How to Know the Most Lucrative Fields to Work?

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Who doesn’t want to get a job in the best and most lucrative fields in India? But not many of us know about the highest paying jobs in the country. Most of the students find a secure future in public sector jobs. Rest feel that private-sector jobs pay better. The earlier students will decide on a dream job for them, the easier it will grab it. 

We put all our efforts into scoring good marks in board exams. The ultimate goal of the students is to earn from education. It can be done either by grabbing a job or start a business. The students, interested in picking a job, must want to know about the highest paying jobs and most lucrative fields to work. Here we have compiled detailed information about the highest paying jobs. So, scroll down the page and know about the most lucrative fields in India to work; 

How to Know the Most Lucrative Fields to Work? 

 Students need to make some crucial decisions about their career at a tender age. Knowledge is the only saviour for them. If you want to find one of the best jobs in terms of stability, growth and salary, its preparation starts after your 10th or 12th (for some jobs).

 When we discuss the most lucrative fields in India, the same old jobs come to our mind, like banking, government administration, but things have changed now, and so the most lucrative fields in India. Technology and different business in India have created lots of jobs for qualified jobseekers. Most of the jobs start with a low salary and later on the salary get increased. Let find out how to identify high paying jobs to step in; 

How to Identify the Most Lucrative Fields

After spending 12-15 years or more in the study, the students want a promising job. Its obvious for them to get confused in so many jobs, and during the initial years of their career, the students could not make the right decision about the job. A lucrative field may offer less salary in starting, but it can have many other opportunities for you later on. Here are a few features that you need to keep in mind while planning your career.

Earning Potential

The first thing a job seeker looks at when he applies for a job is salary. The offered salary is one of the features that can motivate or demotivate a job seeker to apply for a job. When you pick a job, then first check the offered salary. The salary must fulfil all your basic needs, and it must allow you to pay all your bills and let you same some emergency fund. If your basic needs do not get fulfilled, then no matter what the job is, you will not continue it. So, when you pick a job, it must be sufficient for you. If the offered salary is acceptable to you, then think of the future earning potential. Check the salary growth in the job. If it can fulfill your long-term financial requirements like helping you buy a car, home or afford small luxuries, then go ahead and sign your offer letter.  

Job Growth

You cannot work on the same profile for a long time. As your work, you earn some experience, and it enables you to handle more responsibilities. The job you find suitable for you at the starting of your career will not be perfect after a few years. So, keep the job growth factor in mind and plan your career accordingly. If you have joined a company on the executive level, plan to be Sr. Executive in the next one and half years or according to its policy. If you are stuck with the same profile, you will not be able to perform well. So pick a job where you see some growth.

Job Type

In school and colleges, we usually listen to follow your heart, but the scenario is different when the students land on real ground. Passion doesn’t seem like a perfect career option, so they will have to pick a regular career option. Whatever career option you pick must have attracted you. You can grow in your career only if you love to do your job. So pick a field that suits your personality.


You must have heard a popular saying, ‘Change is only Constant.’ When we talk about careers, it applies word to word. A job, relevant a decade back, may not exists now. Or a job that exists today may vanish in coming years. So a field that offers you more reasons to upgrade can be the best one. The more you will upgrade, the high salary you may get.

Now you know the factors that will help you to identify the most lucrative fields in India. Further, have a look at the highest paying jobs in India.

Highest Paying Jobs in India

Medical Professionals 

The demand for medical professionals is never-ending. The specialized doctors, nursing staff, and other healthcare professionals earn well and get growth too. Its one of the most lucrative fields to work in India and other countries. 

Software Engineer 

India has become a hub for software development. Indian software engineers are in demand not only in India but around the globe. At the present time, our dependency on different software has also increased, so the demand for professional, talented software engineers has increased. The IT companies hire them on a high package. If you love coding, then it can be a perfect career option for you. 

Product Manager

Another in-demand and one of the highest paying jobs is of product manager. According to LinkedIn, the average salary of a product manager is 14.4 LPA in India. A Product Manager has to understand the requirements of customers and work with engineers to get it developed. 

Management Consultants 

In recent years, big companies are more interested in hiring consultants to handle their financial or managerial issues rather than hiring permanent staff. Because of this trend, the demand for management consultants has increased rapidly. The salary range of a management consultant starts from 6-7 LPA, and it can be up to 23 LPA. It can be a good career option after MBA, preferably in finance or accounting. 

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