National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) India – The Savior of Life


Natural disasters (floods, cyclones, earthquakes) hit our country frequently. The reasons behind these disasters can be numerous but the results of them are loss of lives and properties. Among all these disasters caused by nature, the flood is among the worst and common problems that affect the lives of people of the country usually every year when monsoon does a great job. The people who get stuck in the flood effective areas could not get anything to eat and commute. In this situation when people cannot do anything but to chant the name of their god the team of NDRF appears to rescue them safely.

In this article, we will tell you about the unsung heroes from the NDRF team who have rescued many lives stuck in difficult situation during natural crisis.

NDRF Meaning and Work

NDRF is a specialised force in India, an abbreviation of National Disaster Response Force. This force is constituted with a purpose to give a specialist response to disaster sanitation or disaster. In India, it is the responsibility of states to keep their people safe in case of calamities of severe nature. The state can ask for help from the center in difficult time when the situation gets out of their hands. The central government deploys National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Central Paramilitary Forces and other facilities to rescue the people from the affected areas.    

NDRF is a force of 12 battalions which is manned by the persons on deputation from the para-military forces of India. The officers of NDRF wear batch like India army officers. We all know that the NDRF team helps the people during natural or accidental disasters but not many of us are aware that NDRF battalions are also trained to respond during radiological, nuclear, biological and chemical disasters.

According to Wikipedia the NDRF has responded 73 disasters so far. The team has rescued 1, 33,192 human lives from the danger and retrieved approx 198 dead bodies of disaster victims so far. If we make a list of work that NDRF team has done brilliantly then the article will become too long to read. However not all the operations performed by the NDRF achieved a happy ending but the efforts that the professionals of NDRF do, are tremendous and unmatchable.

Success Stories of NDRF       

In India, whether it is flood or cyclone or a kid get stuck in bore wall, people look at the NDRF team for a safe rescue. NDRF team members have the caliber to save the life of civilians stuck in a small land in mid of water on the risk of their own life. The fame of NDRF is not limited within the boundaries of India, in fact, the national disaster team also rushed to Nepal in 2015 during earthquake in late April.  

The life of a single person matters for many people and when the trained professionals save thousands from a life-threatening situation they become god for the victims. The NDRF team rescued many from the flood-affected people from Tamil Nadu on November 2018. In same year the 58 teams of NDRF deputed in Kerala as the state was facing the crisis of flood. Here the team evacuate more than 10,000 people and rescued 198 victims of flood.

In 2019 also when the half of the country is drowned in floodwater the team of NDRF appears as a ray of hope. The farthest villages of hilly states like Himachal which are not easily reachable during the normal situation, the NDRF team reaches there as well in difficult climate created situation to help people.

Recently a video from Maharashtra got viral where a woman rescued by the NDRF team touches the officer’s feet as he and his team saved her life from a flood. This kind of emotions cannot be pen down.

The Bottom Line        

The words will get short to describe the work that the NDRF team does to rescue and evacuate the people from difficult situations caused by nature or human or mechanical mistake. The works done by the NDRF have built our faith in these heroes and we all know that if we get stuck in some disaster the NDRF team will come there to rescue us. We salute these unsung heroes of the country who had saved lakhs of lives so far.

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