Career in Doctoral Studies

Career in Doctoral Studies

Career in Doctoral Studies has unlimited possibilities for the aspirants. Earlier it was believed that PhD careers exist only in education sectors, but the start-up culture has changed that notion. Still, education is the best sector for job seekers with PhD degree, but they can also get a job in many other industries. The subject plays a critical role in the job after PhD, and you cannot ignore its importance in a doctoral career. 

Getting a Dr Stamp before your name is overwhelming. A PhD degree holder is considered a scholar in society. But to pursue in PhD just because to appreciate the community, friends and family is not recommended. It would help if you spent a considerable time in making your mind, do proper research about doctoral studies career before taking any decision. 

PhD is more than a degree. It is expected for a PhD student to be well versed with knowledge and to take the proper steps. The research makes the scholar erudite and also develops some skills like patience. It is expected from a PhD degree holder to do all the required study, analyse the results, and look for a permanent result and solve the key issues. The tenure of PhD develops calmness and observation skills in students. Both public and private sectors need the same skills in their employees. So career opportunities are readily available for job seekers after their PhD. Let’s dig a bit more to understand how PhD has changed in the previous few years, and new PhD careers are available for the students. 

What is a PhD?

PhD, doctoral degree, is offered by various UGC approved universities. The minimum duration of PHD is three years, but candidates can complete it in five to six years. It’s the highest academic qualification that one can possess. Students can pick the option of PhD after completing their master degree course. They can choose any topic for PhD research and find out the answers to all questions related to the topic. Students can earn the doctoral degree in any subject. Career in doctoral studies is based on the subject choice.

The demand of PhD Degree Holders

Career is a confusing matter. Sometimes you are clear about your career at starting but get confused once you reach the edge of completing your course. Getting confused after making a mind and enrolling in a study is expected in PhD students. Not all aspirants pick the option to enrol in a PhD. Considering the duration of the course, the students back out to pick this degree course. The minimum eligibility for PhD is a master’s degree. Most students prefer a job after their masters, and very few get selected for the doctorate. So the demand remains constant for the PhD degree holders, and they have good chances to make a stable career in doctoral studies.

How has the trend of career in Doctoral changed?

Gone are the days when PhD degree holders were found only in colleges and schools. If you look at your professors’ education in college, you will find most of them are PhD degree holders. Academia used to be the only career option after a PhD. But the scenario has changed now. A plethora of opportunities are available for PhD degree holders.

The start-up era has brought never-ending options after PhD. The amalgamation of the present private and education sector has become a storehouse for the PhD degree holders. PhD degree holders have also changed their job perspective. Earlier colleges and universities used to grab the PhD scholar as soon as his research gets completed. It is now compulsory to appear and score rank in NET to get a professor’s job in government colleges. So the PhD degree holders also willing to work in the private sector. The start-ups and other established companies hire them to use their knowledge, innovative ideas and research skills to develop the company. So PhD careers are available in the academic and private sectors. Here we will discuss different career options after Doctoral studies.

How to track the potential after PhD

After completing the PhD, you must track your potential to find out what kind of job will suit you; in academia or other sectors. Your PhD project is the most reliable way to find out your potential after a PhD. Here we have mentioned the details of the PhD projects’ standard features that can help you analyse your potential after a PhD.

  • Completed PhD on time indicates that you are good in planning and its execution. It also pints out your other skill or being result-oriented and adhere to the timelines. 
  • If you get appreciation in presenting your reports better, you are good at creating and delivering a presentation, and you have good communication skills. 
  • Writing a thesis of 75 K words or more signifies that you go into every tiny detail. It also shows that you are good at information collection. 
  • If you have met various people to complete your project, your communication, team handling and research skills get brushed up. Interacting with different people also give a touch-up to your diplomatic approach. 

Career after PhD

The general conception about career after PhD restricts the aspirants’ career goals only in the academic sector, but the facts are different. However, the PhD Careers depends on the choice of the subjects. For example, a PhD in any writer in any language will make you a language expert, and you can get a job in colleges and work with a publisher. If you have done a PhD in Bio, you can work with a company in the biotechnology field. So academic is not the only option after doctoral studies. Let’s have a descriptive look at the future of a career in doctoral studies in the private and public sector; 

Future of PhD Career in Private and Public Sectors 

PhD has a training based study module that gives a better understanding to be a professor, but start-ups and well-established organisations need the same knowledge for their projects. So after doctoral studies, the aspirants can get an opportunity to work as a project manager. PhD graduates are in-demand in academic publications. The school and college books publishing houses need the subject experts to give them the proper guidance about their books’ content. Apart from the mentioned career options after a PhD, the degree holders can also work to change the system and society. From literature to investment banking and Law to technology, PhD degree holders are in demand in all sectors. Here, have a look at the ideal career options after PhD; 

  • PhD in Hindi or English Literature or Any Other Language will make the aspirant a perfect candidate for a college professor or writer. 
  • PhD after M.Tech helps to get a job in a big company as a project consultant or advisor. 
  • PhD in Linguistics opens the door to work in the public sector’s science communication department. 
  • PhD in Chemistry is in demand in the MNCs and Indian companies that work in the chemical research programme. They can hire you as an analyst for their labs. 
  • PhD in Pharmacy are in demand in the medical research centres. 
  • PhD in History opens the door to work with the public and education sector. 
  • PhD in Law opens the door to work on an advisory position in the government department or law firms. 

So the public and private sectors have a plethora of opportunities for PhD degree holders. If you are aspiring to enrol in PhD, then you have more career options now. You will have the freedom to chose a career of your choice. 

The future of PhD Graduates in the Education Sector 

Academia is an obvious choice of career for the PhD degree holders. The Indian education sector has changed a lot in the last decade. The state and central government have introduced many private universities, so the career range after a PhD has increased. In government colleges, it has become challenging to get a professor’s post after a PhD. Now it is a must to appear in NET to get a job as a government college professor. The private colleges and universities prefer the PhD degree holders. According to the rules, private universities must have a certain number of PhD degree holders on board. The other reason behind the high demand for PhD graduates in private universities is their education.

Tips to get job After PhD

Many students get disheartened after a PhD when they see their friends in a well-established job and find them without any job in hand. It’s very typical after a doctoral degree, but that doesn’t mean that you are any less than your friends. In many cases, a fresh PhD degree holder gets a better salary than an M.Tech professional with five years of experience. Here are a few tips that will help you to get a job after PhD;

  • Use the right keyword in your resume to get noticed by the recruiters.
  • Be clear about your job prospects and skills and prepare an action plan to achieve them.
  • If you get lesser payment than your expectation but the profile suits you, grab the offer.
  • Do not compare your education and expertise with your colleagues with less educational qualification.
  • Keep updating yourself according to the market needs. After PhD also you will have to keep working on your skills and education.

Warping it Up

We have discussed the careers in doctoral studies. We would suggest you think a lot before choosing a job for you after your PhD. Do not pick any random career option for the sake of a job, as you have spent a reasonable amount of time to earn this degree. You can write to us in case of any further query related to this topic.

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