Top 10 Courses after 12th Arts in 2020-2021 (Post Pandemic)

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The search for professional courses after the 12th arts is not easy. Every year millions of students pass out 12th class with arts, and all of them want to peruse in the best course after it. Choosing the right course after 12th arts becomes more crucial after the pandemic. Career counseling for 12th students will help them to identify their interests. If students make their career in a profession of their interest, then it will be easy for them to perform well on the working end.

 Post pandemic, the transition from school to the career path is not easy now. After the recession and slowdown in the economy, the students will prefer a more stable career option. We all will have to agree that nothing is normal is present new normal. Professionals without skills are starving for a job, and skilled professionals don’t have many job options. The competition to get a job is high, and performing better on the work front is even higher. The best course after 12th arts will give the students a career that has possibilities to grow and earn.

Before the pandemic, the students used to want a high paying job, but now a secure job has become a priority. Post pandemic, many things have changed, so the students will have to be more careful before choosing a career. In this article, we will discuss the career prospects and potential roles for the students after 12th arts.

What to do after 12th Arts

The lockdown after coronavirus was an eye opening event. It made the people realize that a pandemic can shake their career. The lockdown was a lesson for the school students that if they do not choose their career wisely, they may have to face its consequences. The economy is doing better now, and the job market is also in recovery mode, but what people have lost in and after lockdown will not get that soon. So, it is a must to think twice before enrolling in any course after 12th;

List of Courses After 12th Arts

Most of us will agree that the ultimate goal of the study is job or business. What we study in class 11th and 12th, works as the base for our career. Students have three options in 11th standers to choose; Arts, Commerce and Science. All three options have different job opportunities, but there is a general conception that the Arts stream doesn’t have many career options. Though it’s a myth only, and this stream also has various career opportunities. Considering the pandemic, many new career opportunities have risen for art students. Here we will discuss the ten courses that can offer a better career to the art students after 12th;

1.  Bachelor of Arts

BA is a prominent and most common course for the 12th arts students after completion of their schooling. The common this course is, the more career options are associated with this. If you love literature, then you can take admission in BA in any language. The curriculum of BA in a different language has good work written by well-known writers. You can enroll in BA history, BA Geography, BA economics, or any others. The course works as a base to be a teacher, civil servant, or government employee. The syllabus of the course is not tough but lengthy. The duration of this degree course is three years, and almost all the universities in the country offer BA. You can get a seat in this course quickly as various government and private universities have the course. After BA, you can go for MBA, B. Ed, or any other degree or certification course. It can be considered as the best course after 12th arts based on the availability of the course and seats in it.

2.  Bachelor of Fine Arts

Another course option for the arts students after 12th is BFA. It’s a three year degree course that most Indian universities offer. In this graduation course, the students study visual art and its different forms. BFA offers specialization in sculpting, Music, Dance, Painting, Photography, and many others. The course needs creatively minded students. You must be having skills in the specialization field to get good grades in BFA. BFA is available in many private and government universities.

3.  Bachelor in Hotel Management 

Coronavirus has affected the tourism industry badly, but now the industry will see a boom. So 12th arts students can get admission in BHM. The duration of the course is three years, and many universities offer this course. BHM trains the students about the hotel and hospital industry. If you want to take some short-term hotel management courses, then some diploma courses are also available, but degree courses usually get the preference over diploma courses. The package is high in this industry, and working locations are generally good looking. The Indian tourism industry will also see growth in the coming years, so that the scope will be high in BHM. The excellent and mid-sized hotels are the top recruiters for BHM pass outs.   

4.  Journalism and Mass Communication

The media sector has numerous job opportunities for talented and trained job seekers. It is one of the most on demand courses for the 12th pass outs. The rise of online media and YouTube news channels have made it a job oriented course. You can enroll in this course after 12th arts. Many news channels offer excellent remuneration to talented professionals. The position in the sector provides money and fame. The duration of the degree course in Journalism and Mass Communication is three years. You can also enroll in the diploma course in Journalism and Mass Communication.

5.  Bachelor of Business Administration 

BBA is a professional course that offers the study of management in the business world. The duration of the time is three years. Most of the universities in the country offer this course. If your dream is to work with an MNC on the managerial post, you must go for this course. From the perspective of jobs and career opportunities, it is one of the best career option after 12th arts. Many people think that the course is for commerce students, but students from the Arts stream can enroll in this course and become successful in business administration.

6.  Bachelor in Computer Application  

The IT sector has numerous opportunities. Jobs are always available in this sector for talented professionals. It can be a great career option after 12th arts. There is a notion that BCA is for the science stream students, but 12th pass outs with arts stream can also get admission in this course. BCA is a degree course, and its duration is three years. Various universities offer admission to BCA on a merit basis and through entrance tests. In this degree course, the students learn about the fundamental and primary languages like C, C++. After BCA, students can go for MCA to get a better job in the IT sector.

7.  Event Management 

Event management is in its growing phase in India. Earlier many diploma courses were available in event management, but now a few universities also have degree courses in event management. Students can get admission in this course after 12th arts. The course duration will be three years, and if you have a creative mind and good connections, you can have your business in event management. The number of qualified professionals are less in event management, so the job opportunities are also tremendous in this sector.

8. Fashion Designing 

Clothing is one of the basic requirements of the human so the demand for clothes will not go down ever. People love to wear in-trend and fashionable clothes, so fashion designers try something new every time. The demand for creative fashion designers is vast in India and other countries. Students can take up fashion designing for the further course after 12th arts. The duration of the bachelor’s degree program in Fashion Designing is four years. During the course, the students get the knowledge of practical and theoretical aspects of fashion designing.     

9. Graphic Design

Creative minds with the ability to think out of the box are welcomes in the graphic designing field. Students can take up a graphic designing course after the 12th arts. It’s a creative and well-paying job. You can enroll in the professional graphic designing course. The duration of the diploma course in graphic designing is 1 to 2 years depends on the course curriculum.

10.  Teacher Training Course 

If you find teaching is the best career option after 12th arts, you must get admission to the teaching training courses. Many teaching training courses are available for aspiring teachers after 12th arts. Certification courses like NTT or degree courses like BTC are an excellent option for students to be teachers after 12th. B.El.Ed. (Bachelor of Elementary Education), D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education) or B.P.Ed. (Bachelor of Physical Education) are a few courses after 12th for the art students to be a teacher. The demand for qualified teachers is high in the public and private sectors. Teaching is a respected profession that gives the satisfaction of doing something good for the country and its people. 

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