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If you have completed your education or are pursuing a UG or PG course in marine science, you must want to know about marine science career. A marine science degree opens doors for different career options. You can work to preserve oceans and their environment, or you also have an option to educate students about this subject.

A degree in marine science offers you an opportunity to work for marine organisms. Marine science is an unconventional career option that allows you to save the ocean and its flora and fauna. In marine science, you learn about the marines’ plants, microbes, planktons and animals. To have a career in marine science, you will have UG or PG degree in the subject. After completion of your formal education, you will get various career options. In this article, we will discuss them in detail.

Career in Marine Science

Marine biology is a branch of biology in which students get to know about marine creatures, plants and the environment. If you are interested in knowing the secret of the ocean and marine life, you can have an interesting career in marine science. Let us start to know more about marine science before exploring marine science jobs;

Marine Science: An Overview

Marine science falls under the category of natural science. So the scope of learning and exploring new and unknown secrets of marine is endless in marine science. In a degree program in marine science, students learn about marine ecosystems, oceanography, flora and fauna and effects of human activities and climate change in marine life and its ecosystem. Students learn about marine science and its different branches through lecturers, lab experiments and on-field experiments and work. Marine students have an array of options to choose their subjects in degree courses. Pathology, ecology, ocean farming, biochemistry, reproduction and development in the marine ecosystem, conservation and a few others are the options of the subject that students can choose based on their interests.

You can make a career in marine science after the completion of your UG degree. Many private companies hire graduates in marine science. Students have the option to go for the master’s degree and doctoral to understand marine science and its subjects more deeply.

Eligibility Criteria to get Admission in Marine Science 

Undergraduate Level

  • To get admission to the UG course in Marine Biology, students must have qualified 10+2 with biology as the main subject.
  • The student must have scored 55% or more marks in 10+2
  • Various universities in India offer admission to UG Marine Science. A few colleges release cut-off marks, and a few others conduct the entrance exam to offer admission to the students in this course.

Postgraduate Level

  • Students must have completed UG courses in life science subjects such as microbiology, biology, marine biology, aquaculture, and biotechnology.
  • Students must have scored 55% or more marks in a bachelor’s degree of any life science branch.
  • Various universities offer admission to a PG course in life science based on their performance in the entrance exam conducted by the universities.

Career in Marine Science

Jobs in marine science are available in India and overseas. It depends on you and your qualification and where you want to work. Indian companies also offer an attractive package to professionals in the marine sector. Though marine science jobs are available in almost every country in the world;

1.  Ocean Engineering

Ocean engineering is one of the most popular Marine science jobs. It is a subject of marine engineering which has lots of scope and opportunities. Ocean engineers are involved in designing and testing the equipment required in different underwater operations and work. The engineers also play an important role in the search for oil in the marine field. A bachelor degree in ocean engineering makes you eligible to apply for an ocean engineer job. The role of an engineer in this field requires good skills in research and development. After completing the UG course in ocean engineering, you can apply for the post of ocean engineer, naval architect and marine engineer.

2.  Marine Animal Trainer

If you love marine animals, then you can pick a career in marine animal training. This kind of job is very popular in foreign countries with a museum for marine life or care centres for marine mammals. The main responsibility of the trainers is to take care of the marine mammals and look after them. To be a marine animal trainer, you will have to complete a UG degree in marine life science. To learn about CPR and other required training to be a marine animal trainer, you will have to complete a certification course offered by various international universities. This role demands scuba training certification and excellent swimming skills. The candidates should be mentally and physically strong.

3.  Marine Researcher

Marine research is an interesting marine science career option that let you explore the marine world. In all the marine science jobs, this one needs is more in demand. The career option gives you a chance to reveal the secret of marine life and make discoveries. Professional marine researchers research marine animals and plants to find their living span and other information related to them. The researchers are required in different industries on the high package. A PG degree in marine science or related subjects is a suitable qualification to be a marine researcher.

4.  Aquaculture Technician

Aquaculture technicians are responsible for growing marine plants, raising marine animals for food research, and selling them as a pet. The technicians are to provide the marine like atmosphere to the living organism from the marine. They clean the fish tanks and make them friendly for fish, and they change the water regularly and feed the animals. As the technicians are trained and know every small detail of marine life, it’s easy for them to take care of living ocean creatures.

5.  Fishery Data Manager

The fishery data manager keeps a close eye on the growth of fish and their behaviour. The manager is responsible for all the maintenance of the fish cultivation area. Fish is used as food and to make different medicines, so fish demand is always constant. The Fishery data manager records everything about the fish in a cultivation centre. The manager is also in managerial activities like scheduling the duties of other workers, assigning work to them and a few more. This post is available in almost all the countries with the coastline.

6.  Marine Biologist

Marine biologists study the fish and other living creatures underwater. They also study the ocean and observe it closely. Marine biologist checks the impact of climate change on the ocean and its creature. Fish biologist, zoologist, wildlife biologist are some other professions that have the same nature. Marine biologists monitor the behavior of the living creatures underwater and investigate if there are some changes. The job of a marine biologist is very stable and high paying.

The Bottom Line

A career in marine science offers you to work closely with the ocean. Marine science jobs are mostly outdoors, so you need to be ready to be outdoor for hours. Swimming is an essential skill for marine science jobs. Marine science is a comparatively new branch of science that has lots of potentials. If you have a curious nature, then you will enjoy working in marine science.

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