Tips to Crack SBI PO Prelims Exam

how to crack sbi po exam

SBI PO is an examination through which young graduates are directly appointed as PO with the bank. In other words, “Designation Probationary Officers” in State Bank of India. This preliminary Examination is conducted every year for the post of PO in the Bank and a huge number of applicants take this Exam. It is very important to be the best with preparation and perform exceptionally well among all the applicants.

The State Bank of India has changed SBI PO Examination pattern from last year. Now SBI PO is conducted in Three Parts i.e. Phase I, Phase II and Phase III. Unlike before the exam was conducted in two parts. Phase I includes Preliminary Examination, Phase II is the Main Examination and Phase III includes the Group Discussion & Interview section according to the new pattern.

Here are some Tips: How to Crack SBI PO Exam

1. Preparation should be according to Pattern

The student should start his/her preparation for SBI PO Exam according to the pattern given by State Bank of India. Candidates should follow the pattern throughout their preparation. If this tip is followed, one may also find it easy to prepare for any bank exam. In addition, it will be effective preparation because every phase includes different aspects of the syllabus.

2. Cover the complete Syllabus

SBI PO syllabus is listed on many websites but students should only look for the syllabus on the State Bank of India’s main web page. In addition, applicants must cover the entire syllabus, and leave nothing behind.

3. Give Equal Importance to All the Sections

Students in many cases mistakenly over do one section while giving less importance to other sections. This should not be the case; every section should be given equal importance and equal time of preparation. This is because every section has its own weight.

4. Make Notes

While studying from recommended books during preparation, candidates should try to keep on writing down important points. These points can be anything, related to SBI PO exam, that you think are important for the preparation of Exam and Interview Phase.

5. Maintain Separate Notebooks for Different Subjects

To avoid confusion just before Exam days and to make your notes more effective, separate notebooks for different subjects should be maintained throughout the preparation. Clear and separately written notes will allow you to memorize the points easily.

6. Be Confident and Composed

Remember many brilliant students just fail because of panic. Panic during the exam preparation is dangerous, as candidates some come across topics and concepts they find difficult. Some panic while taking exam, but candidates should be confident and be composed at every point to score well.

7. Take Mock Tests

Candidates should take practice test papers for recognizing their preparation and weak points. This is very important because practice tests will make your preparation better every time. Remember mock tests should be taken within the time frame allowed for the SBI PO Exam by State Bank of India.

8. Discuss With Teachers and Friends

Candidates should give importance to the discussion of the exam syllabus and exchange of ideas with friends and teachers. Furthermore, students should consult their teachers for any guidance regarding syllabus and concepts.

9. Use Internet and Trusted Books for Exam Preparation

Many applicants don’t know how internet can help them prepare well for exam. YouTube is a very effective study source for bank exams. Students should be careful while selecting books, using books recommended by experienced people or friends preparing for same exam would be a good decision. Candidates should not divert from recommended books and sources, because that means preparing unnecessary material.

Go confident, all the best!

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