Why Indian People Have a Craze for Government Jobs?

govt job craze India

Every single individual’s dreams of getting government jobs in India. A job that gives them a good salary, bonuses, leaves, less stress and a lifetime security. These are the reasons why most people prefer government jobs over jobs in the private sector. In recent years, a decent growth is seen in the number of people opting for government jobs.

The government job gives security not only to its employees, but also to their family members. A government employee easily gets a loan for housing, education, marriage etc., that too at a very low rate of interest. If he gets ill or has a serious medical issue, then government helps him/her in paying the medical expenses. But, getting a government job is not that easy. Every year government post vacancies for different sectors like banking, universities, army, railways, colleges, etc. for which one need to be well prepared in advance. In order to qualify for a government job, the person should have appropriate qualifications and need to clear written tests and interviews.

Whether it’s a public sector unit or a government bank, home ministry or planning commission, they all are considered as lucrative government jobs in India. Government jobs are more satisfying than the private sector jobs. Most people opt for government jobs for better facilities and a better career. In India, government jobs are known for their credibility, reliability and huge monetary benefits.

What are the benefits of having a government job?

  • The top most advantage of getting a government job is the assurance that your job is secure. Not all public sectors offer very high salary like the private sector firms google and Facebook, except defense and some special agencies of government but, they give a better job security. People are assured that government job gives them better job security and satisfaction.
  • The government is responsible for paying the salary of their employees on time. So people with government job always get their salary on time every month, unlike private sector employees that at times face salary issues. While in the private sector the salary is totally dependent on the employer, so can be delayed and sometimes, if the company declares itself bankrupt, then there is a chance that you may lose your provident fund and other investments with that company.
  • People working in government sector get fixed promotion at regular interval. These promotions are given on the basis of categories, experience and work efficiency of an employee. Whereas in the private sector, there is always an uncertainty of promotions.
  • Each employee has to pay some amount for his Provident fund. Being well organized the government gives a good interest annually on this collected amount. Not all private sector companies have such provisions.
  • Other than salary government provide allowances like TA, DA, HRA to compensate the inflation effect and other needs of its employee.
  • In most of the government jobs, the work stress is too low in comparison to hectic private sector jobs. Also the number of holidays in a year is more in a government job. There is also a provision of paid holidays. The number of paid holidays is more in govt. sector than private sector jobs. In fact, many private sector companies don’t even give paid holidays.
  • The working hours in the government sector are fixed. People working in the government sector have to devote a lesser amount of time than the private sector. They are also paid extra if they have to work more than their fixed time, not all private companies offer overtime pay.

Apart from all these benefits, government also gives a good increment in salary every year to their employees. When employees are relocated from their home town to another place, they are provided with housing facility. They don’t have to worry about searching a house in a new place, also they do not have to a pay heavy deposit as security or brokerage which they might have to, in the private sector job.

A government employee also gets free health care facilities. In a few cases, the health facilities are given to employees’ family members also. At the time of their retirement, an amount is also fixed for them, which they get every month after retirement as pension. The person in government jobs, especially those in higher positions are looked upon with more respect.

I am not saying that the private sector is bad to work with, it’s just about what benefits government sector has given to their employees and why most of the people in India want a government job. Working with the private sector has its own benefits, but in this article, I have described the benefits associated with Indian government sector jobs.

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