5 Tricks to Create a Powerful and Killer PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation tricks

You cannot escape from PowerPoint presentation in your college and career. Whenever you come up with a new and innovative idea your boss will ask you to turn it into a few slides and it is the moment when you can steal the limelight.

The content looks more effective on-screen than the papers so Microsoft PowerPoint is the best tool that you can use to showcase your ideas.

When it comes to presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint is the best tool but you need to use it wisely to create an effective impact on your viewers. Microsoft PowerPoint has become so common that even an innovative idea on the same old slides doesn’t look impressive.

PowerPoint Presentation has become a de facto document-creation tool and the viewers want to get all the information from the slides only and that too without experiencing any déjà vu of looking at the same old slides.

In this article, we will introduce you to 5 tricks to create a powerful and killer PowerPoint Presentation. Read on to know how to make your presentation communicative, informative and interesting.

Make it Simple

Many times students and executives use all the tools available in Microsoft PowerPoint to make their presentation more interesting but this trick does not work always especially when you need to deliver a presentation in office.

When you create a presentation keep in mind that your content is the hero and it should be easily readable or audible. Microsoft PowerPoint gives you the option of animation that you can use to present your slide on the screen. You should not pick different animation every time your slide appears on the screen  

Know your Topic Well

The thumb rule to create an impressive presentation is to know the topic well. Until you will be familiar with the topic, you cannot create an engaging presentation. You can do justice with any presentation when you have deep knowledge about the topic. So before creating the presentation get familiar with the topic.

Know Your Audience

It is also important to know for whom you are preparing the presentation for example if you are to present a presentation for students then keep the language easy, slides with dark background colour and different kind animations.

To make the presentation interesting you can use different GIF or clip art as well. But if you are to make a presentation in office then the background of the slide should not be of bright colour and the presentation can have the graphs and pictures to be more effective.

Be innovative   

Microsoft PowerPoint gives you all the liberty to create your own presentation so instead of copying other’s ideas create your own slides. You can take help from the internet to have a different slide.  To make a unique presentation you can either choose more pictures and less text or vice versa. 

As it is said that a picture speaks a thousand words so more pictures will actually help you to create an effective impact on your audience. If you are creating a presentation for the Induction of new employees or related to some technical stuff then photographs in the presentation can create wonders for you.  

Have a control on the number of Slides

PowerPoint Presentation usually becomes boring due to ‘n’ number of slides and no clear message. This is one of the reasons that amazon no longer use this application now. It is important to have an eye on the number of slides.

As you are the one who has to prepare the presentation so try to minimize the number of slides and narrate the message and information to the audience verbally while presenting the slide show. The more you will speak, people sitting in the room will get a more clear message.

Bottom Line

Microsoft PowerPoint is the best marketing tool available in the market and if you know how to use it effectively then you can impress everyone in your college or office.

It’s not only the slides that will make your presentation impressive but your way of talking and presenting the facts and figure also play an important role in it. So stay confident while delivering a presentation and give a killer presentation.

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