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If you are worried about the best career options after graduation, then you are not alone. Many students feel block and confused about their career after graduation. We live in a time of change where everything tends to change frequently, from society to technology. The impact of technology is so high on society that many jobs evolve when it changes, and many get eloped. So making the right choice about a career is a must in the present time.

The present unemployment rate in India 7.2%, so the competition to have a job is getting cruel. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the Indian market is not doing well in creating new jobs since 2018, and in the current year to no hike will be seen the availability of jobs. The eligible graduates have to add some additional qualifications in their resumes to be better than their fellow competitors. Getting a well-paid job based on the only graduation is tough. You have to add some more skills to your resume to get a better job.

With time many things have changed in terms of jobs. Now many new jobs are available in the market, about which no one ever thought of a decade back. The expectations of professionals have also increased related to the assignments. Earlier people want a stable career with a good income, but now the youngsters wish to have an enjoyable, well-paid job where they can learn and earn. Though it is not impossible to get a job like this but the journey to get it is chaotic. the answer to the best career after graduation changes rapidly in the present time, so it’s better to spend more time preparing for the job than its search.

We come across the questions like what are the best career options after graduation. A definitive answer to this query is not possible as all the job seekers have their interests, and one or two careers cannot suit all of them. So we have listed out the best caterer options after graduates. The pandemic has drastically changed the world, and the best career options for 2020 might not be relevant in 2021. So, it’s better to tighten your belt and look for the best career options booming in 2021.

What to Do After Graduation?

In school time, the students feel that after completion of graduation, their life will become easy. They think of getting a job and live happily after, but the reality is just the opposite. the real battle starts after graduation. The rat race to get a better job with a good salary keeps the students busy. Graduation means the student has sufficient knowledge and can try for a job, but the option of enrolling in a master’s degree is also available. So the dilemma of what to choose and what to leave makes the students confused after graduation. So, here we are to guide the students about the career or further studies after graduation.

The unemployment rate is increasing in India, but it doesn’t mean that there 68are no jobs in the country. The IT sector has plenty of vacancies available for the youngster. Until you have done your graduation in a technical course, you will not be aware of these booming careers after graduation. Further in this post, we shall discuss them in detail but first the answer of what to do after graduation; After getting your graduation degree, you must enhance your skills by enrolling in diploma, certificate, or degree courses. If you want to get a job, you can go ahead and keep learning new technologies to be updated about the market and recent changes. Now have a look at the best career options after graduation;

1. Data Scientist 

In the present technological era, the world revolves around data. It has become an essential and precisions thing, and its need and security have opened the doors of many careers; Data Scientist is one of the jobs that will be in demand in 2021. It is expected that the need for data scientists will increase over 28% in the coming years, so it is a safe career option after graduation. To be a data scientist, you must have skills like cloud networking, SQL, machine learning, programming, and a few others. The skills will help you to understand the subject.

  • Qualification: To be a data scientist, you must have completed your graduation. If you haven’t done your graduation in data science, you can enroll in the certification and diploma program to get expertise in the subject.
  • Opportunities: The career of fresher starts from the post of Data Analysts. IT companies, financial firms, and Banks are among the top employers for Data Scientists. Salary for a Data Scientist starts from 3 to 4 lakhs per annum, and it can be as high as 12-15 lakhs per annum.

2. Software QA Engineering

Software development is an ongoing demand as people need different software to run their business and work smoothly. Checking the quality of the software is as essential as constructed one. So the demand for highly qualified Software QA engineers is high in the Indian IT sector. Due to the latest IT revolutions, the demand for QA engineers has increased in software developing companies. New technologies like cloud, AI, Big Data have made software quality testing more relevant. 2020 was a slow year from the business perspective, and they will try to recover the losses in 2021. So new software will go in developing mode, and few will get advanced features. In both cases, the demand for software QA Engineers will be high.

  • Qualification: BCA, MCA, Graduation with certificate and diploma courses in Software Quality Assurance.
  • Opportunities: The career starts as software QA trainee engineers and then goes as Software QA engineers, TL, and other higher profiles. IT software development companies need them on board to assure the quality of the software they prepare. The average starting salary for this job is 3 to 8 lakh per annum.

