Difference between jobs and work from home careers

Generally people are confused about their careers, deciding between the jobs and work from home careers is the biggest challenge before them. If you are deciding career for your better future, you can achieve it either by doing a job or working from home. But, there is a big difference between working from home and doing a job.

Most people believe that jobs, offer better opportunities and exposure in comparison to working from home, but this is not true, as both the careers have their own benefits and limitations. Both jobs and work from careers have their pros and cons, but you have to go with one which totally depends on your individual and personal views regarding achieving career heights.

If you see growth and success in jobs, then you must know what kind of job you can work comfortably with. Jobs can be in the following two sectors – government and private sector.

Jobs is something that you do for earning fixed money every month. Jobs pay you according to your skills and need you to go to their specific location and work on their specific timings. But yes, jobs have some advantages associated with them like you are not the only person responsible for the overall welfare of the company and you get a consistent income from your work.

Government sector
You may fall into the category of people who prefer government jobs over any other, as its offer a good salary, benefit pension plans, job security and other benefits. It also provides you many comforts apart from your income. It is a happy go lucky kind of job with a consistent income, but to get it you have to clear some papers conducted by government authorities, along with personal interviews.

Getting a job in the private sector is comparatively easy, as there are multiple openings and you need to apply for them. Most of the firms conduct recruitment drives, which include an aptitude test, followed by technical and personal interview, if you clear all you nail it. The private sector companies pay you according to your capability, they make you work harder to earn a handsome amount and sometimes needs you to do overtime.

Every job, be it government, private or work from home careers have benefits and disadvantages associated with them, like in private jobs you get limited time flexibility of time, your performance is evaluated by someone else, along with your hourly worth.

Work from home careers:
This is an excellent way of earning, which leads to entrepreneurship, and also has advantages as well as disadvantages. Work from home careers is best for housewives and home oriented people as it gives time flexibility and income as per work. Setting up your own business is best for people who does not want to work under someone else. Working from home is a great decision, as it needs does not give experience of working with co-workers and reduces time spent in your social life.

There are several benefits of working from home, like you work from your specific location and as per your preferred time. Working from home is an advantage as you can have a vacation without caring about your leaves as it does not include such conditions of working.

To help the bunch, who are Self-motivated, disciplined, independent and having excellent skills, looking for work from home careers, few careers are:
1. Writer
2. Web developer/designer
3. Travel Agent
4. Medical Transcriptionist
5. Virtual Assistant

Hope this article will help you better understand the huge difference between the jobs and the work from home careers. Most of the Indian people want to get into jobs and see themselves as a good employee, but we have no shortage of those who dream of walloping the odds and netting living from home or being an entrepreneur.


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