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Paper Industry is one of the leading sectors in India. Development of this sector is vital for the development of the country. If you are interested to develop your career in Paper Industry, there are certain processes that needs to be followed. In fact, paper industry has now become an essential component of a global economy that uses energy while paper industry can absorb recyclable waste and deliver high quality material using renewable energy as power source. In this article, you can see some of the opportunities available in Paper Industry in India.

What is the Paper Industry?

India has always been counted among the top five paper mills of the world. The country is one of the major producers of white paper, recycled paper and board. Paper India is the leading trade and professional association for paper manufacturers in India, negotiating with more than twenty trading associations in various countries such as Canada, Europe and China.

India has thriving paper industry

India is a country of exceptional natural beauty and unmatched intellectual potential. The paper industry in India is the most prosperous industries that shows no signs of stale. Its steady growth over the last few decades has been primarily aided by continued government policies made to boost entrepreneurship and manufacturing sector. This paper industry offers a wide range of career opportunities galore, as they’re constantly evolving at an accelerating rate. The opportunities available within are diversified along with the new technology every day giving you a different perspective on the customer base and source of your work.

More about paper industry

  • Different companies have different levels of recruitment, so it is important to know about them before you start exploring for a job.
  • Makers of paper products in India are taking huge strides with investments and prosperities. As a result, you have more opportunity to establish your business as well.
  • Paper Industry offers vast opportunities for blue-collar and white-collar professionals.
  • There are multiple job opportunities available in the industry which has thus been widely popular among cities like Pune.
  • The India Paper Forum is also active in helping to develop the paper industry. It is assumed that Paper industry in India has the potential to be profitable as well as rewarding.
  • The government as well as private players have adopted new technology in order to make paper operations more successful. On one hand, technology helps improving productivity and on the other, it enables producing good quality paper at competitive rates.
  • Paper industry provides employment opportunities across the country.

Possible career options in Paper Industry in India

  • The India industry produces a very vast paper collection that is being exported to all parts of the world. The industries are related to fashion, publishing, packaging, and other activities.
  • Paper Industry in India offers career option to those who have completed their education, are currently pursuing a post graduate degree or are already working in other fields of the domain.
  • Some roles given by this industry include salespersons, marketers, business analysts, roving journalists and packaging specialists.
  • To those who are seeking a career in paper industry, Asia India and Paper Institute (AIPI) are collaborating to develop the next generation of paper mills in Asia. A website for people with a passion for paper and desires to learn about making a career in the industry has also been developed. The initiative aims at empowering the mill workforce with employability skills that enable their employment in pan-Asia market.

Benefits of careers in Paper Industry in India

  • One major advantage of this industry is that the opportunities are truly diverse. For example, you can work in some of the most exciting and challenging areas: research and development, sales, production or marketing.
  • You may find it easier to break into the industry if you already have any specialized coursework in Engineering, Bio-Science or Bioscience.
  • The great thing about being a paper mill engineer is that no two days are exactly alike – every day brings something new.
  • It’s a constant challenge for every employee in Paper industry, it truly is a world of unlimited opportunities.
  • People from different fields are joining this industry and occupying their dream job.

Paper Industry has a huge scope for growth in India, offers good salary packages as well as career progression. Hence many people across the country particularly across Hyderabad, Punjab and Mumbai are working on it full time hours to carve out a promising future in paper industry.


The paper industry is an important sector of the country. India has achieved growth in every age level and it’s planning to take a more organised route for development with increased support from the government. There are plenty of career opportunities available in this field. One article on a newspaper site endeavoured to list down best career options available which include designing, printing, security, freight and shipping. If this is what you love, paper industry is waiting for you!

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