3.  UX Designer

According to the job market trends, in 2021, the demand for graphic designers will increase. More companies want to shout out about their products’ qualities, and UX designers are the ones to help them. Most businesses have entered on digital platforms, and the pandemic has forced others to join this platform. The revolution of digital marketing will create more opportunities for UX designers.  

  • Qualification: Graduates with knowledge of graphics designing and a person must have creative skills.
  • Opportunities: E-commerce companies, IT companies, Digital advertising firms are the top hiring employers. The average salary of UX Designers starts from 3 lakh per annum, and it can be up to 9 lakhs PA in accordance with their qualifications.

4.  Digital Marketing

In recent years the scope of digital marketing has increased, and after the pandemic, it will grow more rapidly. Digital marketing offers massive job opportunities to professionals with expertise in different sectors. The growth of the digital economy is ten times higher than the traditional ones. If you have completed your graduation and looking for the best career opportunity, then the digital market has something for you. A career in the fields related to digital marketing has many things to explore. The demand is high in this job sector, and supply does not yet match the demand. So the professionals get a better salary and more chances to grow here. You must have various skills to be a part of this growing marketing field.

  • Qualification: Graduates, Diploma Holders, Management Trainees, and professionals.
  • Opportunities: SEO Expert, Content Developers, Digital Marketing Executives, and Managers. Digital marketing agencies hire professionals in this field. The salary of the individuals depends on their skills and experience. It can be 4 LPA to 9-10 LPA. 

5.  Biotechnology

The biotechnology sector has reached its peak, and it is growing remarkably in recent years. The recent epidemic has created more opportunities for this sector. The profitability of the Biotechnology sector is worldwide, and its growing beyond borders. The expert professionals of this field are welcomed in other countries as well. So when you choose a career in this sector, you also have a chance to work abroad. The requirement for life-saving drugs will only increase in the future, so the opportunities are endless in biotechnology. The financial market always supports the industry, and when it flourishes more, it will get more support. The industry does not only offer a stable career but a handsome remuneration as well.  

  • Qualification: B. Pharma, M. Pharma, BHMS, and BAMS
  • Opportunities: QA, QC, Production Manager, or R&D officer in Pharma companies. Medical Representatives, Medical Officer, and many others in the health department. Government and private health departments, Pharma companies, have loads of requirements for the professionals. Salary for the biotechnology professionals can be 3 lakhs to 20 lakhs according to their qualifications and experience.

6.  Product Management

Product managers have ample opportunities to grow and earn. According to Glassdoor, the Product Manager is one of the top 5 best career options in 2019. The somehow year 2020 didn’t do well, so in 2021 it is expected to be one of the best career options for graduates. Product Managers work as CEO for their product. To be a product manager, the professional needs some skills like leadership and ownership qualities. Produc6t managers are in demand in the IT industry, so they must have sound technical knowledge.

  • Qualification: Graduation in preferably Engineering.
  • Opportunities: IT industry has a huge demand for product managers. The salary for this post can be 3-4 LPA, which can increase up to 10 LPA according to the aspirant’s qualification.

7.  Financial Planning & Analysis

Indian marketing is a promising one for new investments. It has a vast customer base for all kinds of products. More companies are entering India with their investment plans. At present, the country has more than 81.7 million active investors, and more will be interested in this in the near future. So the demand for people who can help in financial planning is high. It is a booming career for 2021, and you chose it after graduation. The demand for CFP (Certified Financial Planner) is increasing in India to help the organization and people in financial planning, wealth management, asset and investment management, etc. Indian economy is one of the two economies of the world that perform well in COVID-19 time. It is going to be one of the most growing economies in the coming years. So the demand for highly skilled financial planners will only increase. 

  • Qualification: Graduates or Post Graduates in commerce, Charted Accountant, MBAs in finances, CFP professionals. 
  • Opportunities:  Insurance companies, banks, and financial planning companies take the financial planners on board on the following posts; investment manager, Financial risk managers, Auditors, Credit Analyst, etc. The professionals get a salary from 3 LPA to 12-14 LPA in this industry. It is one of the most growing industries, so salary hike is impressive for experienced professionals. 

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