Career Options With a Degree of History

Career in History

Many of us consider History as a boring and not a career oriented subject but still many IAS aspirants choose History as their main subject. History may sound boring to a few of us but it is an interesting and important subject.

In this article, you will get the information about career options with a degree of History.

Career option with a degree of History

The study of history involves the study of the social, political and cultural system of the past. Degree in history gives you many great career options. The advanced study of history involves the specialization in many branches of history. Career options may change after the specialization in one particular branch of history.

Here we have listed a few career options that will suit you if you have a degree of history.

Heritage Manager

Many heritage places have been converted into hotels in India. To take care of that places a heritage manager is required. Heritage manager is also required for ancient temples and buildings.  The responsibility of a heritage manager includes the preservation of old and ancient buildings within budget and with proper planning.


An archaeologist is the one who does the research on lost civilizations and things related to that. Further in Archaeology, there are different branches; for example, you can be a field, sculpture or coin specialist.  Every specialist has a different name like a coin specialist is called numismatist.  To be an archaeologist you need to have a deep interest in history and archaeology and Master Degree in this subject.

Museum or Gallery Curator

The responsibility of a museum curator involves the collection of artifacts or works of art, keeping their records, planning an exhibition etc. A museum or gallery curator works like a manager. It is expected that a curator knows everything about each artifact presented in the gallery. To hire a museum or gallery curator someone with a degree of History is preferred because that person always has some extra information to tell the visitors. To choose this option as your career, you need to enhance your administrative skills with historical knowledge.


Teaching is the most suitable career option for people with a degree of History. If you have done Ph.D. in history then you can work as a Professor in any Indian university but if you have done masters in this subject then also the option of this noble career is open for you. In fact, we do need qualified history teachers so that our new generation will get the information about our glorifying past.

History Expert

The demand of history experts is increasing nowadays. Many filmmakers are making films based on history; many book writers want to pick a historian event to write on. For all the research work they need someone who has good knowledge and information of history.


Don’t get confused with historian and history expert. They both are a different profession. A history expert has a great knowledge of history whereas a historian studies and researches on history-related topics and publish their researches. To be a historian you need to have a bachelor degree in history followed by a master degree in a branch of history like political history etc.


An archivist is responsible to preserve and maintain the ancient manuscripts. The job opportunities for an archivist are present in National Archives of India, libraries, and archives offices of different states.

Civil Services

As we mentioned earlier in this article that many Civil services aspirants chose history as their main subject. if you are planning to appear in the Civil Services exam then history will be a beneficial subject for you, especially in the Main’s exam.

Hope this article can change your thinking about the boringness of history. You can choose any subject of your choice, there are always some career options related to it.

If you want to know in details about any of the career option mentioned here, please write to us in the comment box below.


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