Donald J. Trump in Power


This year is the American election year and every one hoped that Barack Obama would compete for another term but alas he decided to opt out thereby ending his consecutive terms in the White house.

So this year two of the main competing candidates were Hilary Clinton, the wife of former president Bill Clinton and Donald .J. Trump (Republican), successful businessman as well as a famous television personality.

On 8th November, 2016 Trump won the general election by garnering 306 electoral votes whereas Clinton received only 232.

Donald Trump History

  • Donald was born in Jamaica, Queens (NY) on 14th June, 1946 to Fred and Mary Trump. Donald left The Kew-Forest School at the ripe age of 13 to join the New York Military Academy (NYMA) to finish his schooling including high school.
  • At the beginning of August, 1964 Donald attended the Fordham University in the Bronx for two years then transferred to the Wharton School from where he graduated with a B.S. in economics in May, 1968.
  • While continuing his education Trump worked in his father’s real estate company and in 1971 he garnered the control of the company which he renamed The Trump Organization.
  • In 1978 he remodelled Grand Hyatt Hotel making it his first major job and in the same year he finished negotiations for development of the Trump Towers, this negotiation’s success was told be due to Donald’s ‘skills as a negotiator’.
  • Donald Trump then went on to expand his business empire quite successfully with his company starting and managing many institution like University, Productions, Foods, Drinks, Golf club etc.
  • Donald Trump also appeared in cameo appearances in 14 television series and 12 films. He also became the host as well as the executive producer of the reality show The Apprentice on the NBC.

Entering Politics

  • Donald Trump was always affiliated with many politicians and political organisations but he shocked the world on 16th June, 2015 when he announced that he was going to participate in the elections with the slogan “Make America Great Again.”
  • He feels that he will be a great advocate for the common man as he is unsophisticated with distinctive mass appeal. During his debate rounds with his biggest rival Hilary Clinton, he made a point about Hilary’s email scandal and said that USA must be on the offence against Terrorism rather than defence.
  • Donald promises to increase the employment rate as well as the economy thereby making America great again; he aims to fulfil this promise by becoming the voice of laid-off people.

Though he was a strong candidate many felt that he was too opinionated and didn’t have the flexibility needed for a good diplomatic relationship. In a few of the speeches done by him during the campaign, he has shown aversion to the LGBTQ community, Muslims etc. causing wariness against him. But there were quite a few people in his support however it was expected and hoped that Hilary was going to win but Trump beat the odds and won the election in a landslide on 8th November 2016.

Donald is to take on the office on 20th January, 2017 making him the oldest person in the U.S. to assume the presidency at the age of 70 years. He seems to be quite prepared for his future role as the president, so we just hope that he will develop US as well as aid in development of other countries.

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