How Kid’s Physical Fitness Help Promote School Success

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Most schools have mechanisms and personnel in place to improve the physical fitness and metabolism in growing children. Nutritious meals are provided during the day for optimum health. However, it is not possible for schools to check what every student is doing when not there. Only regular physical activities such as soccer, running, jogging, swimming or a fast walk can prepare a healthy mind.

In this article, we bring to you how physical fitness may promote school success. The topics we will cover:

  • Importance of Physical Activities
  • Problems due to excessive use of mobile and computer
  • How children can learn social interaction?
  • How health impacts Concentration Level in Children?
  • Learning is a complex process!
  • Today’s Lifestyle and Health of Children
  • Health Matters

Let’s get started…

Importance of Physical Activities

Health is a complete state of well being for the mind, body and spirit. It is not possible for the mind to function in an optimal way all the time, without relaxation. For growing children, this relaxation needs to be in the form of various physical activities and not video games.

There are two major problems that arise due to excessive playing of video, computer or mobile phone games-

  1. Weakening of eyesight- Consider the case of playing on mobile phones or computers. Both require you to be constantly focused on the screen, which is smaller in the case of phones. In the long term, this can certainly lead to weak eyesight at an early age.
  2. No social interactions- Children who stay indoors all the time and do not meet others tend to become quite shy. They are unable to open up in front of others and are unable to express their thoughts or opinions freely. If this pattern is continued, it becomes a way of life for many years, which affects the person as an adult as well.

How Children Can Learn Social Interaction?

On the other side, a child who plays regularly in a group learns the nuances of communication much faster. He or she understands the importance of keeping everyone at the same level in a group and is comfortable in any social situation. In fact, learning effective communication skills is one of the most important activities that can lead to school success.

How health impacts Concentration Level in Children?

Another major issue that needs to be tackled effectively in schools and other institutions is attention span. Due to the growing prevalence of electronic media, attention spans of children have drastically gone down. But with a healthy mind, children can give undivided attention to subjects being taught. Concentration levels of children automatically go up if they are healthy. In the past, many tests have been conducted, which prove that exercise and academics go hand in hand.

Learning is a complex process!

There is no doubt that learning is indeed a complex process and does not involve just absorption, but also retention. Recall of information is much faster when the mind and body are active. As the popular saying goes, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

Today’s Lifestyle and Health of Children

In today’s time and age, lifestyle diseases are quite common and their seeds are sowed very early in life. Obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes can get manifested early if proper routines are not followed. For example, consumption of junk food on a daily basis is a sure step towards obesity, which in turn leads to an unfit mind and the entire cycle.

Health Matters

It is not always necessary to follow a specific routine of exercises that may sound cumbersome. Even simple steps such as walking and cycling can help in boosting stamina. If the school is not at a very high floor, use the staircase instead of always traveling by the elevator. Instead of traveling by dad’s car, use the cycle to get to school, if it is not too far. It will automatically increase the blood circulation to your legs. But before you embark on a cycling spree, your parents may want to check if the area is safe enough or not.

Wrapping Up

At an early age of, let’s say, from 6 to 13 years, doing muscle-building activities at gyms is definitely not healthy, as it stunts physical growth. Start with simple activities such as regular walks or cycling. Of course, participating in a sport is even better. Always remember that a healthy body would certainly result in a healthy mind.

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