists have also gone to the extent of holding musical concerts virtually.

2. Google Hangouts

  • This application can be used on Android, iOS smart phones, tablets, or computer.
  • This application has access to contacts on the phone it is downloaded and the user can have a video call with 8 of other friends or family at a time.
  • A unique feature of this application is that it gives preview of the person calling from the other side. It is called as ‘knock knock’.
  • It has other features like group chats, messaging etc. It can also be used on desktop.

3. Face Time

  • This application is exclusively used on apple gadgets. This can be comfortably used on any iphone, iPad, Mac Book and other apple gadgets which have iOS 12 installed.
  • This helps in making video calls that are seamless.
  • This is a great application which can be used when the network is weak for a direct call.
  • This application can also be used for voice calls and messaging.

4. Marco Polo

  • This is unique application which can be used for making calls and staying connected with family and friends.
  • The special feature of this app is that one can send video recordings as a message when the other person is too occupied and not in a position to accept video calls.
  • This application has interesting filters and voice alterations that can be added to the video messages the user is sending.

5. Skype

  • This application helps in having video and voice calls as a group or personally as well.
  • It is absolutely free application to send messages, video calls and audio calls with maximum of 50 members at a time.
  • This application also has the feature of saving video calls and has options of subtitles and filters.

6. Facebook Messenger

  • This application is a social media application which can be used to interact and staying in touch with friends and family.
  • This messenger can also be used to make video calls and as an instant messaging medium in real time.
  • This application has access to all the people in the user’s friends list.

7. Netflix Party

  • Netflix Party is one of the over the top (OTT) platforms which has the option of watching films and shows together with family and friends.
  • This application makes it easy and also interesting to have a movie night with some friends.
  • It also the feature of group chat as well.

8. Instagram

  • This is a social media application which helps the user to stay in touch with friends via pictures and stories.
  • This application also has the feature of video calling with anybody on this social media platform.
  • Many celebrities have come live on this platform and had interviews to stay in touch with their audience.
  • Many interactive sessions have been held on this platform.

Wrapping Up

This COVID outbreak has got all of us feeling alone and demotivated. This feeling can be avoided and also one can remain productive in the confines of his or her house. These applications are of great use to keep our spirits high and check with our family and friends of their safety. This is one those unprecedented times in the world which has proved that technology is a boon to humanity.

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