Career in Event Management

career in event management

If you are looking for some unconventional, high paying and creative career choices, you must think of event management. Career in event management offers many opportunities to rise as a professional. The career in this field provides reasonable remuneration and exciting professional life.

Many job seekers are worried about getting a job in standard career options available for them. In a hurry to get a settled career, they don’t look at some exacting careers to enhance their skills and give them a stable career.

The present time has incepted many career options, and event management is one of them. Earlier, too, we used to take help from different services providers, but we know we want to hire one team that can take the headache of event management. India is a country of festivals and celebration, so events are a part of our lives.

 Now more people want professionals that can handle their events. Event management is an established business in big cities, and in small towns, it is growing rapidly. If you want to make your career in a unique field and has human interaction, full of creativity, and offers good money, you must think of event management.

Career guidance becomes a must for the students after 12th and graduation. It is the time when they are most confused about what to do. So here we will discuss a career in event management.

Career In Event Management

Event management is emerging as a career option for youngsters. Earlier event management has limited career scope. Most of the companies used to work in big cities only, but now in small towns also have people who prefer to hire professionals to manage an event. An event manager’s job is to organise events like concert, weddings, seminar, conferences, theme parties, office parties, and many more. Event management offers a multifaceted job. We all have been a part of various events since our childhood, but not all of us can have careers in this field. To give you the right career guidance, let’s understand if event management is the right career choice for you;

Is it the right career choice for me?

Career in event management does not depend on your academic qualification or the marks you have scored in your school and college time. You can have a career in event management if you have the skills to arrange and manage an event.

When we look at an option and plan to have a career in it, we look at three things; Package, Stability and Job Satisfaction. Career in event management has all three of them. If you think out of the box, find a 9 to 5 job is a trap, and good in planning, managing, and budgeting, then event management can be an ideal career option for you.

Event managing is not an easy job, and you will have to put your blood and sweat into it. You must know how to make events more happening and successful. It would help if you had eyes to see the smallest details, and your people handling skills must be excellent. Here are the other skills that you must possess to have a career in event management.   

Required Key Skills for Career in Event Management 

Events are a part of our lives. We organise a party to celebrate the special days of our lives. We participate in the seminar, go to exhibitions, concerts to get some entertainment. Though we all love to celebrate small and big events but managing them is a big headache.

When you plan an event, so many things get involved in it like food, decoration, lighting, gifts and many others. Managing an event is a big responsibility that you can career on your shoulders only if you have the following skills;

  • Creative Mind: If you find it attractive to have a career in event management, you must have a creative mind. You must know how to plan things differently. So many events get organised around us, and many times the guests’ names get repeated. So if you have some repeated decoration or theme, then it will get noticed immediately. Only a creative mind can develop unique ideas. So one of the must-have qualities to have a career in event management is to have creative and out of box thinking.
  • Problem Solving Skills: You must have good skills to look for a solution when a problem pops up. In events, it happens when a problem appears from nowhere. At this time, your presence of mind and problem solving skill become a Saviour.
  • Good Interpersonal Skills: To have a career in this field, you must be good at people handling. At events, you will have to interact with many people and impress all of them with your work and ideas.
  • Good Communication Skills: Communication is the key to transform the ideas you have in your mind into reality. You have a firm grip over the local and English language, and you must know how to communicate effectively.
  • Techno Savvy: You cannot ignore the use of technology in event management. So if you are a part of the event management team, then you must have its knowledge. It will help you to execute the work better.

Required Eligibility to be an Event Manager

If you have all the skills mentioned above and you believe event management is the best career for you, then a few courses will help you in your profession. There are more than one course that appears for aspiring event management professionals. You can choose any one of them as a strong foundation for your career;

Degree Courses

As you already know that you can enrol in degree courses after the 12th. To have a career in event management, you can get admission to BBA. In this course, you will get the basics of business handling. Though it is not a must have degree course for event managers, it will help you in budgeting and vendor management. After BBA, you can also go for MBA. It will enhance your knowledge of the business.

Diploma and Certification Courses 

Most of the students go for diploma and certification courses in event management. The syllabus of these courses is more relevant to event management. The certificate course duration can be 3-12 months, and most of the diploma courses get completed in one year time. 

Cost to be an Event Manager

The cost of the course you choose to be an event manager depends on their tenure and value. The courses offered by the National Institute of Event Management (NIEM), Mumbai, can charge you more than one lakh. The diploma course in event management from this institute will cost you approximately 1.25 Lacs. The average fee of a diploma course in event management will cost you 50,000, and the expense of BBA can be 1-2 LPA.

Career Opportunities in Event Management

Event management is a popular one in big cities and rapidly getting popular in small towns. The work in this sector is challenging, and the competition is high. But for creative people, this sector has endless opportunities. In event management, you can get a job in one of the following roles;

  • Business Development Manager: To bring new clients to the company.
  • Creative Team: To represent new ideas to the client. To show them your ideas to make their events grander and successful.
  • Admin Staff: Like any other business, they also have admin and supporting staff. To join an event management company in supporting staff, you don’t need to add any event management related course to your resume.
  • PR Team: the team is responsible for having good connects in the market with artists, performers, art gallery owner and other officials to execute the event.
  • Marketing Team: To promote the firm’s work well, the company needs a marketing team.

Wrapping Up

The event management sector will see a boom shortly. If planning an event attracts you, then you must think of having a career in this field. In case of any career guidance or query related to your career, please feel free to reach us. We shall revert to you soon.  

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