Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season 11 Episode 28 Questions and Answers

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The episode 28 of Kaun Banega Crorepati 11 the show with rollover contestant Divya Adlakha on hot seat. Divya is a national level archer from Delhi. Divya played well and took home Rs. 25,00,000. The next contestant on hot seat winning the fastest finger first was Pandit Hariom Sharma from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He has been a pujari at the Durga Temple and Shri Ram Temple.

The questions asked in this episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati season 11 episode were from politics, entertainment, mythology etc.

Here we have written updates on KBC today episode 28, along with the KBC 11 questions and answers asked in this episode.

KBC 11 Episode 28 Questions

Question 1: How did Gulshan Grover constantly refer to himself while playing Kesariya Vilayati in “Ram Lakhan”?

A. Mad Max
B. Bad Man
C. Fat Man
D. Super Man

Question 2: Which of these two nations share a common border?

A. Nepal, Bhutan
B. Bangladesh, Myanmar
C. Bhutan, Bangladesh
D. India, Kazakhstan

Question 3: “Genan”, the world’s largest recycler of scrap tyres, originated from which country?

A. France
C. Denmark
D. Germany

Question 4: In January 2019, ISRO launched a student satellite named after which prominent scientist?

A. Vikram Sarabhai
B. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar
C. A P J Abdul Kalam
D. A S Kiran Kumar

Question 5: Which of these posts has Dr Raghuram Rajan never held in his professional career?

A. Economic Counsellor, IMF
B. Chief Economic Advisor, GoI
C. Governor, RBI
D. Managing Director, IMF

Question 6: Who quit professional tennis and played professional cricket, but took tennis again and achieved the no. 1 rank in the WTA singles rankings?

A. Ashleigh Barty
B. Julia Gorges
C. Simona Halep
D. Johanna Konta

Question 7: Which of these Mughal structures was known by the name “Rauza-i-Munawwara”?

A. Shalimar Bagh
B. Chini Ka Rauza
C. Humayun’s Tomb
D. Taj Mahal

Question 8: Chowk Purna, Alpana, Kolam and Aipana are all types of what?

A. Dance
B. Folk Theatre
C. Folk Music
D. Rangoli

Question 9: What is “iftar”, which is an integral part of the month of Ramzan, a type of?

A. Fast
B. Meal
C. Mosque
D. Prayer

Question 10: Which part of its body does a snake smell with?

A. Tail
B. Tongue
C. Jaw
D. Skin

KBC 11 Answers for Episode 28

The correct answers are discussed below. Check the KBC 11 answers for episode 28 after you have answered all the questions.

Answer 1: B – Bad Man
Answer 2:
B – Bangladesh, Myanmar
Answer 3:
C – Denmark
Answer 4:
C – A P J Abdul Kalam
Answer 5:
D – Managing Director, IMF
Answer 6:
A – Ashleigh Barty
Answer 7:
D – Taj Mahal
Answer 8:
D – Rangoli
Answer 9:
B – Meal
Answer 10: 
B – Tongue

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