How to Make Tables in MS Word?

Tables in MS word

Microsoft Word is the most common and popular tool today as it can help everyone to create documents and forms. It is useful for people of all ages and also has the option to print the written file or paper. It has various option which can help in the formatting of text that make it attractive.

MS Word also has the option to make tables to organize data but many people find it very difficult. There are different methods to create a table in MS Word and for each method just click on the “Insert” tab where you will find the “Tables”. On clicking Tables shows you different options to create different types of table.

Below are some of the way to create table in MS word.

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1)    Tables by Grid in MS Word

The easiest way to create a table is by selecting the grid as show in the image below. As you can see in the below-given screenshot you are free to select the number of rows and columns you wish to have in the table just by selecting the grid.

On selecting rows and columns you will see the table in your document and you will be able to write the required text in it.

2) Insert Table in Ms Word

When using Insert table option you need to specify number of columns and rows for your table. It also gives you the option to change the size of column or even set it to Auto depending on the text to be inserted.

This will create a table depending on your input and also free to change the auto fit behaviour.

3) Draw Table in MS Word

As you select the option draw table form Tables menu, your cursor will get changed into pencil which will help to draw column and row. Once you draw the first word table cells for rest there are options given like Insert below, Insert above, insert left, insert right. Thus selecting it will help you to create a complete table and also give the option to resize columns and row as you need.

4)    Convert text to table in MS Word

Suppose you have text along with some numbers which are very difficult to read in text format. So, you wish to arrange them in the form of a table to get a clear understanding. So, instead of writing text again there is an option to convert text to table format. Follow the below-mentioned process to convert text to table:

  • Insert separators like comma or table between the text which will show the division of columns.
  • Next in Home tab -> use paragraph mark which will show the beginning of a new row.
  • After this click on Convert text to table which will come up with the following window.
  • It will have all option that can help to alter your table as required.

5) Quick Tables in MS Word

The name itself specifies that you can table quickly without wasting your time. If you are willing to add a calendar, tabular list in your document use this option.

Just selecting any of the given options you can directly create your table. Even if you have own predefined table just create and save in this option to use it later.

Once you are able to create table next is formatting, so that it looks attractive and also make tables easily manageable. You are free to add borders, split cells, merge cells and many more as you need. Formatting of the table is mainly dependent on the type of data you are willing to insert in the table.

6) Excel Spreadsheet in MS Word

You can enter an excel spreadsheet in your document by clicking on “Excel Spreadsheet” under “Tables”.

The Bottom Line

So, now creating a table in MS Word will not be very easy and thus help to get your text to be presented in a perfect manner. But have you even imagine what will be the scenario if there is no such option of creating a table in MS Word? How you like to present your data in tabular form to give a clear picture?

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