Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season 11 Episode 31 Questions and Answers

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season 11 Episode 31 Questions and Answers

Amitabh Bachchan started the episode 31 of Kaun Banega Crorepati 11 with a small tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. As it was a new week of KBC with new contestant, Big B asked Fastest Fingers First question and Mustafa Pardawala, a businessman from Maharashtra, won the chance to be on hot seat.  Mustafa went home from KBC season 11 with prize money of Rs. 80,000.

To continue the game, Amitabh Bachchan again asked Fastest Fingers First question. Shivani Dhingra from Rishikesh was the contestant to win the chance to be on hot seat. Big B will continue the KBC 32nd episode with Shivani on Tuesday.

Here we have compiled written updates on KBC Season 11 episode 31, along with questions asked in the show.

KBC 11 questions asked in the episode 31

Question 1: Complete the title of Ajay Devgn’s debut film in a lead role, “Phool Aur __”

A. Maali
B. Patthar
C. Kaante
D. Kaliyan

Question 2: Which of these phrases is often used to refer to the distant past?

A. Birbal ka waqt
B. Baba Adam ka zamana
C. Alibaba ka samay
D. Kabir ka kaal

Question 3: Which of these did two-wheeler manufacturer Bajaj use as its tagline?

A. Hamara Bajaj
B. Uska Bajaj
C. Sabka Saath, Sabka Bajaj
D. Band Baaja Bajaj

Question 4: Which of the values is different from the others?

A. 50% of 100
B. 40% of 120
C. 25% of 200
D. 20% of 250

Question 5: In 2019, after talks between the Indian and Saudi Arabian governments, the Indian quota for which pilgrimage site now stands at 2 lakhs per year?

A. Medina
B. Mecca
C. Fire Temple of Jeddah
D. Al Aqsa Mosque

Question 6: In which part of the body is insulin synthesized?

A. Adrenal gland
B. Kidney
C. Pancreas
D. Stomach

Question 7: What was presented to Parliament by Piyush Goyal in Feb 2019 and Nirmala Sitharaman in July 2019?

A. Defence Plan
B. NITI Aayog Plan
C. Union Budget
D. Separate Railway Budget

Question 8: Which of these cities lies in two continents – Asia and Europe?

A. Ankara
B. Istanbul
C. St Petersburg
D. Moscow

Question 9: Where is the National Gandhi Museum located in Delhi?

A. Raj Ghat
B. Vijay Ghat
C. Kisan Ghat
D. Teen Murti Bhavan

Question 10: Which of these does not depict an actual score in a game of lawn tennis?

A. 15-0
B. 30-0
C. 40-0
D. 45-0

Question 11: Who is also referred to as Gandhararajaputra, Saubala and Subalaputra in the Mahabharata?

A. Shakuni
B. Sahadeva
C. Shalya
D. Sanjaya

Question 12: NALCO is a Navratna company that operates in the minimg sector. What does the A in NALCO stand for?

A. Aluminium
B. Actinium
C. Americium
D. Aurum

KBC 11 answers for episode 31

Answer 1: C – Kaante
Answer 2:
B – Baba Adam ka zamana
Answer 3:
A – Hamara Bajaj
Answer 4:
B – 40% of 120
Answer 5:
B – Mecca
Answer 6:
C – Pancreas
Answer 7:
C – Union Budget
Answer 8:
B – Istanbul
Answer 9:
A – Raj Ghat
Answer 10: 
D – 45 – 0

Answer 11: A – Shakuni
Answer 12: A – Aluminium

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