Weekly Current Affairs Quiz 11 to 17 March 2019

weekly current affairs quiz

Current affairs is a topic that cannot be covered in a day. Steady practice is the only way to ace in this topic. One of the most common way to improve GK is to read daily newspaper. To know the important news of the week you can visit our weekly current affairs and the quiz. In this quiz, we have framed questions from the current affairs that took place last week. So if you read the newspaper daily then you will clear this quiz and if you couldn’t do this then you will have to work on your GK.

Try solving our current affair quiz based on the events that occurred in the week from March 11-17, 2019.


Q.1  In which part of India a patient was found with West Nile Virus?

Q.2   Which model of Boeing aircraft was decided to ground by India and other approx 44 countries?

Q.3   Britain has launched a coin titled as ‘Black Hole’ in the honor of which well-known scientist?

Q.4   The Supreme Court has set aside life ban imposed on which cricketer?                   

Q.5  Who is known as Mother of Trees and why she is in news nowadays?

Q.6  Recently, Coorg Arabica Coffee was given GI (Geographical Indication) tag. It is grown in which state?         

Q.7   In which country the 4th session of the UN Environment Assembly took place?

Q.8   When the World Sleep day is observed and what is the theme of this year’s World Sleep Day?     

Q. 9   Who won the gold medal in the women’s discus throw event at the Federation Cup in Patiala?

Q.10  Which nation would be soon setting up six nuclear power plants in India?


Check out the answers of all the asked questions here.

Ans.1 Kerala: A case of West Nile virus was founded in Kerala. This virus is mostly reported in the continental United States. West Nile virus is a single-stranded RNA virus which is spread by mosquitoes and causes West Nile fever. It can cause neurological disease and death in people.

Ans.2  Boeing 737 MAX: Indian along with 44 other countries ordered to ground the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) ordered on March 12, 2019 midnight to ground the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft fleet in India with immediate effect after the Ethiopian Airlines crash.

Ans.3  Stephen Hawking:  To honor the work of world-famous scientist and late legendary British physicist Stephen Hawking, UK launches a new coin titled ‘Black Hole’.

Ans.4  S Sreesanth: The Supreme Court of India set aside the life ban imposed by the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) on cricketer S Sreesanth for indulging in spot-fixing in IPL 2013.

Ans.5  Thimmakka: Thimmakka, an environmentalist from the state of Kerala, is also known as ‘Vriksha Mathe (Mother of Trees)’ and was recently honored with Padma Shri award 2019 for planting thousands of trees in Karnataka.

Ans. 6  Karnataka: Kodagu district of Karnataka, popularly known as Coorg, is famous for Coffee cultivation. The unique abiotic and biotic conditions of the place provide uniqueness to the Coffee grown here.

Ans.7  Kenya: In Nairobi, Kenya, the fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) took place from 11-15 March 2019.

Ans.8  March 15: The theme of World Sleep day 2019 is ‘Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging’.

Ans. 9 Kamalpreet Kaur: She won the discus throw gold with a score of 60.25 mt.

Ans.10   United State: The US has agreed to build six atomic power plants in India to strengthen bilateral security and civil nuclear cooperation.

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