How does The United States Congress work?

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Congress of the United States is also known as the legislature of the United States of America, was established under the Constitution of 1789. It was separated structurally from the judicial and executive branches of government, as stated in a page on Britannica. The US Congress consists of two houses: the House of Representatives, in on the basis of population members are elected and the Senate, in which despite its size, each state is represented by 2 senators.

This page will discuss all the necessary information on the operations and functions of the US Congress.

The function of a member of the Congress

The member of the Congress represents the people of their district in the US Congress by holding hearings, deliberating and voting on legislation. All the bills that should be signed into law by the President must pass through the Congress for it to be valid.

How Many members of Congress are constitutionally accepted?

There are a total of 535 members of Congress. 100 are in the US Senate while 435 are in the House of Representatives.

The tenure of members of the Congress

Members of the House of Representatives are up for election every two years that is their tenure is every two years and are considered for reelection every even year. Senators serve six-year term and election to the Senate are staggered every even year, so one-third of the Senate could be up for reelection during any election.

Members of Congress from each State

Each state sends two senators to represent them in the U.S Senate while the members of the House of Representatives from each state is based on the population of the state.

How Many people do the House of Representative members and Senators Represent?

Each member of the House of Representatives represent a portion of their state known as Congressional District, they are 700,000 people on the average while the Senators Represent the entire state.

What is the difference between the House of Representatives and Senate Chambers?

In the House of Representatives, the majority party has the utmost power to draft chamber rules and schedule bills to reach the floor for debate and voting.

 In the Senate chambers, the majority have the power to schedule when bills will come to the floor for voting, but a single Senator can slow any deliberation or legislation from coming to the floor for a vote.

The Committee System and the Congress

Since Congress deals with a broad variety of different issues and policies, it is very necessary for the specific issues to be treated before or after the plenary section of the Senate or House of Representatives. The issues will be better treated in the Committee level than the floor of the Senate or House. The Senate and the House of Representatives can’t really do without the Committee System. The House Representatives has 23 committees while the Senate has 20 committees.


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