7 Undervalued but Highly Rewarding Career Options You Must Consider!

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Just because you don’t fit in doesn’t mean you can’t stand out. We are so focused on in-trend career options that we often overlook the others available to us. There are a lot of career opportunities that you can opt after school. But, you need to choose the one which best suits you. The idea behind is that when you pursue something you love, you must take up that unique career option to make a living.

Let your talent speak beyond the trend.

So to help you out with this we have listed 7 Undervalued but Highly Rewarding Career Options in India.

Sound Engineering


If you are a music lover and want to work with composers, Editors and technicians to a live concert then be ready for a good paycheck. Initially as a sound engineer you are trained with various technical aspects of sound management in the best possible way. Later on, You can broaden your role in various field like advertising, music studios, animation, movies and more.

Education Required: To become a sound engineer choose PCM in class 12th and after that you can pursue engineering  in graduation/Diploma (3 year) in Sound engineering.

Top colleges: Here is a list of top 5 colleges to pursue career as a sound engineer.

  •  ZEE Institute Of Media Arts (ZIMA) Mumbai
  • Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
  • Department of Film & TV Studies, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan New Delhi
  • Government Film & Television Institute in Bangalore
  • National Institute of Film and Fine Arts NIFFA, Kolkata

Expected Salary: As a sound engineer you can expect salary from INR 15-50 K on an average.


Psychology as career

If you are good at understanding human emotions then this is the profession to make your future and understand human behavior in every space. As a physiologist you will get a chance to deal with people in distress and help them through your understanding of behavioral issues. In fact, the biggest aspect of this job is to analyze experiment, observe people and treat them in the best possible way.

Education Required: Preferably you should have any stream in class 12th with or without psychology and bachelor’s degrees in psychology.

Top colleges: Here is a list of top 5 colleges to pursue career as physiologist.

  1.  Dyal Singh College,Delhi
  2. University of Hyderabad ,Hyderabad
  3. St. Xavier’s college, Mumbai
  4. University Of Calcutta, Kolkatta
  5. Maharshi Dayanand University,Rohtak

 Expected salary: As a physiologist you can expect to earn well with starting salary of 30,000 – 80,000 pm (may vary from company to company)

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BPO careers

If you have got good communication skills and looking for ways to earn well, then BPO is the right choice for you. BPO has opportunities for voice as well as non voice process. It provides ladder to become successful and well-rounded professionals.

Education required: A graduate degree in any field from a recognized university. Also candidates who have completed their class 12th can make a career in outsourcing.

Top colleges: You don’t need to apply for a particular college to make a career in BPO. Your overall personality, ability to understand, and communication skills will be assessed while hiring you for the job.

Expected salary: In a BPO, INR 15-20k can easily be expected at the entry level. But some organizations may have a difference in the salary until you are the permanent employee there.


writing careers

Let’s make your hobby into passion. If you possess love for blogs, articles and have excellent writing & communication skills then you are good to go for writing. Writing is an indispensible form of communication where you can put all your words together in a creative way. You can become a writer in the field you wish to move in.

Education required: choose any stream in class 12th and pursue a bachelor’s degree from any recognized university.

Top Colleges: Here is a list of top 5 colleges to pursue career as physiologist.

  1. Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai
  2. Symbiosis centre for distance learning, Pune
  3. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
  4. JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
  5. Center for Research in Art of Film and Television, Delhi

Expected Salary:  Your salary as a writer depends on how creative you are and which    industry you are in. However you can expect a salary of 15,000 – 20,000 as a fresher.


sales career

If you are good at convincing people and has a high verbal aptitude then you can then you should not give up the idea of pursuing a career in sales domain.  A good salesman is one who has the convincing power to sell his ideas in doing or buying stuff in today’s economy. But before convincing you need to be a active listener also to know the requirements of the buyer and take action accordingly.

Education Required: For pursuing a career in sales you need to complete your 12th and later on you can pursue a degree in sales and marketing domain.

Top colleges: Here is a list of top 5 colleges to pursue a career in sales domain.

  1. IIM Calcutta – Indian Institute of Management
  2. IIM Indore – Indian Institute of Management
  3. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
  4. Indian Institute of Mass Communication
  5. Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad

Expected Salary: As a sales manager you can earn anywhere from INR 15k-20k on an average. But after gaining experience you can expect handsome salary in your hand.


nursing careers

If you are good at taking care of others and can handle problems calmly then you can definitely be a good nurse. The profession concerns kindness for a noble cause. In order to become a nurse you need to be a active listener as well as staying calm in pressure. As an effective link between patient and doctor you need to have knowledge of human anatomy.

Education Required: Choose PCB in class 12th and complete graduation in B.Sc. nursing or allied courses to become a nurse.

Top colleges:  Here is a list of top 5 colleges to pursue a career in nursing.

  1. Acharya Institute of health science, Bangalore
  2. All India Institute of medical sciences,Delhi
  3. Armed force medical college, Pune
  4. Chandigarh University, Chandigarh
  5. Madras Medical college, Chennai

Expected salary: As a nurse you can earn about INR 40-60K per month on an average in either government or private hospitals.


teaching as career

If you want to do something for the young generation that can influence their learning patterns you can go about teaching as a profession. To build a career in teaching you need to understand the basic requirements of inspiring younger generation to excel in their area of interest.

Education Required:  After your 12th,you will have to pursue 3 year bachelor’s degree in any stream and B.Ed. from a recognized  university.

Top colleges: Here is a list of top 5 colleges to pursue career as a teacher.

  1. Department of Education, University of Delhi
  2. St Xavier’s College, Kolkata
  3. Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi
  4. Lady Irwin College, Delhi
  5. Himachal Pradesh University, Department Of Education, Shimla

Expected Salary: The average salary for a teacher is around 20,000 p.m.  But it also depends on your educational qualification. If you are highly educated then you can expect salary of around 50,000 p.m.  in a well recognized university.

These are some of the under- rated jobs that offer decent salaries.  When it comes to making the right career call, one should have a positive outlook .

You need to choose the one which best suits you and master your skills accordingly.

The best possible is yet to come.

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