Weekly Current Affairs Quiz – 14 to 20 September 2020

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz

General Knowledge is an important part of competitive exams. Test your GK with this current affairs quiz. Award one mark for every correct answer and deduct nothing for wrong answers.

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz

Question 1: Which International Day was observed on September 18?

Question 2: On which rank India is ranked by the World Bank’s Human Capital Index 2020?

Question 3: Which Bill has been passed by Lok Sabha to reduce salaries of MPs by 30%?

Question 4: Which law will be amended by the Banking Regulation (Amendment) Bill, 2020?

Question 5: Who has been re-elected as Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman?

Question 6: US has signed the Defense Cooperation Agreement with __________.

Question 7: Who has Succeeded Shinzo Abe as the PM of Japan?

Question 8: Which Day was observed in India on September 14?

Question 9: Government of India has recently banned the export of all varieties of _______.  

Current Affairs Quiz Answers

Answer 1: World Bamboo Day is celebrated every year by the World Bamboo Organization. The day was established at the 18th World Bamboo Congress held in Bangkok in the year 2009. This year, the day was celebrated under the theme “Bamboo Now.”

Answer 2: The annual Human Capital Index released by the World Bank on 17th September 2020. India is ranked 116th in the Index, with a score of 0.49. In the same index, in 2018, India was scored 0.44.

Answer 3: Lok Sabha passed the Salary, Allowances and Pension of Members of Parliament (Amendment) Bill, 2020 which seeks to cut the salaries of MPs by 30%.

Answer 4: The Banking Regulation (Amendment) Bill, 2020 presented in Lok Sabha was passed on 14th September 2020. The bill proposed amendments to the Banking Regulations act 1949.

Answer 5: On 14th September 2020, Harivansh Narayan Singh has been re-elected as Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha (RS) by a Voice Vote. 

Answer 6: “Framework for U.S. Department of Defense-Maldives Ministry of Defense and Security Relationship” has been signed between Maldivian Minister of Defense Mariya Didi and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for South and Southeast Asia Reed Werner in Philadelphia.

Answer 7: Yoshihide Suga was elected by Japan’s governing party to succeed Shinzo Abe. He is now confirmed as the new Prime Minister of Japan.

Answer 8: Hindi Diwas was celebrated in India on 14th September 2020.
Hindi written in Devanagari was adopted by the constituent assembly as the official language of the country in the year 1949.

Answer 9: Government of India has recently released a notification to ban export of all the varieties of onions. The ban has been imposed by the government after three months of making changes in the Essential Commodities Act, 1955.

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