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It’s difficult to decide what to do after you complete your MBBS degree. There are many different fields that an MBBS graduate can choose from such as medicine, nursing, and dentistry. In this article, find out what your options are with a job-related breakdown of the top 10 jobs in India for MBBS graduates.

Different Jobs after MBBS

  • There are many options for MBBS graduates, but some of the most common are medical specialties in primary care, radiotherapy, surgical specialities, and pediatrics.
  • It is not always easy for doctors to get a job in their specialty. Doctors are in high demand, and MBBS graduates have a lot of options when it comes to pursuing their career.
  • There are several universities that will take you on for free after your degree, and other jobs include Indian embassies, pharmaceutical companies, or even working in cosmetic cosmetic labs.
  • Different jobs are available depending on the place you want to work. You can work as a doctor or be a medical researcher for hospitals or go into teaching with your education qualification.
  • After graduating from MBBS, there are various other career paths. The most popular options include neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology, clinical research and geriatrics.
  • Many doctors continue their education in these fields after getting MBBS degree.
  • You can have a career in cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, nephrology, gynecology/obstetrics or any other medical specializations. You can also choose to specialize further in a particular field by enrolling for post-graduate courses in the specialization of your choice.

In India, what are the career options for a newly graduated MBBS doctor?

  • The options available for MBBS doctors in India are wide and vary based on the type of specialty they wish to go for. There are many job opportunities available, including jobs which require working in rural areas or with underprivileged people.
  • Some of the career options offered to MBBS doctors include jobs in government sector, NGO sector, private sector, research sector, medical education, pharmaceuticals industry etc.
  • In India, there is a huge demand for MBBS doctors. The government offers a large amount of incentives to medical professionals in order to encourage them to work in the public sector. In fact, many people say that working in the public sector provides better quality of life because these doctors can focus on their passion and enjoy their work.


So now that you’ve finished your MBBS degree, what’s next? Apart from the post-graduate studies, there are various opportunities for those who complete their internship. Some of them include joining a hospital as a medical officer, heading up the department of an institution or opening a private clinic. My final words are that it is important to be realistic when deciding what path you want to take. Be present in the moment, because life moves fast and you will not always see where it will lead you. You can still go back to doing what you love with your career if the time comes that you change your mind.

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