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Do you want to know about the most exciting in-demand career choices for 2022? The answer to this question is not easy because 2022 has just started. When we talk about future uncertainty is the only certain thing. In recent years we have witnessed tremendous changes at work and career front.

In 2019, remote work was gaining acceptance from the managers. In 2020, companies had no other option but to accept WFH. This remote working option has made new ways for young talent to associate with top employers.

The effect of the pandemic will be long lasting both in our personal and professional life including jobs and careers. In 2022, we can expect a rise in jobs in India, but are you career ready? With the changing career trends the career choices are changing too and it is going to be difficult for you to find the right one for you. The demand for professionals is expected to be high in almost all sectors, but a few may have more demand for human resources for the next few years. We will talk about these in-demand career options in 2022. If you are already in love with your job, there is no need to plan an immediate shift. However, if you are thinking to have a different career option, then here are the most exciting careers of 2022…

Most Exciting Career Choices for 2022

Your education and interest play an important part in career selection. If you plan to choose an exciting career path in 2022, you will find many. Nowadays, opportunities are endless only if you have the caliber to deliver your best. So, first, think about what you want to do in your professional life, then pick a career path. Career counseling can help you choose the best career option as per your interests and education. Here we have compiled about a few exciting career options in 2022, know about them and think if it is a suitable career option for you;

1. Healthcare

Since 2020 the world has been fighting with COVID-19. Every year Coronavirus comes up with a new variant. It needs more professionals to come out from the outsized impact of a pandemic on healthcare. The virus catches many healthcare professionals, a few want to quit the profession, and some even lose their lives. India already has a shortage of doctors and nurses, and the pandemic has worsened the situation.

In this sector, the demand for qualified nurses is high. Indian nurses are in demand in the UK, US, Middle East, and other parts of the world. It is expected that in 2027 the world will need 5 lakh nurses. So you can enroll in ANM or GNM program to be a part of the healthcare sector.

When we discuss healthcare as an exciting career option in 2022, we don’t talk only about the health care staff, doctors, and nurses. We also talk about scientists, pharmacists, radiologists, microbiologists, and many others. The modern health care sector is huge, and it needs more people to offer better and quickly diagnose and make better equipment for patients. The health care industry has travel opportunities also. You can get a chance to work with health care professionals from different countries.

2. Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has some interesting and exciting career choices in 2022. OTTs have become the new address of entrainment. So, scriptwriters, directors, actors, musicians, technicians, and many professionals associated with the industry have more career options in the coming years. The industry offers many exciting career choices.

All other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram Reels also fall in entrainment. During the lockdown of 2020, people have started to spend more time watching short videos. So, you can start your YouTube channel or get started with reels on Instagram. In both ways, you have fair chances to make money and fame. Picking an RJ’s job in a radio station is also cool as the demand for good Radio Jockeys will not go down.

Your educational qualifications can help you get the right start in non-acting roles in the industry. In recent years it has been observed that people’s screen time has increased. So, if you are interested in having a career in the entrainment industry, it’s the right time. Working in the entrainment industry is different than any other industry. If you are creative and confident, the industry is waiting for you.

3. Information Technology

Talking about exciting career options for 2022 and not to mention IT professions, is a sin. With remote work options, IT has become an exciting sector to work in. The IT sector has been witnessing growth in the past many years. However, the demand for app and software developers hasn’t seen any sharp slope yet. In fact, in recent years, it has been observed that information technology companies are hiring more AI specialists for innovations. As software developers, cloud engineers, network engineers, ethical hackers are also in-demand in the IT sector. IT companies offer the best salaries to their employees.

To join the IT sector, one must have a degree in B.Tech in CS or MCA. If you have done some online coding courses, you can also apply for the vacancy announced by any IT company. IT sector is expecting to grow more than 20% in coming years. So you can soon see more than 3 lakh jobs on different job portals. If you want to change your job and go to a new industry, IT has jobs and a good salary. You can enroll in online courses to understand software and app development.

4. Financial Management

Financial managers are the backbone of all the companies in all sectors. No company can grow without estimating profit, loss, and expenses. MBA Finance is the best course that can get you a job in finance management. Small companies also hire graduates and masters in commerce. New companies are coming to India, and many are expanding their businesses, so the demand for finance managers is rising.

5.  Data Scientist

If the whole concept of Data management, its use in companies’ decision-making and panning, you must think of having a career as a data scientist. Data Scientists analyze the data, process it, and make it relevant for companies to make consumer decisions. The profession is one of the rapidly growing occupations in 2022. In the next ten years, the demand for Data Scientists will go approximately 31% high.

6. Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is growing at high speed. In 2020’s lockdown, supply chain management has proven its importance. At present, the customer is impatient, and he wants to get his item quickly. The dependency of end-user on internet shopping sites has increased rapidly. A secure and well-maintained supply chain management is the success of shopping sites in India. All the companies need strong supply chain management, and for this, they hire qualified and educated graduates in this stream.

The Last Word  

Everyone can have their definition of exciting career choices, but it must be something that motivates you to give your best at work front. 2022 will be different from the past two years because we are expecting new jobs in the market. Young students don’t want a secure job, but they want something excites them. All the career choices we have mentioned here have a scope of learning. We hope the article has helped you to identify your passion.

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