Weekly Current Affairs Quiz – 27 January to 2 February 2020

weekly current affairs quiz

Here we have the current affairs quiz that has the questions from the incidents that took place between 27th January to 2nd February 2020. This quiz will help you to evaluate your preparation for the current affairs part. Either you are preparing for any competitive exam or a student its a must for you to be aware of the current affairs.

Weekly current affairs quiz is the best way to check the level of preparation for this topic and to find out the flaws. Look at the questions asked here and give their answers. If in case you don’t know the answer to any question then you can take help from the answer section.

In this weekly current affairs quiz give yourself 1 mark for every right answer and give no mark for the wrong ones. If you score than 70% that means you are doing good on this topic. If you score less than 70% marks that will show you need improvements.

Current Affairs Quiz on National Affairs

 Q.1        Where the first indigenous bio-jet IAF aircraft landed successfully?

Q.2         Which Indian city has become the world’s worst traffic-hit city?

Q.3         The Central Government signed a peace agreement with which extremist group of North East?

Q.4         Which state or union territory’s tableau was adjudged the best at the Republic Day Parade 2020?

Q.5         Name the district that topped the list of Aspirational districts of the country, released by Niti Aayog?

International Affairs

Q.6         Along with Indian students the Air India Aircraft evacuate the students of which country from China due to the outbreak of Corona virus?

Q.7         WHO declared health emergency over which virus?

Q.8         On the basis of request received from Madagascar, the Indian Navy launched a rescue operation. What is its name?

Person In News

Q.9         Who has been appointed as the PM of Iraq in 2020?

Q.10       Who has won the ‘World Game Athlete Of the Year 2019’ award?

Q.11       Who has been appointed as the Resident Co-ordinator in Thailand by the United Nations?

Current Affairs Quiz On Budget 2020

Q.12       What are the two schemes launched by the Government of India in Budget 2020 for farmers?

Q.13       How much fund the central government has allotted to the education sector?

Q.14       Name the five sites that will be developed as the iconic sites with on-site museums?

Q.15       When India will hold the G-20 presidency?

Current Affairs Quiz Answers

The answer section has the answer to all the questions asked in the weekly current affair segment. Aspirants are advised to approach this section only if they are not sure about the answer to the asked question.

Here have a look at the answers of weekly current affairs quiz;

Ans.1     The first indigenous bio-jet IAF aircraft lands in Leh which is one of the highest operational airfields. It was the first time when the engine of an aircraft was powered with bio-fuel.

Ans.2     According to  Global Traffic Index-2019 Bengaluru is the world’s worst traffic-hit city in the world. Delhi is on the list for having maximum cars and Mumbai and Delhi are also a part of the index as both of them are polluted cities.

Ans.3     The Central government of India signed a peace agreement with Bodo insurgent groups. In the past 27 years, Indian has signed 3 peace agreements with this group. After the agreement 1,550 BODO extremists will surrender and people from the BODO tribe will get political and economic benefits.

Ans.4     Assam’s tableau was announced as the best tableau among all the 16 participating states and union territories at the Republic Day Parade 2020. The tableau was based on the theme ‘Land of Unique Craftsmanship and Culture’. 

Ans.5     The Chandauli district of UP topped the list of districts of the country. Bolangir Of Odisha and YSR Of Andhra Pradesh are on second and third position in the list.

Ans.6     India evacuated the students of the Maldives from China along with the Indian students after the outbreak of Corona virus. The evacuated students are in Manesar Haryana and after a complete medical check-up, they will be sent to their homes. 

Ans.7     WHO declared health emergency over Corona virus. The disease has now spread in 18 countries along with China. 

Ans.8     Indian Navy launched rescue operation ‘Operation Vanilla’ to assist the population of Madagascar after the cyclone attack on the island.

Ans.9     Mohammad Allawi has been appointed as the Prime Minister of Iraq by the president of the country.

Ans.10  The player of Indian women hockey team Rani Rampal won the award of ‘World Game Athlete Of the Year 2019’. She has become the first hockey player in the world to receive this award.

Ans.11  Indian woman officer Geeta Sabharwal has been appointed as the Resident Co-ordinator in Thailand by the United Nations.

Ans.12  The FM Nirmala Sitharaman launched Kisan Rail and Krishi Udan schemes for the farmers. The main motive behind these schemes is to facilitate smooth and fast transport for the framers.

Ans.13  The GOI has announced the allocation of Rs 99,000 crore for the education sector.

And.14  In Budget 2020 the government of India announced to develop following sites as iconic sites with on-site museums;  Rakhigarhi in Haryana, Hastinapur in UP, Shivsagar in Assam, Dholavira in Gujarat and Adichanallur in Tamil Nadu. 

Ans.15  India will hold host G-20 presidency in 2022. For its preparation Rs. 100 crore has been allotted in the budget 2020 by the government of India.

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