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UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation
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UPSC exams or the Civil Exams are one the toughest exams taken in India. These lead a student’s career to an astound height and makes him stand at one of the highest job positions in India. So, the students who have chosen this field as their career option, they need to be very clear with the concepts, courses, and types of questions that are asked in the examinations. A very important question that follows up is that from where do you get these facts cleared and how can you prepare the best for your examinations?

The Internet is one of the most profound tools to gather information about anything and everything. When you start to search for websites that could possibly provide you with details related to the Civil examination you will find thousands of websites that pop up your screen page after page. So, which one do you think is the most authentic and useful one?

Instead of searching for each website and going through each one of them individually, below we provide you a list of Best Websites to Crack UPSC Exams.

  1. The top website to provide guidelines, free online study materials, and mock exams for the students. Adding to the materials the website also offers you with toppers’ interviews also which lets you prepare for your examination in a sound way.
  1. Mrunal Patel is best known for explaining the complex questions and concepts of the examination in the simplest way.

  2. One of the most used websites for the IAS aspirants. The websites have most users especially when from the rural areas.

  3. This website is also a kind of distant learning program for the IAS aspirants.

  4. India’s largest website free online initiative taken for the IAS aspirants. The explanation for each topic related to the examination is provided on the website.

  5. Samples questions and relatable answer to the previous year question papers are provided to you on the website.

  6. Online mock questions, mock questions, test papers, concepts of related topics are found on the websites.

  7. Offering you questions on the various subjects, separate topics are discussed on the website to clear the topics and the doubts related to it.

  8. byju’s is one of the upcoming online portals that teaches students who are preparing for their IAS exams and also other competitive examinations.


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