BITSAT 2020 Preparation Tips

BITSAT 2020 Preparation Tips

BITSAT 2020 preparation tips: BITSAT is an online computer-based test (CBT). This test is conducted every year for admission to the integrated first-degree programs of BITS Pilani campuses in Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad.

The BITSAT exam will be conducted in the third and last week of May in the year 2020.

BITSAT is considered to be an easier exam when compared to other similar competitive exams. Some of the key points which will help you succeed in BITSAT are time management and a good grasp over the basics. A deeper understanding of the subject and good degree of practice will help you earn a top position in BITSAT examination.

But to help you further, we have compiled BITSAT 2020 preparation tips and a complete sheet which will help you to have a deeper understanding of how to excel BITSAT. Scroll down to know more:

Phase I – BITSAT 2020 Prelim Preparation Tips

Below are the tips for preparation of BITSAT 2020 prelim exam that will not just guide you in the right direction, but also boost your confidence.

  • Read NCERT Books – Try to read as many NCERT books as possible. This will give you an upper edge in the examination because this is the best way to get a hold on your concepts. NCERT books are the foundation books and they will help you understand any concept fully.
  • Time Management – Time management is very important when it comes to competitive exams. And thus practice and practice till you succeed.
  • Formulas – Remembering the formulas are very important. This will save you time. And thus the best way is to note down even some of the most insignificant formulae and then memorize them. This will help you a lot in your examination.
  • Question Pattern – English and logical reasoning are those part of the examination where you need a great deal of practice. Thus, it is important to know the latest exam pattern. Mostly similar question pattern is followed every year, with a few tweaks that are easy to deal with if you know the right logic.
  • Examination Level – BITSAT is considered much easier than JEE. If you are preparing for JEE 2020, you will be prepared for BITSAT 2020.
  • Revision – Revision is an important part of preparation. You need a strategy for revision. Learn and revise simultaneously for effective exam preparation. Put more focus on areas you find difficult.
  • Online Test – BITSAT is conducted in online mode, so you must be comfortable with the mode of exam. Those who will be appearing for a CBT for first time should appear for mock tests.
  • Newspaper Reading – Reading daily newspaper help boost your general knowledge. This is important to score good in the General Awareness section of the exam.

Phase II – BITSAT 2020 Main Preparation

Below listed are the preparation tips for BITSAT 2020 main exam, which will help you clear the mains with much ease.

  • Select Last Day Slot – The slot booking for BITSAT 2020 has started, as candidates have to select slot on their own, it is always beneficial to get the end slots. This helps in understanding the pattern and difficulty level from the feedback received by the candidates who have appeared for the exam in the early slots.
  • Move from Easy to Difficult Questions – The best strategy for scoring good in BITSAT 2020 would be to solve easy questions first and then move to difficult. Questions that you find tough will time consuming, so deal with them at the end.
  • Strategies – You need to have a strategy ready in mind when appearing for the final exam. Depending on the latest exam pattern and difficulty level of the questions, you should decide how much time to be spend on different questions.
  • Bonus Questions – In the BITSAT 2020 there are 150 questions and 12 bonus questions. Candidates should complete the 150 questions to move to the bonus questions. The bonus questions have no back option, so once you jump to them leaving any number of question, you will not be able to solve them later.
  • Track of Time – Keeping track of time is critical. You can learn the time management by appearing in the mock tests. Practice is the only way.

BITSAT 2020 Preparation Tips – One Month Strategy

In case you have only one month left for the preparation of BITSAT 2020, follow below tips to hit the target right.

One month preparation strategy works only for those who are strong with basic concepts.

  • Mock Tests: Here we assume that you are great at basics. In such case start with the mock tests. Spend 6-8 hours on online mock tests. This will make you ready for the real BITSAT 2020 exam.
  • Solve previous years question papers: When you have just one month left for the exam, make effective use of previous year papers. We recommended solving last 5 year BITSAT papers. This will help understand the exam pattern and the type of questions that are asked every year.
  • Keep Long Questions for Last: Long and complicated questions are time consuming. So, the best strategy is to not let those questions kill your time in exam. Stick to the strategy you have framed.
  • Revision is Important: When you have just one month, you should not take the risk of diving deep into new topics or books. This is the time when you focus on revising what you know.
  • Focus on Important Topics: Important are those topics that are asked every year in the BITSAT exam in one form or other. You have to make note of such questions and concepts.
  • English and Logical Reasoning – English is a language, where you have a scope to score high. Simply by adding an English newspaper to your daily life you will see the change. Wern and Martin is the best book to use for English section. For Reasoning stick to R.S. Aggarwal.
  • Questions for Quick Score: Find out the sections that include less questions of more marks. These sections are the most important that can help you quickly reach the set target.

The Bottom Line

Above given are some of the best BITSAT 2020 preparation tips, which combined with right strategy will help you hit right on the target. Write your secret preparation tip in the comment section below.

BITSAT 2020 aspirants, we wish you all the luck for the exam. Let us know your thoughts on the preparation tips. We would love to hear from you soon.

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