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jobs after Msc Biotechnology

Biotechnology students can find many jobs after MSc Biotechnology in India and abroad. The M.Sc biotechnology scope was limited earlier in India. A decade back, biotechnologists used to get a job in the research and education sector, but now their working area is expanding. The interdisciplinary approach of biotechnology makes it a demanding subject. It has all the practical subjects like physics, chemistry, Maths, and engineering. The human and his surroundings need biotechnology to survive so, tremendous growth is expected in this field.

In recent years more students have started to prefer the subject for their UG and PG education. Considering the number of jobs after MSc biotechnology abroad, many students interested in working overseas choose this stream. In India also the demand for Biotechnology professionals has increased in the last few years.

There was a notion that the scope in biotechnology in India is less, but the myth has broken now. Biotechnology has become a popular subject among young students. The young minds have also made biotechnology one of the fastest growing industries in India. The demand for biotechnologists is at an all-time high in India in almost every sector, including food, chemicals, textiles, medicines, and many more. Biotechnology studies offer ample opportunities, and students can get a good and stable career after it. The only issue that the students face related to the jobs after M. Sc biotechnology is lack of information. Here we will discuss the job opportunities for M.Sc Biotechnology students and scope in this branch of science and technology.

M.Sc in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is one of the broadest areas of bio and technology. Its functionality to recreate and produce a new product is a highly used one. Biotechnology binds the cellular and bio-molecular and develops a new product with the use of technology. Biotechnology is visible everywhere in the form of processed food, blended fabrics, and many others.

M.Sc in Biotechnology is a post-graduation program. The duration of the course is two years or four semesters. It is a research-oriented program, so its better to appear in the Masters of Biotechnology after completing the UG program. After PG, the students can also occur in the doctoral degree program. If you want to enroll in this program, then you must have good analytical skills.

Biotechnology’s main motive is to offer a unique and descriptive curriculum that can develop deep knowledge in them with professional skills. The course is not only theory-based, and it also has some particles involve in it. Upon completing the PG course in biotechnology, the students can have their careers in many branches of the subject, such as Molecular Biology, Agriculture Biotechnology, Applied Microbiology, Bioprocess Technology, and Genetic Engineering.

M.Sc Biotechnology Scope

The main aim of studies is to earn knowledge and to have a stable career. Biotechnology is the field that offers both the students. There are endless opportunities and jobs in M.Sc Biotechnology abroad. Earlier after this course, students used to find good opportunities only out of India, but now the scenario has changed. With the expansion of all kinds of industries in India, qualified biotechnologists are in demand.

Companies hire fresh talent and experienced professionals on different levels and offer them attractive remuneration. At present, the agriculture, chemical, medicine, health care, textile, bio-processing industries are all doing good, so the demand graph of biotechnologists is rising. Both public and private sectors are keen to hire professionals with M.Sc in biotechnology. Let us grab more information about jobs for M.Sc biotechnology in different fields in India and abroad;

Jobs for M.Sc Biotechnology

The present time amazing as many discoveries, innovative products, and new technologies are knocking on the market. Biotechnology is one of the best fields to get a job in this time. Here we will discuss the jobs after M.Sc biotechnology in abroad and in India. The scope of M.Sc Biotechnology will widen as discoveries will reveal. So let’s start with the most in-demand jobs for M.Sc Biotechnology;


In the coming years, the demand for biochemists will increase. It is expected that by 2026 the demand graph of biochemists will rise 11% or more. the ongoing pandemic has already created so many opportunities for biochemists. In this branch of biotechnology, professionals study the biological and chemical properties of living things. They are mainly responsible for the research program on living creatures and the effects of different medicines on them. The biochemists isolate and analyze the DNA, protein, Carbs, fats, sugar, and other molecules. They are to check the effects of different kinds of drugs on them and analyze them. The demand for biochemists is high in pharma companies related to research and development.


Microbiologists are also related to the health sector. They are to study the bacteria, viruses, and other similar threats to humans’ health. Microbiologists also study biomedical products to boost the health of living creatures. 

The demand for microbiologists went up with the rise of COVID-19. The scope in this sub-field of biotechnology will expand with time. They play an essential role in the diagnosis of diseases caused by infection and their treatment.

Biomedical Engineer

The projected growth in this career is expected 8% by 2026. At present, when unemployment is at its high, the growth in demand is good news. As shown by name, biomedical engineers are related to the medical field. They have the expertise in designing a solution to health-related issues in biology and medicine. Biomedical engineers develop artificial organs, medical software that helps diagnose medical devices, diagnostic machines, and other health-related devices.  

Medical Scientist

Medicals scientists conduct studies to investigate the disease in humans and ways for prevention from them. They are responsible for performing various researches for the betterment of humans’ health. They can conduct different kinds of tests and analyze the results. The paper works of a medical scientist play an essential role in discoveries of the medical field. Medical scientists also decide about the drugs that are good or bad to human health. They also help determine the quantity of dose, its components, method, and manufacturing of medicines. Medical scientists are in demand in India and abroad.

Research and Development (R&D)

One of the most exciting jobs after M.Sc Biotechnology is in R & D R&D. It can be one of your career’s best decisions if you plan to do P.hd after your PG. The research and development program allows you to do something different from the regular work of a biotechnologist. In the future, more professionals will be required in the R&D of biotechnology.  

Biological Technician

The demand for biological or clinical technicians will increase in the near future. The projected growth in this department of biotechnology is upto 13% by 2026. The biological technicians collect blood samples, other body fluids, bacteria, tissues, and other related stuff. They are to analyze them with the help of advanced equipment and make reports based on their findings.  

Teacher or Professor

You can also teach this complex subject to young students. It is one of the most sought jobs after M.Sc biotechnology. According to the procedure to be a professor in an Indian university, you will have to clear the NET exam. More students want to study biotechnology, so the demand for teachers is high in this branch of science and technology.

Food Technologist         

Its just another opportunity that you can grab after M.Sc Biotechnology. A food technologist gas to ensure the proceed food products are safe for human consumption. 

The Last Word

If you are planning to enroll in M.Sc biotechnology or have completed, you will have ample job opportunities. In India and abroad, the demand for well-qualified biotechnologists is high. In the article, we have already discussed many job opportunities after M.Sc biotechnology. In case of any further queries, you can always reach us. We would be happy to help you.

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