Weekly Current Affairs Quiz 3rd to 9th June 2019

weekly current affairs quiz

National Affairs

Q.1         The Modi Government in its second phase has created which new ministry while allocating portfolios to the new ministers on May 31?

Q.2         After the suspension of 10 years, which airline has resumed its flights to Pakistan?

Q.3         In which state the cases of Nipah Virus are resurfaced recently?

Q.4         Which High Court has recently upheld the constitutional validity of death penalty for repeat rape offenders?

Q.5         Chief Minister of which states has introduces the scheme on a free ride to women in the metro?

International Affairs

Q.6         Which Asian country has become the first to launch the rocket from the Yellow Sea after US and Russia?

Q.7         To which country the African Union has suspended until the establishment of a civilian-led transition to democracy?

Q.8         Which airline has been named the ‘World’s Most Punctual Airline’ for second consecutive time?

Q.9         Which country has launched the train services in Arctic region?

Q.10       Which country has introduced a new rule to show social media profile to apply for Visa?

Banking And Business Affairs

Q.11       Which IT industry Pioneer of India has announced his retirement very recently?

Q.12       Which public sector company has become the most profitable public sector company in India in the latest fiscal?

Q.13       What are suggestions Nandan Nilekani committee has given to encourage digital payments?

New Appointee

Q.14       Who has been reappointed as National Security Adviser in Modi 2.0 government?

Q.15       Who has been elected as the Prime Minister of Thailand?

Q.16       To whom the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has appointed as its special envoy for Jammu & Kashmir?

Q.17       To whom the Chattisgarh government has appointed as new advocate general?

Q.18       Who has been appointed as the parliamentary leader of BJD?


Q.19       Which Indian player has won the ITF men’s Futures tennis tournament?

Q.20       Which country will host all three formats of cricket in 2020 against India?


Ans.1     In Modi government 2.0 a new department is introduced as “Ministry of Jal Shakti”. The motive to introduce this department is to provide safe drinking water to people.

Ans.2       After more than 10 years British Airways resumes their flights to Pakistan.

Ans.3     Recently the cases of Nipah virus have resurfaced in the southern Indian state of Kerala.  

Ans.4     The Bombay High Court on 3 June 2019 upheld the Constitutional validity of Section 376-E of IPC. The section provides that repeat offenders in rape cases can be awarded life imprisonment or the death penalty.

Ans.5     Chief Minister of Delhi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has announced a scheme of a free ride to women in Delhi metro. The announcement is getting the mixed reactions from the women of Delhi.

Ans.6     The Asian giant, China has become the third country after the US and Russia to launch the rocket from the Yellow Sea.

Ans.7     the African Union has decided to suspend Sudan until a civilian government will get formed in the country.
Ans.8      SriLankan Airlines has been named the ‘World’s Most Punctual Airline’ for the second consecutive time with over 90 percent of its flights in May being “on time”.       

Ans.9     Russia has recently launched its train services to the Arctic region.

Ans.10  US has made it mandatory to have a social profile to apply for the US Visa.

Ans.11  Azim Premji, the second richest businessman of India has announced recently that he will retire in July  2019 as the Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Wipro.

Ans.12  ONGC has become the country’s most profitable public sector company in the last fiscal.

Ans.13  To encourage digital payments, the Nandan Nilekani committee has recommended to cut the cost on digital money transaction and made them cheaper for the customers.

Ans.14  Ajit Doval has been re-appointed as the National Security Adviser in Modi 2.0 government.

Ans.15  Prayut Chan-o-cha,  a retired Royal Thai Army general officer has been elected as the Prime Minister of Thailand.

Ans.16  The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIChas appointed Yousef Aldobeay of Saudi Arabia as its special envoy for Jammu and Kashmir.

Ans.17  The Chhattisgarh government has appointed Satish Chandra Verma as the new Advocate General of the state. He replaced Kanak Tiwari from the post.

Ans.18  Pinaki Misra, the MP of Biju Janata Dal (BJD) from Puri has been appointed as BJD’s Parliamentary Party Leader.

Ans.19  Sidharth Rawat won the title in of  ITF men’s Futures tennis tournament in June 2019.

Ans.20  New Zealand will have the cricket tournament against India in all three formats – T20 Internationals, One-Day Internationals and Test matches. The India tour to New Zealand will begin from January 24, 2020.

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