NASA SpaceX Crew 2 Mission

NASA रिमोट सेंसिंग टूलकिट

NASA SpaceX Crew 2 Mission is launched on April 22 2021. In the mission, NASA has launched four of its astronauts to the international space centre. SpaceX has become a sensational topic to discuss on the internet and among friends. You must know about the mission and its significance. Here we have compiled some highlights about this mission of NASA. You can get all the important information about SpaceX Crew 2 Mission from here starting from its preparation to the docking.  

Significance of NASA SpaceX Crew 2 Mission 

We have reached the moon, and our satellites are roaming around the earth. We have reached to Mars and exploring it, but still, space has lots of secrets in it. We are yet to know more, and the eager nature of humans urges them to plan missions like SpaceX Crew. In this mission the NASA has sent its astronauts to international space centres to conduct some complex studies.

 NASA has launched the mission with four astronauts. Two of them are from NASA and rest two from Japan and Europe. Here are their names; Shane Kimbrough and Megan McArthur from NASA and Akihiko Hoshide from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), and Thomas Pesquet from European Space Agency (ESA). Akihiko Hoshide and Thomas Pesquet will work on the mission as space station specialist for six months.

The demo of NASA’s SpaceX mission two was conducted in May 2020. The Demo flight lifted off astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley. It was arranged to check if SpaceX capsules can be used to ferry astronauts regularly. The demo was a part of the pre-flight preparation of the space program. With the launch of the NASA SpaceX crew1 mission, a new beginning has already started, and with SpaceX Crew 2 mission, it has taken a step further. 

NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough, ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet, NASA astronaut Megan McArthur, and JAXA astronaut Akihiko Hoshide started their journey to ISS through SpaceX mission on April 23 at 5:49A ET in a Falcon rocket. The spacecraft launched from NASA Kennedy Launch Complex. The astronauts took 23 hours to reach to ISS (International Space Station). The crew successfully docked with ISS on April 24 2021, at 5:08A ET. NASA also telecast the launching live on various channels. You can also check its recorded live on Discovery Plus.

What will the Responsibilities of Crew-2 at the ISS?

In the mid of November 2020, the team members of Crew 1 joined the members of Expedition 64 at ISIS. The Crew-1 team members studied microgravity at the International Space Station. ISS is the best place to conduct some critical researches and studies about material and food physiology. Crew 1 did some research on the effects of dietary improvements on immune systems. Crew 1 also studied the gut microbiome in zero gravity and how the studies can help the space crew to immerge with the spaceflight’s atmosphere. With the launch of the SpaceX Crew 2 mission, the different experiments will occur in low earth orbit. The new studies will reveal new secrets and ways to make life at spacecraft easier. The new team will stay in ISS for the next six months to conduct its researches. 

The main focus of Crew 2 is to continue the studies of Tissue Chips in space. These are the tiny models of human body organs made with many cells and behave like a human body. The tissue chip study will help NASA pace up identifying and developing a more effective and safer vaccine and drugs. NASA made a statement about the study that says. “In addition, many changes occurring in the human body during spaceflight resemble the onset and progression of aging and diseases on Earth but occur much more quickly in microgravity.” It may take a few months or years to develop the drug or vaccine on earth based on the results in ISS, but the study will help the scientists for sure. 

Aim of Commercial Crew Program

The space programmes are very costly, and in SpaceX Crew 2 program NASA has invested a huge amount. The main aim behind launching the SpaceX Crew 2 is to make international space Station easy and less expensive. NASA uses the SpaceX program to make transportation to ISS easy so that logistics can be sent without much hassle. To lower the program’s cost, NASA is now involving its other commercial partners in this kind of programmes. Partners like SpaceX and Boeing are working with NASA now. NASA has also invited the companies to build Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS).

When the more private organisation gets entry into the space mission, the competition will get high among the companies, and NASA can provide services to space at the best price. The program saves the money of government authorities. In future, more people can travel to space with the arrival of private competitors in it. 

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