Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season 11 Episode-9 Questions and Answers

Kaun Banega Crorepati 11 Episode-9 Questions and Answers

Amitabh Bachchan started Thursday’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 11 with the contestant Ranjit Kumar from Bhopal, who is an electrician by profession. Ranjit Kumar quit at 14th question and took home prize money of Rs. 25 lakh.

The next contestant on the hot seat was Deepika Sharma from Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, who will continue playing on the next episode.

The Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season 11 Episode-9 is a great source to enhance GK, here you will find written updates and KBC 11 questions and answers.

The 9th episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati aired on August 29 had questions ranging from general affairs, entertainment to mythology. Here are the KBC Season 11 Episode-9 Questions and Answers. Give it a try and tell us how many you answered correctly.

Question 1: Which animal is known for crowing during the sunrise?

A. Medhak
B. Mugger
C. Mahish
D. Murga

Question 2: Which of these sayings means to render someone helplessor trouble them?

A. Kidhki khol dena
B. Khatiya khadi kar dena
C. Darwaza tod dena
D. Mex gira dena

Question 3: Which of these devices let you watch television via the DTH dish?

A. Pencil Box
B. Drop Box
C. Set-to-box
D. Letter box

Question 4: On a night in which season is the short story “Poos Ki Raat” by Premchand set?

A. Spring
B. Summer
C. Autumn
D. Winter

Question 5: What does “30” indicate in the educational programme “Super 30,” run by mathematician Anand Kumar?

A. Number of students
B. Marks obtained in examination
C. Course fee
D. Number of teachers

Question 6: Which of these diseases is also known as “chamki bukhar”?

A. Acute Encephalitis Syndrome
B. Acute Coronary Syndrome
C. Toxic Shock Syndrome
D. Acute Chest Syndrome

Question 7: The insigina worn by MS Dhoni on his gloves during India’s opening match of the 2019 Cricket World Cup was similar to what badge?

A. Sarvatra
B. Har Har Mahadev
C. Balidaan
D. Shatrujeet

Question 8: According to the Ramayana, who ruled the kingdom of Kishkindha when lord Ram arrived there?

A. Mareecha
B. Jambhavan
C. Vali
D. Khara

Question 9: Which fighter aircraft was Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthman was flying when he lost his plane?

A. Mirage 2000
B. MIG 29
C. Jaguar
D. MIG 21 Bison

Question 10: Widely remembered for his efforts in achieving the Official Language of India status for Hindi, which Bharat Ratna is affectionately called Rajarshi?

A. Purushottam Das Tandon
B. Govind Ballabh Pant
C. Lal Bahadur Shastri
D. Madan Mohan Malaviya

Question 11: Which Mughal princess is best known as the author of the Humayun Nama, an account of life of the half-brother, Humayun?

A. Khanzada Begum
B. Jahanara Begum
C. Gulbadan Begum
D. Malika Jahan

Question 12: The states of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya were all once part of which larger state?

A. Bengal
B. Assam
C. Manipur
D. Sikkim

Question 13: Fill in this Hindi proverb “Na nau man tel hoga, na __”

A. Radha nachegi
B. Gopiyan khayengi
C. Meera khana pakayegi
D. Yahoda ghar jayegi

Question 14: Which of these foods is known to contain the highest amount of Vitamin C?

A. Meat
B. Butter
C. Milk
D. Lemon

Question 15: How many rupees do then thousand paise make?

A. 10
B. 100
C. 1000
D. 10,000

Question 16: Which of these pairs of characters do not find mention in either the Ramayana or the Mahabharat?

A. Vikram and Betaal
B. Hidimb and Hidimbaa
C. Karna and Arjun
D. Nal and Neel

We hope you answered honestly! Now is the time to check the answers. Tell us your score in the comments below. The 10th episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 11 telecasted 9 pm to 10:30 pm on Sony on Friday.


Answer 1: D

Answer 2: B

Answer 3: C

Answer 4: D

Answer 5: A

Answer 6: A

Answer 7: C

Answer 8: C
Kishkindha was the monkey kingdom of Vali’s younger brother Vanara King Sugriva, as per the Indian theology of Ramayana. This kingdom was running with the assistance of his friend, Hanuman.

Answer 9: D
Vir Chakra awardee Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman  was flying MIG 21 Bison when he was captured by the Pakistani army after his fighter jet was shot down.

Answer 10: A
Purushottam Das Tandon also know as “Rajarshi”. He was an independence activist who also served as speaker of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly from 1937–50.

Answer 11: C
Gulbadan Begum was the youngest daughter of founder of the Mughal Empire Babur. She is famously known as the author of HumayunNama.

Answer 12: B
The neighbouring states of Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, and Meghalaya were once part of Assam. Also, you should know that the Seven Sister States is a popular term for the neighbouring states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur,  Nagaland and Tripura prior to Sikkim’s inclusion into the North Eastern Region of India.

Answer 13: A

Answer 14: D
Lemons is ranked behind oranges in vitamin C content. 

Answer 15: B
1 rupee = 100 Paise, so 1000 paise equals to 100 rupees.

Answer 16: A
Vikram Aur Betaal‘ is based on ‘Betaal Pachisi’, which was written
by Mahakavi Somdev Bhatt nearly 2,500 years ago.

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