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Mathematics is a difficult subject to study, but it’s also considered as the most scoring one. This may be why Maths is one of the most studied subjects in India and other countries. Mathematics is associated with endless career options in the government and private sector. Moreover, a graduation degree in mathematics gives an impression of genius to others. Still, when you spend more than three years studying Maths, then you must know about the different career options after BSc Maths.

The basic definition of Maths describes this nerdy subject as education in numeric science with the help of different approaches like calculus, basic calculation and many others. However, this nerdy subject has a strong presence in different subjects as well. For example, in physics and Economics, also Maths has an important role to play. So, when you have a graduation degree in this subject, you actually have various options to have your career after BSc Graduation degree in Maths enables an aspirant to have a career in different dimensions that include academic, research, Information technology, Computer Science and many other. Let’s know about the best 7 career options that you can opt for after Bsc Maths.

7 Career Options After BSc Maths

Many Maths students go for Bsc Maths after passing 12th. In fact, it is one of the most sought after career options for Maths students after JEE and B. tech. However, many students think that career options after BSc Maths are limited, and only the academic industry welcomes BSc Maths Graduates. On the other hand, BSc Maths graduate students can make ways in different career options like banking, machine learning and some unconventional ones such as animation or digital marketing. Here we have listed the 7 best career options that can wing you to fly after BSc Maths.

1. Teaching

First, let’s talk about the obvious and most in-demand career options after BSc Maths. Maths is a complex subject, and teachers with good teaching techniques are always in demand. The global and domestic education market also shows the huge demand for teachers. In 2020, the value of the education market was approximately 1.2 trillion, which is expected to be 1.9 trillion in 2027. So the demand for highly qualified teachers will only increase.

Different digital platforms also need maths teachers to teach the kids and make them good in maths. After qualifying for the required examination, Maths teachers can also apply for a teaching job in the government sector. Maths teachers are in demand in all the countries around the world so if you are looking to get settled abroad then Maths can open many doors for you.

2. Banking

The banking sector gives strength to the country’s economy. A strong banking system is one of the assets that can bring more investment to the country. So, to maintain and run the banking system, young talent is required. Indian banks invite applications from the graduates for PO and other posts. Applicants have to clear the prelim and mains examination to reach the interview round. In both examinations, they have to handle maths problems. The knowledge you grab in Maths graduation can help you in the bank recruitment exam.

The banking industry has a plethora of opportunities for young candidates. Maths graduates can have careers in banks as a PO, Clerk, Manager, Market Research Analyst, and insurance officer. The Indian government is taking various steps to uplift the banking industry. It is expected that the government and private banks will open more branches to people and access all the corners of the country. So, more jobs are coming for qualified applicants. A banking job can be an ideal job for Maths graduates after B.Sc.

3. Government Services

Most of Indian parents want their kids to get a government job, and after BSc maths, you can get one. Government jobs are stable, but they have lots of responsibilities also associated with them. State and central government bodies release recruitment notifications for different posts, and most of them need the applicants to qualify for a written test. Maths is indeed part of the recruitment tests, and BSc Maths can help you crack this exam easily. If you want to be a civil servant or go to foreign services, BSc maths can help you. Let us move forward and know some other best career options after Bsc.

4. Data Science

Data is an asset for the companies, and to collect and maintain it, these companies need data scientists. The scope of these Data Scientists is in all the big MNCs and small start-ups. In Data Science, various services are included, such as Data mining, interpretation of data, data modelling, data analysis and many others. In the present job market, everyone is talking about data science. If you talk about the future of this particular career, then it’s fairly bright. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2026 approx 11.5 million new jobs will rise for data scientists. So this career option can be ideal for Bsc Maths graduates. Their interest in Maths will help them in analysis and data interpretation work.

5. Statistics

As we mentioned before, data is an important asset for an organization and government. Statistics help to use this data in an effective and meaningful way. Statistics uses collected data to make new policies and check the effectiveness of ongoing campaigns and policies. After Bsc Maths, you can try your hands in this field and apply for the post of business analyst. All the banks, corporate and some government departments also hire these professionals. After Bsc Maths you can get enrolled in a diploma course in statistics. Your knowledge of maths and statistics will help you understand the subject better and perform well at work front. As more businesses are rising in India, many companies have branches in different countries, new start-ups are hitting the market, so the demand for qualified professionals in statistics will rapidly rise in the future.

6. Mathematician 

Now let’s talk about a great career option after BSc Maths, and it is a mathematician. A mathematician has to study different formulas and rules of Maths and check the existing theories. A mathematician can also develop new theories. The new theories can make the different calculations easy for economics, social science, engineering and business related issues. Mathematicians can also work as a mentor to younger students of this subject. To analysis data and interpret its meaning, mathematicians use their skills. They can also write books on different new and old Maths theories.

7. Actuarial Science

After completing a graduate degree in Maths, you can also pursue your career in actuarial. Actuarial science demands knowledge of Maths and statics. In actuarial science, the aspirants have to calculate the risk in any business with the help of Maths and statics. If you want to pick this career option after Bsc, you must study it as the future of this profession is bright.


Before a few years back, teaching was the easiest and most common career option after BSc Maths, but the emergence of technology has created various new career options for BSc Maths graduates. Though teaching is an evergreen career option for Maths graduates, if you are not interested in being a teacher, you have plenty of options now. The best part of the mentioned career option after Bsc is they offer a good package and exceptionally well career growth. So, if you love Maths and engineering is not your cup of tea, go for Bsc Maths, and you will find the sky’s the limit for your career.

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