Career in Foreign Language: 7 Excellent Ways to Make Your Career

career in foreign language

Globalization has brought many unconventional career options in India, and career in foreign language is one of them. The career in a foreign language has plenty of opportunities for the aspirants. The wise people suggest that one should have expertise in a minimum of three language. When they said this, they may not be aware that language can be a source of earning too. The foreign investment and arrival of MNCs in the country have made a foreign language career a lucrative career option. 

In career guidance, if you find your interest in learning other languages, then you must take it seriously. You will find endless opportunities in a foreign language career. Some of the jibs are high paying in this sector and offer various other benefits as well. In this article, we will discuss this career option. 

Career in Foreign Language

Language is the primary and most used medium of communication. It has a substantial impact on the social, cultural, and political spheres of human endeavor. In the present time, when people from different backgrounds are coming closer, we need to know more languages.

Different national and multinational players have arrived in India, so the importance of people with knowledge of different languages has increased. The technology has brought the human from different cultural background close to each other. So the language barriers need to be broken. This target can be accomplished by learning other languages.

To get advantages in career, one should know at least another language. Gone are the days when proficiency in the native language and English language can offer you a job. Now you will have to be a step advanced than others.

To give a tough competition to your counterpart in your career, you must have communicated smoothly. Learning a new language gives you various career opportunities and helps you make more international business connections.  

Step Wise Guide for a career in Foreign Language

It isn’t easy to have an established career and a well-paid job in the present time. In the present cutthroat competition, you will have to think of some unconventional career options where salary is high, and opportunities are right in numbers. Foreign language offers you this kind of career.

To be an expert in a foreign language, you will have to make an early start. Students can learn a foreign language in their school. Many education boards have a foreign language as a subject in 10+2. It is better to opt for this option after the 10th if you want to have a career in this field.

After the 12th you can go for a diploma or certificate course in a foreign language. The duration of the certificate courses in foreign languages can be 3 to 6 months. A certificate course is the best option if you want to start your career in less time.

After 12th, the aspirants can also get admission in the UG courses of a foreign language. If you have learnt a language in 12th, then you will be able to get admission in the UG course of your chosen language. Further, the aspirants can go for PG and PhD in a foreign language.  

Language is a skill that gets better with practice. So the earlier you will start, the proficient you will be in this. If you are keen to learn a foreign language, then you go for home tuitions. Many tutors and coaching centers offer these services to students interested in learning a foreign language.   

Scope and Opportunities

It would help if you thought about the opportunities present in a foreign language career before making it your profession. A few decades back, learning foreign languages was considered a skill. But as the multinational companies arrived in India and established their offices here, the demand for people that know different languages increased. 

All the students and job aspirants know the importance of knowing English. It has become mandatory for job seekers to know how to communicate in English. English is the best language to communicate with international clients. 

In recent years India has become a hub for call centers. All the big and small cities have national, international, and regional call centers. The demand for professionals with knowledge in different languages is high in these call centers. The language experts are required to communicate with people from other countries. Here are the career opportunities you can pick after learning a foreign language;

  • Translator Or Interpreter 

To be a translator or interpreter is an obvious career choice after learning a foreign language. The demand for translators are high in MNCs. The foreign firms and projects run by foreign companies need people to understand the locals and their language. The professionals that understand both languages work as interpreters. The demand for interpreters is high in the private and public sectors. Tourist centers, media houses, and embassies have the requirements for translators and interpreters. The possibilities in this career are infinite, and translators get handsome salaries too. 

  • Teacher 

After learning a foreign language and get expertise in it, you can be a teacher and teach the language you know to others. As foreign languages’ popularity is rising, so more students are looking for a good foreign language teacher. 

  • Content Developers

Another career option in a foreign language is to be a content developer. The world of the internet is run on content, and it has to be in different languages. After learning a foreign language, you can be a content developer, editor, or proofreader. If you have a creative mind or expertise on a particular subject, you can also write content for a publisher. 

  • Work in Immigration or Custom Service 

 The customs and immigration office is a second home for foreign language experts. If you know a foreign language, you must apply for the vacancies in the customs and immigration office.

  • Jobs in BPO & KPO 

Outsourcing companies that have their offices in India hire foreign language experts to communicate with the clients effectively. The job seekers prioritize BPO, KPO, and IT companies if they have foreign language skills. The skill also helps the professionals when they get an overseas opportunity.

  • Hospitality and Travel Industry 

People that know foreign languages are in demand in the travel and tourism industry. People love to travel from their place to other countries to spend their holidays. India is one of the favorite holiday destinations of the UK, US, and other countries. The tourist that don’t understand English feel comfortable talking with someone who understands their language. In the hotel and tourism industry, the people with knowledge of other foreign language get preference.

Top Recruiters

Here are the top recruiters that take foreign language experts on board. 

  • Government Of India 
  • Kuliza
  • Accenture
  • TCS
  • Wipro
  • Evalueserve
  • Fiserv
  • Infosys
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Scabbard

Cost of Learning a Foreign Language 

If you are concerned about the fee of learning a foreign language, then it depends on various factors. Your choice of a foreign language, duration, and type, of course, are the main factors that decide the fee of your course. For certificate courses in foreign language cost 5K to 8K. The duration of these courses can be 3 to 6 months. For a degree course in any foreign language, you will have to pay 1 to 2 Lacs. For UG and PG courses, the fee can be 3 to 4 lacs for foreign language.  

The difficulty level of the language and the number of learners decide its fee. Arabic and Persian are the languages taught by most of the universities in India. Thus, their fee is low. The difficulty level of languages like Chinese, Korean and Japanese is high. Only a few centers teach these languages, and the number of learners is also less. So the students have to pay more to learn these languages.

Salary Package

The salary of a foreign language expert depends on the place where he works. In customs and immigration offices or other government services, the pay package is high according to the government of India’s standard. For interpreters, the salary is offered on per hours basis. Only experienced professionals chose this work, so the package for them is Rs. 2000 to 4000 per hour. MNCs hire foreign language experts on the 3.6 to 6 LPA package. Teachers’ salary for teaching the foreign language can be 2 to 5 LPA. The salary of a teacher depends on the language he teaches. Translators get per page compensation, and it can be Rs. 200 to 500.

Possibilities in a career in Foreign Language

Professionals with knowledge of languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean are in demand. In India, companies from these countries have made a considerable investment. Most of the people from these countries use their language to communicate. So their Indian franchise always wants language experts that can understand what people from other countries are saying.   

In India, the English language experts are available in millions, but people that understand German, Chinese, and French are less. If you want to enhance your language skills, you will have to look at the metro cities to learn them. The expansion of BPO and KPO has opened new doors of opportunities for people with foreign language skills. Indian foreign ministry and Indian spy agencies also need people that understand different foreign languages.

Tips to get a job

The competition level to get hired after learning a foreign language depends on its type. For difficult language experts, job opportunities are easy to find, but the competition is high among the job seekers for easy languages. Here we have compiled a few tips that will help you to get hired after the completion of your course in a foreign language; 

  • Read the literature in the foreign language you have learnt. It will give you a firm grip on the new language. 
  • Try to construct your sentences in newly learned language to enhance your skills in it. 
  • Communicate with native speakers to get proficiency in the language. A native speaker speaks far better than a learner.  

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