Career In Manufacturing Industry

Career in Manufacturing

Well, the term “manufacturing” needs no introduction. Whenever we hear someone seeking a career in manufacturing industry, we develop a common image of people frolicking around and spending their time in making, packaging and moving boxes while the machines doing all the work themselves and maintaining efficiency in production in factories. However, in reality, the notions that we have developed watching TV advertisements and sci-fi movies are way off the mark.

Manufacturers are the ones who conduct market research, analyze and understand the market on the basis of the collected data, develop prototypes and produce goods in bulk and that too within a short span of time. While we constantly boast about the benefits of large scale production, we often forget the efforts of these hardworking people who slog tirelessly their working hours collecting and analyzing data and assisting machines to produce goods in bulk so as to cater to the demand of the people in the market, without whom our lives wouldn’t have been the same. Without the diligent and persistent work of these manufacturers, basic essentials such as medical supplies might not be available in the market round the clock and thus we might not have access to them in times of need. Thus, it is rightly said that manufacturing industry forms an essential part of industrial production and plays a crucial role in this era of industrial revolution. This is the reason why, manufacturing industry is in a flourishing state and the numerous manufacturing careers that it offers, attracts and lures the students. While the industry might seem lucrative enough, there might be various queries about the discipline which is why we are here.

Key highlights :-

  • Manufacturing : As A Career
  • Career Paths in Manufacturing : Types Of Jobs For Students
  • How To Get Started ? : Career Counselling The Building Blocks
  • The Bottom Line

Manufacturing : As A Career

With India constantly striving to emerge as a manufacturing capital and claim it’s mark on the map of the world, the field of manufacturing offers numerous career opportunities to graduates and thus manufacturing industry in general and graduates working in the manufacturing industry in particular has a huge scope. Despite being full of challenges, business and employment opportunities in the manufacturing sector has witnessed a constant rise and has continued to remain positive up until now. On top of this, India’s potential as a manufacturing giant has flourished over the years and this has started attracting attention worldwide. Owing to the rise of this competitive industry, numerous job opportunities have opened up for students. Driven by all these forces, youths today seek a career in manufacturing industry and consider manufacturing as one of the most sought after career options.

Career Paths In Manufacturing : Types Of Jobs For Students

Today, the rise of the manufacturing industry has opened up new skies and have lead to the rise in demand for both skilled and unskilled people who can add value to the production process and can play their role in transforming raw materials into finished goods. Owing to the numerous manufacturing careers that this sector offers, Manufacturing has a huge scope both in India and abroad and thus seeking a career in fast thriving manufacturing industry is the wisest choice that a fresh graduate can make.

Following are the types of jobs available to graduates in this field :-

  • Manufacturing Engineers

Manufacturing Engineers are highly skilled and qualified professionals who use their knowledge and devise ways to improve the production process.

  • Manufacturing Engineering Technologists

Manufacturing Engineering Technologists are also skilled and qualified individuals who check and ensure that the manufacturing process is effective as well as efficient.

  • Industrial Production Managers

Industrial Production Managers are competent individuals who work at the managerial positions who ensure that supply meets demand. While doing so, they monitor the delivery of raw materials, distribution of finished goods, production schedules etc.

  • Maintenance and Safety Specialists

Maintenance and Safety Specialists are highly skilled and trained professionals who ensure that the safety standards are maintained while working in the factory. These specialists are required in every single factory unit, as most of the technical production today is done with the help of machines, computers and robots and no one would want to be sucked by a machine and transform into a box of human doughnut.

  • Supervisors and Quality Control Experts

Supervisors and Quality Control Experts are also highly skilled, qualified and competent individuals who are responsible for checking the quality of the output and to ensure that the finished products are consistently good enough to make it outside of the factory doors.

  • Helpers, Laborers and Material Movers

Helpers, Laborers and Material Movers are the unskilled labor who form the base of the production process and help by performing small yet significant tasks such as shifting raw materials from the warehouse to the factory, loading finished goods into trucks etc.

  • Mechanics, Installers and Repairers

Mechanics, Installers and Repairers belong to the group of semi skilled workers who use their technical knowledge to install, operate and repair machines and equipment’s.

  • Sales Representatives

Sales Representatives perform operational jobs and interact with potential customers such as government agencies, businesses, group of individuals, other organizations etc. and sell goods of manufactures and wholesalers.

  • File Clerks

File Clerks also perform operational duties, but in contrast to sales representatives, they sit back and their work structure includes a traditional monotonous desk job in which they write and file a variety of records in alphabetical or numerical order. Despite being a traditional job, File Clerks play a crucial role in the production process by maintaining records of items that have been received and sent by the factory unit.

Apart from these, there exists numerous other career opportunities as well in the field of manufacturing. But, a large section of students remain unaware about such opportunities and thus miss out on such openings. This is the reason why proper career guidance is important for the students.

How To Get Started ? : Career Counselling The Building Blocks

  • By this point, we believe that you already have started seeing yourself probably 5-7 years down the line in the field of manufacturing, but are you still confused about how to start from level 0. Well, don’t worry much.
  • All you need to do is take one step at a time. For the time being, just focus on getting good grades in your class 12th board exams.
  • Additionally, you can also read newspapers and watch documentaries on manufacturing sector.
  • This would not only help you keep pace with something that you see your future in but will also help you identify and analyze the different trends that are popping up in manufacturing industry and will also help you develop an idea of the field/domain. On top of it, you can also take help from study materials and start preparing for various entrance exams as a good score would earn you a seat in a reputed college/university and would provide more opportunities, thereby taking you closer to your dream.
  • Next , communicate and interact with like minded people who are as much interested in this domain as you are. Talk to them and try to acquaint yourself from their perspective and you will find yourself more equipped with knowledge and skills that you will probably need in this journey. And if this doesn’t work out for you, attend a career counselling session.
  • Most of these sessions are conducted online and include one to one interaction and trust me you won’t regret your decision.
  • A career counselling session will not only add to your knowledge in this field but will also include activities to understand stuffs from your perspective and will provide you the right career guidance that will eventually prove helpful to you. Additionally you can also interact with your teachers, read magazines and watch videos through which you will learn more and more every day.
  • Finally, after having a degree and becoming a graduate you will find openings both via online and offline mode. While going through offline mode , specialized job agencies can be an excellent source both for finding a job in manufacturing industry and career advice as well. Also, maintaining regular contact with your college or university alumnae could help you get in touch with industry.

The Bottom Line

Wrapping it up, all I would like to quote a famous tagline which goes as “knowing is half the battle.” The manufacturing industry is still prospering and promises exciting new opportunities every now and then, thereby resulting in rise in employment of graduates. While the signs of employability are still positive, you will require all your knowledge, all your skill, all your persistence and willingness to add value to the production process.  Just go with the flow, keep learning different skills, keep enhancing them, keep asserting them and continue to strive and that’s the way how you will achieve your goal and will earn your name and place in this industry.

This is all from our side . We hope that this blog was insightful and would have helped to take a small yet important step towards pursuing your career in manufacturing sector. In case you have a doubt, please let us know in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help. We wish you a great career ahead !

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