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career in chemical engineering

Engineering is a lucrative career option that offers ample job opportunities. Career in chemical engineering has lots of potentials, and it provides stability in a career. The chemical engineering branch has various employment options. Students interested in chemical engineering can enroll in this branch of engineering without worrying much about the career options.

A chemical engineer has different roles and responsibilities at the work front. When we mention the term chemical engineer, we think of someone in a lab doing some experiments. The real job of a chemical engineer is related to various fields. They can work in the oil and gas sector or agriculture sector. The job opportunities are endless for chemical engineers. It is one of the emerging career options in the present time. Chemical engineers are to use the principle of their subjects to produce better and accurate results.

The requirements of chemical engineers is always present on a global level. We are working on different kinds of energy systems like solar energy. To make the right equipment, a chemical engineer’s inputs are also required. Chemical engineers introduce eco-friendly methods for the production of plastics, chemicals, and other stuff. Industries like fertilizer, plastic, pharmaceutical textile, and paper have lots of opportunities for chemical engineers. If you are curious to know more about this non-traditional branch of engineering, then here we have detailed information for you. The page contains the details about Chemical engineering, career options after it, and procedure to get admission in this course. Scroll down the page to get more information about the given topics;

What is Chemical Engineering?

The dream of most of the students with PCM in 12th is to be an engineer. Those who are under the right career guidance know which engineering branch they want to pick, and the rest pick anyone from the popular engineering branches like IT, Civil and mechanical. Many of the 12th pass outs don’t know much about chemical engineering, so here we have compiled the details about this uncongenial branch of engineering;

Chemical engineering is a study to change raw material into valuable products. This branch of engineering uses the concepts of different subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology to create a new product for the betterment of the people and society. The chemical engineers either create a new product or modify the existing ones. Polyester and nylon materials are examples of chemical engineering’s products.

In chemical engineering, qualified engineers learn about the chemical property of a product. With the help of existing ones, the engineers are to make new or modified products. Chemical engineers work for the environment, safety, and health of living beings. It is a multi-dimensional engineering branch that offers various career opportunities to students in the private and public sectors. It has massive contributions in energy, clothing, medicine, and other essential fields.

 In this field, the engineers are to perform designing, manufacturing, and transforming duties. The chemical engineer is involved in a program since its inception. The core team plays an essential role in making new or modifying old stuff. The subject is global, so impacts are also visible all over the world. Check out the details mentioned further in the article related to the career in chemical engineering.

Requirements to be a Chemical Engineer

When you seek career guidance from a professional, then the first thing you will listen, the eligibility. If you are eligible to be a chemical engineer, then only you should pursue this career. The duration of B. Tech in chemical engineering is four years, and it is not a less time. Invest four crucial years of your life in this subject if you fulfill the fundamental chemical engineering eligibility. Let’s know in detail about it;

First of all, you must have an interest in the world of chemicals. Someone who doesn’t find a chemical lab a perfect place to learn may not fit this chemical engineering profession. Being a chemical engineer, you will have to be in touch with different chemicals and their reactions. So, first of all, you love your subject.

As we stated above in the article that this field is not only chemicals and chemistry-based. the students must know physics and mathematics. The knowledge of biology will be beneficial for the students. So you can pick this career choice if you have studied maths, physics, bio, and chemistry in 12th standard. Some additional information about chemical engineering will help you convince the university authorities to take you to the chemical engineering course.  

Most of the engineering students take only the students with chemistry as the main subject in 10+2. A few colleges are flexible to take anyone interested in chemical engineering despite different issues in 12th.  

