Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season 11 Episode 15 Questions and Answers

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Big B played the episode 15 of Kaun Banga Crorepati 11 with roll-over contestant Balaji Saudagar Morey from Latur, Maharashtra, who decided to quit the game after exhausting all the lifelines. He went home with prize money of Rs. 12,50,000. Richa Anirudh was the expert in the KBC 11 Episode 15, who was there to help contestants with ‘Ask The Expert‘ helpline.

As KBC today’s Episode 15 of Season 11 was a Karamveer episode, Amitabh Bachchan invited Navin Gulia, an acclaimed author and social worker, and his wife Deepa Govekar, who are running foundation ADAA (Apni Duniya Apna Aashiyaan), to Kaun Banega Crorepati 11. Navin Gulia and his foundation work for helping the underprivileged children.

The KBC 11 Questions asked in episode 15 ranged from science, sports, current affairs, to politics. Here we have written updates for you along with the questions asked in the show. The KBC 11 Episode 15 answers are listed after the questions. You must play honestly and share your score with us.

KBC 11 Episode 15 Questions

Question 1: Which of these fighter aircraft is not a part of the Indian Air Force?

A. F-16
B. MiG-21
C. MiG-29
D. Sukhoi Su-30

Question 2: In the play Kalidasa, King Agnimitra falls in love with which beautiful maiden?

A. Menaka
B. Malavika
C. Meenakshi
D. Malati

Question 3: What was the name of the last king of Burma, who spent his last days in Maharashtra?

A. Mindon
B. Thibaw
C. Thalun
D. Narathu

Question 4: Mohammed bin Salman, who visited Indian in February 2019, is the crown prince of which country?

A, Jordan
B. Qatar
C. Saudi Arabia
D. Malaysia

Question 5: Which engineering company is named after two Danish entrepreneurs who came to Bombay in 1938 to see dairy equipment?

A. Barmer Lawrie
B. Larsen & Tubro
C. Procter & Gamble
D. Jessop & Company

Question 6: Which of these sports field of play is not rectangular?

A. Golf
B. Badminton
C. Basketball
D. Tennis

Question 7: Which of these fruits is grows on vines?

A. Lemon
B. Pomegranate
C. Pear
D. Watermelon

Question 8: Admiral Sushil Kumar, Navy chief from 1998-2001, has written the book “A Prime Minister to Remember”, a memoir of him serving during the tenure of which PM?

A. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
B. P V Narasimha Rao
C. Inder Kumar Gujaral
D. H D Deve Gowda

Question 9: What does ‘I’ stand for in the RTI Act of 2005?

A. India
B. Information
C. Institute
D. Indication

Question 10: Where in Haryana would you find an Indian Institute Of Management?

A. Panipat
B. Gurugram
C. Rohtak
D. Jhajjar

Question 11: Which former captain of the Indian cricket team shared his first name with the son of Gautam Buddha?

A. Ganguly
B. Tendulkar
C. Kumble
D. Dravid

Question 12: 21 May is observed as Anti-Terrorism Day in India because of the assassination of which of these leaders of this day?

A. Beant Singh
B. Indira Gandhi
C. Vidya Charan Shukla
D. Rajiv Gandhi

Question 13: Which place became the first in India to host a Paragliding World Cup in 2015?

A. Bir Billing
B. Manali
C. Nainital
D. Kamshet

Question 14: Who invented the electric telegraph in 1830’s?

A. Alexander Bell
B. Karl Jansky
C. Thomas Edison
D. Samuel Morse

Question 15: Which freedom fighter gave his name as Ram Mohammad Singh Azad while in British custody?

A. Bhagat Singh
B. Udham Singh
C. Chandrashekhar Azad
D. Sukhdev

Check the KBC11 answers here and let us know what you score.

KBC 11 Episode 15 Answers

Answer 1: A – F-16
F-16 fighter plane is used by Pakistan. Also in the recent news IAF said that F-16 jet of Pakistan Air Force was shot down by them during the February 27, 2019 aerial combat.

Answer 2: B – Malavika

Answer 3: B – Thibaw
Thibaw Min, also known as Thebaw or Theebaw, was the last king of
Burma’s Konbaung Dynasty and also the last Burmese sovereign in the history of country. 

Answer 4: C – Saudi Arabia

Answer 5: B – Larsen & Tubro
Larsen & Toubro Limited, commonly known as L&T Limited is an Indian multinational conglomerate company founded by two Danish engineers taking refuge in India.

Answer 6: A – Golf

Answer 7: D – Watermelon

Answer 8: A – Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Answer 9: B – Information
Right to Information (RTI) is act of the Parliament of India approved in 2005, to provide for setting out the practical regime of the right to information for citizens. This RTI Act of 2015 replaced Freedom of information Act, 2002.

Answer 10: C – Rohtak
IIM Rohtak was established in the year 2010 as one of the 6 new IIMs announced under the 11th Five Year Plan.

Answer 11: D – Dravid
Rāhula was the only son of Siddhārtha Gautama, and his wife Yaśodharā. 

Answer 12: D – Rajiv Gandhi
Anti Terrorism Day is observed on 21 May every year to raise awareness about the violence caused by the terrorists and also in the memory of former Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi.

Answer 13: A – Bir Billing
India opened 2018 Paragliding World Cup hosted at Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh.  

Answer 14: D – Samuel Morse
Samuel Finley Breese Morse, an American painter and inventor, who was a portrait painter and in his middle age he invented a single-wire telegraph system based on European telegraphs.

Answer 15: B – Udham Singh
Udham Singh used the name Ram Mohammed Singh Azad, associated with three of the religions of India: Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism. Udham Singh, one of the most extremist revolutionaries of the Indian freedom struggle, who is also known as Shaheed-i-Azam Sardar Udham Singh.

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