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B. Tech in Computer science has been an in-demand career choice for science students after 12th. Most of the science students want to pick engineering as their career option after the 12th. In the last few years, the students are showing more interest in B. Tech computer science in comparison to other traditionally popular fields like civil and mechanical. Aspirants get a sheer number of opportunities after B. Tech CS. To offer more accurate career guidance, here we will discuss career after B. Tech in CSE.

As we stated above, the students are giving more preference to the computer science branch of B. tech. The main reason behind this is the number of opportunities in this field. Despite have career opportunities, many aspirants get confused about the career after B. Tech in CSE. You get two choices after earning your B.Tech CS degree; the first is to pursue further studies, and the second is to look for a suitable job. In this article, we will discuss the second option. So, if the confusing question of ‘What to do after computer science?’ is haunting you, then scroll down the page to look for an answer.

Career After B. Tech Computer Science

Career is an exciting word for students. They want to peruse it as soon as they complete their studies. B. Tech is a four-year course that has eight semesters. After completion of such a long course, a job looks like a reward for hard work. Though the students get excited on the name of the job, the corporate world is entirely different from the college. You must know about most of the career options after B. Tech CSE before finalizing one for you. So let’s know about the different types of jobs after B. tech CSE;

  • Software Developer

It’s the best career option for the B. Tech CSE pass outs that love coding. Not all B. Tech students enjoy coding, but those who understand the complex logic of coding must plan their career in this. The demand for software developers is always high in the Indian IT sector. The students can learn some additional programming languages to give a quick start to their career. The SOW of a software developer is to develop a software or app. The demand for Game and App developers is also high in the industry. Both kinds of developers get a handsome remuneration and acknowledgement for their work. The aspirant must have a good grip on the programming language to be an innovative and good software developer. Good communication, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills will help the students in their transformation from a student to a professional software developer. 

  • Software Testing Engineer

The responsibility of a software development engineer is to develop a software or game or an app. After this, a software testing engineers the quality of the product. The demand for software testing engineers is high as all the IT software companies need them. Testing engineers must be knowing primary programming languages so that they can understand the flaws in coding. To excel in a career as a software engineer, the knowledge of IBM Rational Functional tester, Jmeter, IBM performance tester and few others will help.

  • Data Scientist

If you are looking for a stable and in-demand job after B. Tech CSE, then Data Scientist is a perfect option for you. Data plays a vital role in all business-related decisions. A data scientist has to collect data from different sources and compile it in a less complex format or share it with a data analyst. A Data Scientist has to collect the data from an internal source like the companys’ repository and an external source like social media. They are to extract the data and to find the hidden pattern. The data scientist helps the company to make the complex decision based on the market’s and consumers’ interests.  

  • Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineer can be a perfect career after B. Tech CSE. The Big Data Engineers have to work closely with Big Data Scientist, Data Analyst, and Data Architects. The Data engineers are to build, maintain and test the businesses’ data so that the Data Scientists can run the algorithm. The Data engineers work in a team that can transform complex data into meaningful and business oriented data. The Scope of Work for the Data Engineers includes upgrading and optimizing the Big Data and troubleshooting it when required. It’s one of the high-paying jobs in the IT sector. The demand for Big Data Engineers is high in the country and overseas.

  • Data Analyst

The companies spend a lot to understand the complex Data, and for this, they hire Data Scientist, Big Data Engineer and Data Analyst. Students can make a career after B. Tech CSE in any one of them. The Data is available on different platforms is the crucial format. A Data analyst has to analyze the data and present it in easy to understand mode. The job sounds easy when you read it, but its much more complex than this. A Data analyst has to mung and process the data. They are to check the quality and accuracy of the data. To find if the data will help the company or not is also comes under the SOW of a Data Analysts. In some companies, the Data Analyst has to run an algorithm to extract more reliable information from a massive amount of data. Salary is attractive for this post, and the work is never ending. So if you have good data analytical skills, you can pick this job after B. Tech with CSE.

  • Database Administrator

A Database administrator plays a pivotal role in the IT industry. They are to maintain, monitor and track the database for everyday function in the organization. To provide access to the data or put restrictions on the access, the database administrator has to run commands. The database administrator has to supervise the existed database software for saving & analyzing the data and initiate requests to buy new ones. Database administrators play an essential role in protecting confidential data. The database administrators get good pay in IT, finance, management consulting, and other private and public sector companies, and their demand is high. The database administrators have to them upgrade with new technologies.

  • Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers are required to design and develop intelligent and AI machines. The present time is of Artificial intelligence. The developers are developing more advanced machines that can work as humans without any or minimal human supervision. The Machine learning engineers develop advanced Machine learning algorithm that helps the machine to follow the given instructions. It is one of the most sought after professions after B. Tech CS. To be a proficient Machine Learning Engineer, you must know different languages like Pearl, Python, Java etc. 

  • Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers are required to handle the blockchain applications and their life cycle. The blockchain engineers or developers are to involve from the research till the execution of the project. They are to use different blockchain programming languages to develop advanced infrastructure for the system. the aspirant must have knowledge of languages like Solidity, javascript, C++ etc., to be a blockchain developer. The blockchain developers must know about web development, Data Structure, Blockchain architecture, etc.

Wrapping Up

So, here we have discussed the eight most sought after career options after B. tech CS. If you are looking for a progressive career path, you can choose any of the mentioned jobs. The different types of jobs after CS in IT has high remuneration and good career growth. It is a must to upgrade your skills to grow and earn well in IT.

If you are willing to know more about any of the above mentioned jobs or other different types of after B. Tech CS, Industry trends, then feel free to write to us in the comment. We shall discuss the requirement of any particular job after B. Tech CS and its future career scope.

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