Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season 11 Episode 60 Questions and Answers

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season 11 Episode 60 Questions and Answers

Amitabh Bachcha continued the episode 60 of Kaun Banega Crorepati 11 with roll over contestant Sushma Singh Chauhan. She gave a wrong answer for 10th questions and went home with Rs. 1, 60,000 from the KBC.

The Firiday episode of KBC 11 is Karamveer special, for this episode Big B welcomed Shyam Sunder Paliwal from Rajasthan. Mr. Paliwal has been awarded with Nirlam Gram Award by late president A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. To support Mr. Paliwal in the game show, television actress Sakshi Tanwar joined him.

Shyam Sunder Paliwal took home Rs. 25,00,000 from Kaun Banega Crorepati season 11. Let’s take a look at questions asked by Amit ji in Friday’s episode of KBC 11.

KBC 11 Questions from Episode 60

Give a try to these kbc season 11 episode 60 questions and share your score with us in the comment section below.

Question 1: The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Abiy Ahmed Ali particularly to end border conflict with which country?

A. South Sudan
B. Kenya
C. Sundan
D. Eritrea

Question 2 : According to the Puranas, which sage’s curse led to King Parikshit son of Abhimanyu, getting bitten by the serpent Takshak?

A. Kashyapa Rishi
B. Agastya Rishi
C. Shringi Rishi
D. Gautama Rishi

Question 3: Which of these is a term for an unknown object flying in the sky, also called UFO or Unidentified Flying Object?

A. Udan Tashtari
B. Udan Talaiyya
C. Udan Tabela
D. Udan Chhu

Question 4: Which of these monuments is constructed with red and pink sandstone?

A. Charminar
B. Victoria Memorial
C. Hawa Mahal
D. Brihadisvara Temple

Question 5: Which of these is a woman’s helpline number in India?

A. 1091
B. 1551
C. 101
D. 1098

Question 6: Which TV actor, famous for playing Bhima in B R Chopra’s “Mahabharata”, has won five medals for India at the Commonwealth and Asian Games?

A. Arjun
B. Praveen Kumar Sobti
C. Gajendra Chauhan
D. Pankaj Dheer

Question 7: According to the 2011 Census, Kerala has the highest sex ration. Which state has the lowest sex ratio?

A. Chhattisgarh
B. Odisha
C. Punjab
D. Haryana

Question 8: The real name of which of these present or former Members of Parliament is Rajeshwar Prasad Bidhuri?

A. Raj Babbar
B. Rajnath Singh
C. Rajesh Pilot
D. Rajesh Khanna

Question 9: Which country will Bhasha Mukherjee represent at the Miss World 2019 contest?

A. Australia
B. Canada
C. England
D. India

Question 10: Which of these films won four National Film Awards – Best Music Director, Best Female Playback Singer, Best Actress and Best Art Direction?

A. Umrao Jaan
B. Mother India
C. Arth
D. Pakeezah

KBC 11 Answers for Episode 60

Answer 1: D – Eritrea
Answer 2: C – Shringi Rishi
Answer 3: A – Udan Tashtari
Answer 4: Hawa Mahal
Answer 5: A – 1091
Answer 6: C – Ganjedra Chauhan
Answer 7: D – Haryana
Answer 8: Rajesh Pilot
Answer 9: C – England
Answer 10: A – Umrao Jaan

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