Students with some certificate and diploma courses in chemical engineering also get admission in a few chemical engineering students. Many colleges take students with a polytechnic diploma in chemical engineering in the second year of the same course’s degree program. Here are the essential skills that an aspirant chemical engineer must have to have a career in this field;

Required Key Skills to be a Chemical Engineer

Here are some common critical skills that a student must possess to be a chemical engineer;

  • Curiosity to know more about chemicals, their theories, and reactions.  
  • Students must have extra knowledge of chemical science.
  • You must be eligible to understand the fundamental theories of science, biology, and Maths.  
  • Candidate Knowledge of the use of chemicals in different manufacturing processes.
  • Basic knowledge of the working process of chemical-related manufacturing industries.
  • Must know about the famous and most used chemical reactions
  • Good laboratory skills are a must.
  • Knowledge of IT, computers, and chemical engineering related software is a must for aspiring chemical engineers.
  • Good communication skills in written and oral. If the person knows a foreign language, then it will help him in his projects.
  • Must be good in project management and paperwork.
  • Must have a problem-solving attitude and make quick decisions.
  • The person must be willing to work in a team and has team leadership qualities too.

How to get Admission in Chemical Engineering?

If you like chemistry and have most of the skills mentioned above, you must get admission to this course. B. tech in chemical engineering is the best course for the aspirants. Those who have enrolled in a polytechnic course in chemical engineering can also get lateral entry in B. tech. Here we have mentioned the steps to get admission in B. tech.

To get admission in B. Tech Chemical Engineering, you will have to participate in the engineering entrance exams. Various bodies conduct the entrance examination to take 12th pass outs. JEE is one of them. Many state universities also conduct their entrance examination for B. tech aspirants. When you apply for the entrance exam of choosing a college after getting a rank in national or state level engineering level entrance exam, pick a college with chemical engineering option in B. tech.

Types of Job Available For Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineering offers various kinds of jobs to the students after completion of the course. When you pursue the time, you get the information about available career option after its completion. Still, before making your mind to get admission at any time, you must know the available possibilities for it. Here have a look at the career possibilities for the chemical engineering students;

  • Production Manager: One of the most stable chemical engineering careers is production manager. It’s a responsible post, and the person is accountable for making a production plan, execute it and deliver a quality product. 
  • Analytical Chemist: After completing the chemical engineering course, you can have your career as an analytical chemist. You will have to test different chemicals and check their reactions and behavior. 
  • Manufacturing Engineer: Chemical engineering career in the manufacturing industry is full of possibilities. A manufacturing engineer has to make sure that all the chemicals are in the right portion. 
  • Material Engineer: to make sure artificial materials materials’ quality, material engineering are required. It’sIt’s a high paying job, and you can choose it as a career after chemical engineering. 
  • Lecturer: You can pick this career option after chemical engineering and teach your favorite subject to the students.

Apart from the mentioned careers in chemical engineering, you can also choose to work in mines, environmental engineers, and many other posts.   

Employment Industries and Companies for Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers get to work with different kinds of sectors. Here a few of the industries that recruit a high number of chemical engineers;

  • Gas and oil extraction
  • Oil refineries,
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Fibers and Polymer Industries
  • Power generation industries
  • Heavy chemical industries
  • Agrochemical and fertilizer industries
  • Beverage and FMCG Industries

Here look at the top recruiters for the chemical engineers;  

  • L & T
  • Essar Oil Limited
  • Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals
  • Reliance Industries
  • Reliance Petroleum Limited
  • Colour-Chem Ltd
  • Arofine Polymers
  • Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd
  • Gujarat Gas Company Limited
  • Godavari Fertilisers & Chemicals

Salary of Chemical Engineer

Here is the average salary for the chemical engineers for different job profiles;

  • Production Manager: For this post, the starting salary is 5 LPA, and it can go up to 12 LPA and more.
  • Analytical Chemist: the salary for this post starts from 2 LPA, and it can go up to 4.5 LPA.
  • Manufacturing Engineering: Starting salary for this post is 2 LPA, which can be 6-7 LPA as the experience will increase.
  • Material Engineers: The professionals start their career with 2 LPA, and it goes to 5 -8 LPA.

Wrapping Up

Chemical Engineering covers a wide area of job in different industries. You can have a stable and economically adequate career in this field of engineering. If you want more career guidance in a career in chemical engineering, then write to us. We shall revert you to clarify all your doubts.

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