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Water is an essential and important ingredient of our lives. This is a dotted fact! But do you know which type of water to intake? Which water is the best? There are many types of water available in the market with its advantages and disadvantages.

Regarding health, doctor’s advice that you should be drinking water regularly. It hydrates and offers many additional health benefits. This includes glowing skin, better functioning of the brain, high energy levels, etc. You may get water that are genuine and rich in nutrients, and some may be just for name sake.

Below is the brief information on types of water to drink that will be beneficial for your health. It all depends on person to person. The pros and cons of the water type are mentioned for you to decide

1 – Tap Water:

Tap water is supplied through pipes and is found in every household. This water is used for laundry, kitchen use, cooking and in various other uses. Tap water is easily accessible as it is supplied by the Government for daily use.

Pros – It is cheaper than other bottled waters in the market. Mostly people prefer safety measures while choosing water as compared to taste. Surveys have mentioned that tap water is safe to drink and can be consumed.

Cons – Tap water may be safe for cooking, washing utensils, and even for drinking, but when they are locally supplied they contain aluminium, pesticide, fluoride, and other chemicals. These treatments are done so that various bacteria’s cannot reach us directly. For drinking, you can use water filtration methods for further safety and cleaning.

2 – Distilled Water:

This water is the purest form of water. The reason is that distilled water does not contain any sort of contaminants in it. When the water is boiled it becomes demineralized, which means that there are no minerals, ions or nutrients in it. Due to boiling process all the bacteria’s are also killed.

Pros – Distilled water is the sterile and pure form of water. It is mostly available in factories and laboratories, and you too can consume this water. It does not have anything good or bad in it, therefore distilled water is a great option to drink.

Cons – Distilled water might be safest and purest form of water, but since there are no vitamins, and minerals it is not worth drinking. There are no health benefits in this water. Health reports advice that since there are no minerals in this water, it may extract minerals from your teeth and other body parts.

3 – Alkaline Water:

Research has mentioned that Alkaline Water is perfect for health. The reason is this water contains pH level and minerals that are beneficial for good health. Drinking alkaline water is therefore considered safe.

Pros – There are many benefits of Alkaline Water that are based on clinical research. There can be 15% reduction in blood pressure due to intake of alkaline water, relief of symptoms 88% in upset stomach, 30% minerals can be absorbed easier and faster. Drinking Alkaline water will reduce the calcium loss and is effective for bone health.

Other benefits –

  • Alkaline water is helpful in staying fit and active.
  • It prevents heart attack or any kind of stroke, if a glass of water is taken an hour before bed.
  • Doctors advice their patients to consume alkaline water for better health.

Cons – The benefits of alkaline water is clearly mentioned, but the side-effects are also visible. If taken in excess, alkaline water can lead to symptoms like nausea and vomiting.

4 – Infused/flavoured Water:

Flavoured water contains artificial flavours, since it is sweetened with artificial sweeteners or sugar. These are basically used for providing taste.

Pros – Many do not prefer to drink plain water, so these flavours like Hint, Propel are added to provide taste. You can also naturally add flavours by infusing vegetables and fruits into plain water. This helps in drinking flavoured water in large amounts.

Cons – Sugar or artificial sweeteners can lead to weight gain and is not good for those who are highly diabetic. Many may also be having allergy or side-effects due to these sweeteners.

5 – Bottled/spring or Glacier Water:

Bottled water is generally available in stores and can be easily bought when in need. Glacier or spring waters are also included in bottled water category. It is filled at the source where the water flows.

Pros – Bottled water is safe and clean for drinking. In the similar way, spring/glacier water also contain minerals and nutrients that are free from toxins. All these types of water are available in stores in both sizes, small and large. It can be easily accessible.

Cons – Either bottled water or spring/glacier water, both can be expensive if taken regularly in large quantities. There is no guarantee that both these types of water will be pure and safe to drink. They both may contain untested, raw, and unfiltered water that may ultimately have an adverse effect on health. To help prevent this one can use a water testing kit, click here for more information

6 – Boiled Water:

Boiled water is considered the cheapest way to purify your drinking water. The temperature in which it is kept for boiling kills the bacteria’s and unwanted toxins. This water can be consumed by everyone as it is safe, clean, and healthy in drinking.

Pros – Your drinking water can be boiled in your house kitchen, at your comfort zone. For this, you can use tap water or any type of water. Studies have mentioned that boiled water is good for health, especially in weight loss.

Cons – After boiling the water, the taste changes and it may not suit everyone. Even after boiling, certain chemicals like pesticides, lead are not purified.

7 – Purified Water:

Purified water is originated from tap or ground base. It is treated further to remove harmful substances like parasites, fungi, and bacteria’s. After the treatment, it is guaranteed to be safe for drinking.

Pros – The immediate source like the tap water is generally contaminated, so you need to purify your tap water and then prefer drinking.

Cons – In purified water, certain unwanted substances are removed but along with them beneficial ones are also missed out. For e.g. – In tap water, you will not get fluoride after purifying it that helps in reducing tooth decay.

8 – Hydrogen Water:

Hydrogen Water contains powerful antioxidants that are delivered from hydrogen molecules in it. Studies and research has claimed that these antioxidants helps in reducing inflammation, slowing down age, and also neutralizes your body from any harmful effects.

Pros – The benefit can be seen on those who have Parkinson disease. Well, anyone can drink this water who think about their health welfare and can also pay extra money.

Cons – The claims from the studies have mentioned about its fact, but there is no assurance or guarantee. Hydrogen water is very expensive in monetary terms.

Conclusion: The best water that are considered as healthy water for 2020 is Hydrogen Water and Alkaline Water, due to its potential benefits. No type of water can give that assurance as all will contain some advantages and disadvantages.

You need to be sure that whatever type of water you are drinking must be clean, pure and safe in all terms. Secondly, great diet, healthy lifestyle, and regular hydration is also important.

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